New Coronavirus Symptom: Loss Of Taste And Smell


  1. Shame on the fascist elite who dictate the news. Loss of taste and smell is prevalent with ALL cold and flu viruses. It is NOT a new symptom. The "fallout" of COVID-19 is panic campaign, by design and was created and released by members of the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation in their latest effort to depopulate the planet. This was a last ditch effort, a hail mary if you will, by the deep state, as they have been forced to finally retreat in the war with the alliance. In 2009, the H1N1 virus was responsible for approximately 300,000 deaths according to the WHO. This strain of caronavirus, although novel, is even less deadly than the common Asian bird flu. It's all a farce people. Be kind to one another and yourselves. Love as much as you can.

  2. Revelation 9 describes a "locusts" with crowns on their heads that will swam the earth and torment men but will not harm the earth, nor grass, nor any plant. It goes on to say this torment will last for 5 months.

  3. When you have flu or cold you do not feel smell or taste! BUT symptoms what they never mention are losing appetite! Until you eat good you are 👍 😊

  4. Bro I dead had a sleight fever and very quick cough the other week, now I I’m just finally getting my sense of smell back along with taste, I had a feeling that was an issue.

  5. A paper on Covid-19 personal experience

    After close to two weeks of being sick; I suspected my 19-year-old daughter contracted the 'virus.' If she isn't at work she's a bedroom 'bum.' No tests or drugs are available this is about three weeks ago. This comment is my documentation – screenshot.

    A few days after her recovery my husband (job: decedent transporter) came down with a dry cough, some body aches, no fever just your typical symptoms of a 'man cold.'

    After recuperating, husband picked up dinner and cooked it. We got into a Huge argument over food; The pork he purchased was rotten. The pork didn't look rotten . . . I discovered the rotten pork upon consumption – It was rancid!

    I didn't smell the rotten pork cooking because we had the windows were open – the odor I smelled, I suspected to have come in from outside. You know . . . that lawn care smell – – bark that smells like poo.

    A few bites in, I could taste the bad pork I retched, spat it out. He could not taste the bad pork! He accused me of playing games! I called my daughter over to see if she could smell the bad pork; she couldn't smell it either!!

    The argument was so huge that I left the house in a rage! Our marriage has been rocky for the past few years and this was going to be the last straw! I don't get any validation #marriagecounselinggoal. Not surprisingly, I'm the psycho b!tch.

    This is a huge find! I wasn't going crazy, this wasn't psychosomatic — — I am right! Husband has the virus – got it from work! Daughter had the virus – she works in Kirkland WA.

    His co-worker transported a decedent from the Life Care Center of Kirkland; the co-worker was quite gleeful that she got to play a role at the epicenter of contagion. We don't know if handling the dead who died from the virus is still contagious.

    The company my husband works for — — has no protocol for the sanitation of the vehicles used to remove the dead.

    We can only have a laissez-faire approach to this virus — — The hardest part is getting those 'rinse-n- shake' folks to actually wash their hands – instead of using hand sanitizer.

  6. a cold will make you lose sense of smell and with that taste as they are linked by the brain so its not new symtoms ffs

  7. I have had no smell or taste since late February when I called the doctor in early March he totally dismissed my concern. Talked to him yesterday and still had the same attitude.

  8. I had a nasty cold and sinus infection years ago and lost my sense of smell and taste. Was so frustrating to eat. Felt kind of pointless. I could eat tuna because I couldn’t smell it at all. I couldn’t taste chocolate 🍫. It took a year or more before I could taste again.

  9. I just realized I lost my sense of smell and taste after eating my dinner. I am also coughing a bit. Dear God please no.

  10. I had a fever for abt a day and then I lost my sense of smell and taste , I haven’t had a sense of smell or taste for 2 days now and my chest feels a lil heavy , idk if it’s anything serious but I’m just self isolating right now

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