Oprah Winfrey Stops In Minneapolis On 2020 Vision Tour


  1. 15 thousand ignorant sheep, willfully giving their money to a immoral person. She fooled the masses. Best friends with Weinstein, but these idiots still don't care.

  2. Oprah should be in jail for her dodgy dealings behind the production of LN along with weinstein geffen, shes a cowardly very sly backstabbing snake, she is nit what she seems horrible woman, cant stand the sight of het, who the hell does oprah think she is? And who the hell do her chums david geffen the real pedophile of hollywood by the way, and weinstein think they are? Scum thats what, please somebody give me the platform to publicly expose them 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏it would be an absolute pleasure 👌👍🇬🇧😘

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