oeuf ,oignon et miel , vertus incroyables et surprenantes de ce mélange

music music my loves as you could see in the
title you know exactly what is what are we going to talk about today
yes I will show you how mix this 1 honey and all
just the egg and the onion to make you well my loves you’ll see these are
things we all have at home but only we do not know
how to use them and because this are things that work through
ingredients with nutrients inside you’ll see that it’s okay
you do a lot of good so frankly it does not cost you anything
do not hesitate to test the recipe at you it’s simple it’s easy and
especially it’s very accessible but before to get to the heart of the subject
if you ever are new you are new that this is the first
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not the notification bell but also my new channel ROSE MOONY naturaupathe I’m just going to show how to do at home
even this magic drink because no only it will boost you, it will help you
but it also heals so much pathologies so many diseases that
I invite you greatly as I you told him to try this thing that is
simple easy and convenient at home the benefits of honey and egg is that
it’s just stuffed with proteins that will give you back your
power your strength and it’s okay allow to spend nights
endless you will tell me how beautiful it is
all this but concretely what is it egg, onion and honey can just help my love
know that the combination of both products will simply improve the
blood circulation at your place so here I will already start with the egg, the 10
benefits of the egg for your health in number one the egg is
incredibly nutritious in number 2 is high in cholesterol but not the bad
cholesterol increases your good cholesterol in number 2 contains the
choline in number 3 an element that is very important and you do not
can not get tired of it if you do not not in the body you can not life
to the number reduce the risk of disease
cardiac number 6 contains the lutein of gentian in
antioxidants that plays a major role your eye health rich in omega 3 and
in triglycerides contains protein high quality containing acids
animated good for the body a number 9 reduces the risk of disease
cardiovascular a number 10 finally help you lose weight while
simply because it has a cut effect hunger
now we will go to honey honey benefits know that honey that
you see there can prevent cancer but also heart disease
this is also worth fighting against ulcers and gastrointestinal diseases
intestinal it’s a powerful antibacterial then
are antifungal it will allow you to increase your
sports performance his fight against tensions throat diseases against cough
balance your system immune
it will help to adjust your blood sugar you can use it to heal
the wounds the burns all that we have has spoken in other videos, well my dear
you who follow me is a probiotic it strengthens the immune system my loves
now for our preparation how should you how is that
you have to combine this and that for have the desired effect the desired effect
for your body for your health so my friends all you’ll have
need as we said it’s honey like this and an egg like that you
have warm water 1 in a kettle as you can see and
you spill your hot water into the glass So that’s about a little bit
above half the glass so well sure I always tell you take honey
beekeepers of course there are different types of honeys
my loves do not really hesitate to to make a choice
no but frankly I prefer honey pure but everything you find
it’s also my so it’s organic honey
so here’s once it’s good to inside you are simply going
break an egg like this so here you can mix with your onion juice, or simply drink separately, once it’s
ready do not hesitate to consume this the morning fasting empty stomach, do it
every day for about ten days no matter whether you suffer from
troubles difficulties of all that I quoted above
it will help you so much you drink quietly it’s true that
it’s a little disgusting but honestly drink it without hesitation
Okay so my loves do this fasting in the morning
hungry gentlemen you will see that at home
many things will change including your activity
that’s why I advise you definitely to make sure I agree
Thank you for watching this new video to the end if ever
you have questions put them in the comments kisses kisses


  1. Ouiiiiiiiiii rose vous etes la seule d'apres moi a nous recevoir en musique, je vous assure qu'avec vous le stress disparait et ca nous fait reveiller et d'avoir envi de tout faire ou se ratrapper croyez moi. Vous etes une bonne et merveilleuse psycologue et ce n'est pas donne a tous. Douja qui vous admire. Nanou kakou etaient soeur et frere que j'avais adobtes bebes, mes innoubliables chats que j'aimais enormement parce qu'ils etaient rigolo et avaient un catactere d'une impression remarquable malheureusement ils ne sont plus la, depuis je n'ai plus cherche a en avoir. je me dettends a admirer les animaux dans les emissions. Desolee si je me suis permise. Bonne continuation. A bientot

  2. Merci Rose, un lait de toilette naturel pour les peau sèche, moi je mets huile de coco, mais sa me sèche de plus la peau mais sa me raffermis la peau, sécheresse ne dérange s'il te plait ma grande, âge plus de 50 ans

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