NES MSc in primary care ophthalmology

The organization NES, NHS education
Scotland we’ve developed a ladder that takes us
from people who were in reception can now do a course that would give them access to dispensing optics
course. Dispensing opticians can now convert to optometry. We now have 450 optometrists who have done the independent prescribing course and now with Edinburgh University inside
the college of Medicine and Veterinary medicine, an MSc in primary-care opthalmology We have called it that rather than primary-care optometry because
it really dealing with the management of eye disease at some level and so it’s
how do you deal with it in the primary care sector and the whole
pressure from us for us in scotland is to try and
maintain stuff in the community and not refer in so this
is a three-year course intermittent study you can take up to
six years to do it if life events preclude you getting it all done in one long run and it’s all done on distance learning
and we’re just concluding the first year and we had to 10 optometrist from Scotland last year
started and 18 from around the world the feedback is very very positive what they all say is
I used to know a bit about that but didn’t really
understand it I know totally get it and to give a very very
comprehensive understanding of what you doing with and community practice I think the most exciting part of it is
a discussion boards where the tutor will maybe ask a
question and what’s the nature of choroidal change
that takes place in macular degeneration
lets say wet macular degeneration so that’s a nice open question what’s the things you
could talk about some people say something somebody else will comment on what they’ve
said in somebody else will ask a question but what if this happens and and something else respond so you have
twenty-eight people all chipping in and then periodically the tutor will say,
go and have a look at this paper and all cite it formally gonna look it up read it and
they will come back and say now I have read that paper paper never see this is as a the depth of understanding to get
on any topic as a result of all this chewing and bending and breaking it and and chunking
it down, just means that the depth of understanding is phenomenal this idea the ladder that the
profession is continually advancing that we’re not content just to stay where we are and that culture is starting to be
embedded so it’s it’s changing the culture and that’s really
what the MSC’s about changing the way we think about academic life and I think those who go into this
course will just have such a thorough understanding of the nature the disease process and the management
of it that I hope that they’ll lead the rest of the profession

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