Now Live: Visions of N’Zoth

N’Zoth is out there
and we need answers now! We are doing all we can. By the light… Do you trust me? Just tell me how to prepare
for this attack. -Our armies–
-Will be useless. N’Zoth will strike here. He’ll manipulate emotions. You won’t be able to trust your senses… …your memories… …your friends. Now, die with your precious Light. We must obey N’Zoth! After all, what is real? Seems that you’re able to withstand
the visions for longer than before. Each excursion prepares you
for the horrors of Ny’alotha. Don’t you see, old friend? It’s already begun.


  1. Real nice that you're posting all these videos when the EU doesn't even have the patch yet. Very classy. Even got the launcher to have a pop-up saying the content is live, except it isn't.

  2. Always the late patches that are the most interesting. And next expansion will be the same. The start and middle of it will be terrible. And then they'll try to swoop their mistakes under the rug.
    Same systems, same progression. Same same same. WoW has become such a boring game because they lack the intent to blow new life into the game with new systems and inventions. It's so stail like a still body of water. Blizzard, you know your playerbase is waiting for the fresh and new. Remember Mists of pandaria? good times, fresh and new. And what was the #1 argument against MoP "Eww pandas". In it though was the best expansion yet. It had so much new things it felt so refreshing and fun to play the game. Now it's a chore, and that is all it is.

  3. One guy: this is bad
    Other people seen his comment 1 minute later: this is very bad it sucks
    In their minds: I actually liked it.

  4. Why there's only funny comments in english WoW cinematics? Do americans find everything funny? They must be so annoying in real life.

  5. Unf. Even cringier than expected. Them feels when you already quit and can't quit again.. Gl with your shitshow "faction war refocused" xpac lols.

  6. The art for this patch is a home run, audio and visual alike. This is the Old Goddiest it's been yet – hoping the patch stands bravely against postgame fatigue! We'll see….

  7. When I said do we have to fight thrall next I was being sarcastic I didn't mean do it……………………….
    Really now thrall is evil great………You have outdone yourself again in bad story writing Blizzard…

  8. I played bad ice cream 3 on hudgames with my friend- and I rate it ☆☆☆☆☆ stars- its the best game ever, better than animal jam and roblox. It's the best!

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