NHL 17 | Vision Trailer | Xbox One, PS4

Legacies aren’t shaped overnight.
Whether they’re built on the ice, behind the bench or in the front office
no two NHL legacies are the same, and we took that idea
to heart when we set out to build NHL 17. From making that clutch save that changes
the momentum of the game, to battling for that critical inch in front
of the net during the dying seconds, our focus is to make sure we’re improving
gameplay in all three zones. Through deeper and more customizable experiences
in our most popular modes, and by engaging our fans across all aspects
of development, we’re creating new experiences that add up
to our biggest and most exciting hockey game to date.
So however you choose to approach the sport whether it’s shaping the future of your franchise,
making a splash in International competition, or rewriting the record books in NHL17 you’ll
get to experience the defining moments that only hockey can
deliver. No matter if you’re challenging a friend on
the couch, or masterminding a team at the elite levels
of competition, with NHL 17, you can shape your hockey legacy
where it matters to you.


  1. Love NHL but It would be awesome if you guys would fix Madden, Because it's been a pile of shit for the last ten years.

  2. I'm really thinking of picking this one up. It might be one of the only reasons to buy a PS4 early in its lifespan.

  3. Sooo this means Be a pro will finally be great right? better be, still my favorite mode even though it has so many flaws.

  4. One really minor addition that I think could be cool would be suspensions in gm, season, be a pro etc. Say you check someone from behind and injure them or the AI does something similar you receive maybe a 5 game suspension or an AI player does. It would also be able to be turned off if not wanted. What do you guys think? I think it could add realism.

  5. Really hope they fix all the glitches in the game to many of them. Hope they bring back better dekes like the one handed ones

  6. So.. NHL 17 will not be coming to PC. They practically develop the entire game using a PC using all PC software to create the contents of the game. It would cost them almost nothing to release a digital download of NHL 17 for PC. But they won't do it.. This is why EA SPORTS makes me fucking sick. Worst gaming company in history right here.. They can't even deliver quality games anymore.. I mean none of the NHL games for PC were great.. But I mean come the fuck on EA, you can do better!

  7. Great title(s) as always for this type of genre…but I'm still wondering why the PC side had been pulled back in 2009. That was a crushing blow towards that platform.

  8. lead your team to victory playing a perfect game every night, never get a look in for captain. lol have not purchased an nhl in two years, they need to fix the little things. oh how i miss custom music.

  9. that shit do not take fifa16 for PS Vita portable play is much better to use the fucking brain with

  10. If this game has create a team, I will buy it. I prefer making my own cup with my own players rather than using real teams. It would also be nice to be able to make a team with only 5 – 6 players.

  11. I have been waiting for many years to NHL come back to PC. And I will. How much money you have lost – you can count EA! Because if you stand behind your decision, sooner or later, it will bring fruits. It have worked that way in any aspect of my life – and NHL will not be any different.. 😀

  12. The game is probably going to be the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that etc.Same game new title new roster update.

  13. Question are you gonna make the arenas that are not NHL ones not look all the same again?

  14. Bench brawls and immersive be a pro career mode, like nba 2k.
    And hopefully better AI.
    At least give us the latter I would be so happy

  15. Who cares about all this nonsense!!! Just give me solid realistic game play and a season mode and i am good. I hate playing the computer so i dont care about all the other crap.

  16. Why u showing the Blackhawks winning the cup? Pittsburgh won it this year. Show some respect for the best team in the NHL 😉

  17. I love how here you can see different celebratations from actual NHL Players but they are only available in EASHL. 79.99 please:/

  18. Carrément décevant! Je m'attendais à une version ou le commentateur parlerait français, mais non. Quand EA va t'il enfin se décider à le faire? Alors je boycotte encore ce jeu cette année…

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    … I can send in exchange brands and coins

  20. Fucking improve the gameplay. It's so horrendous holy shit. The changing player and the skating sucks so bad. Do you guys not know how to skate or something?

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