My Plastic Surgery Went Wrong. I’m A Monster!

Hi, guys! My name is Christine and I’m 20. If you think that plastic surgeries only fix
problems, that’s not true. Sometimes they create even bigger problems… Have you ever had to choose between family
needs and your dream? Hopefully, by the end of the story you won’t
think that I’m a monster… I always knew that my destiny was related
to fashion modeling. I used to be the tallest girl in school and
in my pictures I looked much better than in real life. But I had two major obstacles: my mother and
my nose. My big BIG crooked nose! “Mom always worked hard and raised me very
strictly. I have never met my Dad — he left us when
I was a baby. My Mom never had a boyfriend since. She is really conservative. I mean… maybe even too much. In our small town everybody noticed that I
was taller and slimmer than the other girls. Neighbors and colleagues always told my Mom
that I was destined to become a runway star! But she didn’t wanna hear about it! My mom worked hard at a hospital as a nurse
and the only option she considered for my future was going to medical school to become
a doctor. Needless to say, she also refused to discuss
the possibility of plastic surgery. In her little world I was beautiful enough
the way I was. She would always buy me boring, ugly outfits
to make sure I didn’t stand out too much. I was forbidden to hang out with boys and
she tried to protect me from heartbreak, saying that I needed to get my education first… I never really had any boyfriends … ”
But despite my Mom, my plan was to go to New York after my high school graduation, to fulfill
my dreams. My friend Lily, who already lived in New York,
was hired as a model by a small agency. She promised to provide me with support and
advice when I arrived. I had secretly saved money for my dream since
I was 14, working as a babysitter and a waitress in my spare time. By graduation I managed to save enough money
to cover the initial cost of my relocation to New York. But it was still not enough to cover the cost
of my plastic surgery. I was afraid that my Mom would sabotage my
plan, so I didn’t tell her about my plans to relocate until the evening of the day when
I was supposed to leave. Guess what happened next? Of course, we had an epic fight! She started yelling at me, saying that she
gave me everything she had! And that I was such an ungrateful daughter
— her sacrifice was never appreciated… Then she started to threaten that she would
never ever talk to me again if I left now. But nobody had the right to stand between
me and my dream! With my eyes full of tears, I said goodbye
and left. I cried almost all the way to the bus station. In New York, things went well. Lily helped me to find a place to stay. I got a job as a waitress to make a living
and collect the missing money I needed for the surgery. I spent the bulk of time at castings. And always heard the same thing from the modeling
agents: “Giiirl, your body looks gorgeous, but this nose needs to be fixed.” Eighteen months later, I still worked as a
waitress and rarely received any decent job offers as a model. But I had one thing to celebrate — I finally
managed to save the entire sum for the plastic surgery!! So, I called my doctor and he scheduled the
procedure. This hospital didn’t look like the most reliable
and luxurious place in the world, but that’s all I could afford at that moment… As for my Mom… we never made up and I never
heard anything from her during this period, but guess what?! ”
“On the day when I was supposed to pay for my surgery, I got a call from my aunt Tina. It turned out that my mother lied to me about
her financial situation! Our house was foreclosed on by the bank and
now she was going to lose it because she had gotten fired. Ironically, the sum she needed to cover the
debt was almost equal to the price of my surgery. My aunt had three children and no savings. She couldn’t help my mother financially — she
could only invite her to live at her place… Mom has never been sociable and didn’t have
any friends who were eager to rescue her. I felt that I was the only person who was
able to save her. But apparently, she was too proud to ask for
my help. When I hung up, I took a long walk in the
park to get myself together. I questioned what the right choice was? On the one hand — I was so close to pursuing
my dream, but on the other — my mother could lose our home and end up living in her sister’s
basement! And that was so unfair to hide her money issues
from me for so long! Why is it my responsibility to deal with them?!… It was hard, but I decided it was wiser to
invest in my modeling career. If I got a good contract, I would be able
to pay my bills and help my Mom in the future… Anyway, she didn’t even ask for my help directly… So I called my aunt and said that I had no
money. Yes, I lied! … And I’m a terrible person…I know… Later that week I finally accomplished my
goal — the nose job was done. But the recovery period was just awful! Lily tried to support me but talking, eating,
and even breathing was painful and I had to miss a lot of shifts in the restaurant. After six months, once all the swelling was
gone. Well… Mmm.. to be honest with you… I cannot say that I’m completely satisfied
with the result. With this new nose, my face looked kind of
artificial. Like the nose didn’t fit the rest of my face! And the most upsetting part. I received a call from one of the modeling
agencies I had visited earlier. They said they liked my pictures, but they
especially liked… my “beautiful, exotic” nose! “Exactly what they were looking for!”
— the agent said! He offered me a contract and said that in
Europe my face type would be in demand. But unfortunately, I had to tell him that
my “exotic nose” was gone, because I had a nose job. I felt disappointed and hopeless. Now I have to work even harder to get another
correction surgery…” “Meanwhile, my aunt decided to fix the family
relationships. She called me and invited me to spend Thanksgiving
together in my hometown. By that time the bank took our home and Mom
lived with aunt Tina. I had never called them since that previous
conversation and felt really guilty!! But after all my struggles, I realized that
I really missed them and wanted to join the celebration. So I said “yes.” But then I panicked! My fixed nose was not an easy thing to hide,
you know… and… I decided to lie again.” “When I arrived to my aunt’s home everybody
greeted me with warmth. My aunt and her children gave me hugs. My Mom just said “hi” and looked very
embarrassed. Soon everybody noticed that my nose looked
different. When they asked about it, I lied! I had prepared a story about being attacked
by a robber, who broke my nose. And then the policemen took me to a hospital
and doctors fixed my broken nose. It seemed like everybody believed me. During the dinner my aunt started to get angry
at me for not telling them about the attack earlier. Then she started complaining about all the
dangers in New York City even though she has never left her hometown… But what really bothered me at the moment
was my Mom. She looked at my face very suspiciously. Of course, she has been a nurse for so many
years… After some long meaningful eye contact she
finally said that the surgeon who did this to my nose must have been blind… That’s when I had a panic attack and tried
to change the subject immediately! I asked her what happened to our home. Aunt Tina looked very confused… It turned out that aunt Tina manipulated me
that day when she told me the story about the debt. She was just trying to make me call my Mom. Actually, after I left, Mom went through some
life changing psychological therapy. She decided to finish her education and become
a doctor herself. She took out an education loan. But when her boss learned that his precious
nurse had higher ambitions, he used any excuse to sabotage her. That is when she made a conscious decision
to leave her job and invest all her effort into the new chapter of her life. She sold that big lonely house that reminded
her of me and used part of the money to pay for her Medical Degree. The rest of the sum was safe in her bank account. My Mom had no idea that aunt Tina called me. Now we know why I am such a liar!… Obviously! I got this from my aunt!” “I felt very guilty and uncovered the truth
about my nose… “I knew it!” cried Mom. “This nose looks too suspicious. It doesn’t look like reconstruction!” I complained that not only did it look strange
on my face, but that I was experiencing a shortness of breath. I expected her to get angry, but instead she
suggested visiting her new friend, Doctor Thompson, for a consultation. He was a very talented surgeon. Then she hugged me and said that my confidence
has inspired her to start a brand new life. She was not mad at me at all. Moreover, she was grateful! At that moment I said that missed her so much. And that was true. We both started crying. But, of course, the person crying most in
the room was aunt Tina! The next day we went to visit Doctor Thompson. My “nose situation” was not hopeless at
all. He said he was willing to improve the shape
to give it a more natural look and, of course, improve my breathing. I also noticed that he was kind of flirting
with my mother. And she was kind of liking him… That was the very first moment in my life
when I saw my mother flirting with someone and I was shocked… in a good way… I also noticed that she had started to look
more attractive in general. When we left the doctor Mom suggested paying
for the nose job this time. And I agreed… After my hometown vacation I returned back
to New York with my new nose. Of course, I need to wait until the swelling
subsides completely, but this time I feel and look much better. Now that this mess is over, I breathed a sigh
of relief. It was not easy to carry such a burden and
it was not easy to carry such a nose. I realized that I needed to work on my confidence
if I really want to succeed in my modeling career and in life. So this is my story, guys! If you like it, please, give this video a
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  1. The title:"my plastic surgery went wrong actually happened"
    Me:"i broke my toe while running to my phone, opening youtube and coming to this video to comment sth before i see 1000 comments here actually happened"

  2. She could’ve not gotten a nose job and still made it in the model industry and been like yes bitch I have this nose and I still made it.

  3. I'm sorry that the surgery went wrong with you. I am glad you were able to correct it. Yes, you are right. You have to be confident. You have to love yourself as you are. You have to accept yourself as you are. Never lose hope. There will always be someone who loves you and accepts you as you are. You just have to be patient

  4. Her: “Hopefully by the end of this story, you won’t think I’m a monster”
    Title: My plastic surgery went wrong. I’m a monster!

    Lol you said it yourself sis

  5. From the profile of the video i thought this video is going to be about her getting 3 breast after watching the whole video . I have finally realized this was about her 👃not👙 .

  6. My surgery or house where I lived whole my life, and my mom who raised me and feed me, loved me will lose the house and without any job…. ? Hmmm of course I will choose surgery! That's so selfish.

  7. At least your mother thought you were beautiful just the way you were before your surgery. Be grateful that you didn't have one that would bully you and make you feel bad. And be grateful that she forgave you after you left and helped you fixed your nose.

  8. You have a problem, you have ice cream. Your baby cousin wants it but he/she has already had one and you haven't had any, what do you do?..

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