My favorite k-beauty makeup from 2019 (ft. Joan Kim) – Edward Avila


  1. I am obsessed with peripera lip tint. I was in Korea weeks ago and bought one. Now I am hardly regretting not buying the other colors. It's so good! ;-;

  2. I wish Joan would talk about the best of K as in KOREAN beauty. Not Western makeup. If i wanted to know if Hourglass or Fenty was the best, I would watch Nikkietutorials or something. I used to watch Joan for Korean products and Korean recommendations and now I am completely unsubscribed.

  3. I prefer the YSL cushion tbh! Great color range (more than 11shades), better ingredients than the Troiareuke, and such a nice application and finish. Mixing skincare with a cushion doesn't make any sense because due to the Dimethicone for instance / Silicones (for better application) in the cushion, the ingredients that supposed to 'care our skin at the same time' wont have the abilitiy to actually enter the skin. I'm an ingredient analyst so i just wanted to get things right here. Love your channel Edward <3 u always give me a good laugh

  4. You know another year has passed when I saw this from my notifs! Thank you as always! I’m in Korea now so I will take a few notes ♥️

  5. I'm so surprised with LAKA Just Palette! It's kinda my thing in color products. In my daily routines, I only use two eyeshadows and one blush color then ready to go 🤣

  6. i have the same lip problem as eddy with my lips being way too red just on their own, if i put lip product on its just wayyy too intense. and if i conceal them they are even drier than usual aaaa can never win

  7. With a video this long, the bgm's already stuck in my head. Humming, but not complaining. 😆

    I'm really interested in trying out the View92 lip kit, as I also have this habit of biting my dry lips.

  8. I second the Maybelline lipstick 💀 I scrubbed my lips with 2 makeup removers, and even took a shower, but it left traces till the last moment 💀💀💀

  9. The moment when they are talking about their lip color is like me and my friend. We talked about the same thing lol. My lips is like Edward's reddish lips and i always tell my friend who has pale lips like Joan, i wish my lips were pale like that because lipstick don't really look the way i want them to.. like in the swatches i see it peach but on my lips its bright pinkish red.. Hence why I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks now..

  10. That Maybelline lipstick, chunks up on my lips and looks all nasty, also it gets all over my teeth. I’ve never had that happen 😭

  11. Bought MAC Chili because of you Joan!!! I saw it on your posts when you first started using it and it looked so good on you! So even though I don’t care for reds much, I bought it hahaha but omg I love it so much I am obsessed 💋

  12. I love the Clio eyeshadows ;; I got the brown choux one when it was first released ;; and the street brick one looks so promising tbh. I wish yesstyle would restock it already 🙁

  13. I binge watched your videos yesterday and stumbled upon a vid with Min (MintheWorld), I checked his channel, IG and Twitter and he hasn't been active for 5 months what happened to him? 🙁

  14. something is worng with youtube watch all the video links it will tell you what's happening to YouTube edward avila

  15. I think i've memorized the ingredients and benefits to his lip softening set just from watching the promos over and over HAHAHA love you eddie!!! So proud of you ❤️

  16. 9:14 MAKEUP ARTIST / GURU WHO WANT LESS MAKEUP — BLOWS MY MIND???????????? We are here for MAKEUP! I hate makeup influencers who preach about NO/LESS/EMPTY FACES — Talk about bikes instead and ride OUT of my suggestions page! LOL 😂

  17. It is already that time of the year! I do agree with some high end K-beauty brands such as H*** not that 🐷 pigmented. I guess their target audience do not care for the pay off on their eyeshadows. I am looking forward to Edward’s lip set coming to my 🚪 doorsteps. Take care and Happy Holidays! 🥰🙆🏻‍♀️🎄💝💕

  18. Looking forward to your lip thing. I actually do use a bit of toner on my lips.. idk if that's safe but it's skin right lol

  19. something is worng with youtube watch all the video links it will tell you what's happening to YouTube edward avila

  20. edward avila you need to tell your South Korean viewers what's happening with YouTube and YouTubers this is serious this is about the ftc and coppa rules

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