More to dying than meets the eye: Martha Atkins at TEDxSanAntonio 2013

Translator: Nadine Hennig
Reviewer: Fatima Zahra El Hafa I’d like for you all
to transport in time with me. We’re going to go back to 1932. So my mother went
with her family to a house in 1932, and she told me about going up the stairs. I’m taking a little break to the right
and there was a room there. There were flowers.
There were people talking. She was little,
so she’s looking up at everybody. And the dearly departed was there,
laid out on a chair between two boards between, well, he wasn’t that big,
one board, two chairs. How many of you have seen
something like that? Yes, if you’re of a certain age, perhaps. We did have a few hands raised. Fabulous. We’ve taken death out of the home,
and when we took death out of the home, we stopped learning about dying
and what to do about it. And we stopped learning
how to do something or what to do [when] we get scared. And when we get scared of something,
very often we stop talking about it. So we have in this country… We don’t talk about death
and dying very often. I’m a death educator
and a death researcher, and that makes me a little crazy. So we’re going to talk
about death and dying today. I want to start by telling you
about my mother. My mother opted to go on hospice in 2005 and she and I had
a lot of frank conversations. I said to her one afternoon, “Mom, you may have some visitors
when it’s your time to go. You may have angels or family members. I don’t know who’s going to show up
but somebody may show up. Will you tell me if somebody comes?” And she’s walking down the hall
and she looks over shoulder and she said, “It depends on who it is.” (Laughter) OK, I have no idea what that means. Four months later,
she was in the hospital bed, in the living room at her house,
and her eyes were closed and I was watching her track something,
something underneath her eyelids. I said, “Mom, what do you see?” She said, “Daddy Charlie, grandmother, mother and daddy,
uncle Claude, aunt Nala.” She has a beautiful smile in her face. I said, “Where are they?” “Walking up the road from the farmhouse.” My brother Jim
had been gone about 13 years. He had died some 13 years beforehand
and I expected him to be there. I had had a dream that he was sitting in a chair,
his legs crossed, reading a book. So I said, “Mom, where’s Jim?” “Oh, he’s been right here.” The night she died, my mom was reaching up
towards something I couldn’t see, and I didn’t know then that
that was part of deathbed phenomenon until I began my research. And here’s some other things I learned. For six centuries, anecdotal accounts and a little bit of research
have detailed the auditory visual and tactile experiences
of those nearing death. Most often people are met
by friends or family members. Their purpose seems to be
to help the dying person with the death experience. And most often
these visions are comforting. People see angels. People see religious entities
that are important to them culturally. So you may see the Buddha,
or the Virgin Mary, or Yama, the Hindu god of death. People see landscapes. People hear music. Kids have kid-friendly visions. There’s a story about a hospice… There was a pediatric hospital
here in San Antonio in the 80s. And the story went that there was
a boy there that was dying. He was complaining to the nurse
about the noise in the corner, the noisy boys in the corner. The nurse looked over,
and there wasn’t anybody. She said, “Who’s there?” And he named off three names of three kids who had been
at that hospital before he got there. These experiences happen
all over the world, all religion, all cultures, all ages. They happen to people who are blind,
they happen to people who are deaf. Some researchers say, this is
the limbic system going crazy. These are purely hallucinations. These are embedded memories
of a lifetime that are coming out. Others say, this is proof
of the souls’ existence after death. Neither side can prove their hypothesis,
and my conjecture is this: it doesn’t matter – sorry
for all the scientists in the room – it doesn’t matter why they happen,
it matters that they do. In my research, I talked with people who are at the bedside
when somebody’s dying. One wife said to me, she was talking
to her husband one afternoon and said, “Do you ever see anybody or hear anybody?” She said in her estimation,
he was completely lucid. He had had a little bit
of pain medication. He was doing a sudoku puzzle, and he said, “Yeah, there is a soldier that comes and stands by my bed
at night and keeps me company. Can’t you just see him
standing there at attention? And there’s a dog that comes in
and lays by my feet in the afternoon.” And he went on to describe
the beloved family pet that had been their’s
early in their marriage. Witnesses in my research talked about
how they saw something happening and they knew they didn’t need
to do anything about it. So when Mrs Harrison walked in
and saw Mr Harrison talking to somebody, she was a little perplexed,
but she asked him about it. He was terrified to die. He had been horribly abused as a child, terrified to die, afraid his family
was going to come. Instead, on the scene came
this seven-year-old boy named Jimmy. Mrs Harrison said, she went with it. She said, “I really didn’t know
what else to do. I just went with it.” And Jimmy stayed with. Mr Harrison
the last two weeks of his life and kept him company and helped his transition
being an easier one as he left this world. Witnesses talked about how
they recognize that the phenomena that were happening were signs
that death was near, even when experts said
that wasn’t the case. They saw the signs,
and they knew the difference between hallucinations and visions. So hallucinations, for them,
didn’t have any kind of context, and were frightening,
anxiety-provoking, versus the visions, which did have a context,
and brought great comfort. When I work with families
now, I tell them, “Your person may see things you can’t see, they may hear things you can’t [hear], they may reach up to the sky,
they may look through you, they may talk in metaphors
about moving or leaving or going, even though they’re bed bound,
they need their shoes, or they need their map,
or they need their purse, or they need to get to the stadium. They’ve got to get somewhere. When Mom said – just before
her three-year-old died, he said, “Daddy, the train’s here.
I’ve got to go now.” For that mom and for
other folks in my research, these visions, these deathbed phenomena,
were of great comfort to them. When we educate families
about these experiences, and we educate the patient about
these experiences, there’s less fear. And, my goodness, we need
less fear around death and dying. I had the opportunity to work
with a patient named Butch. Butch which was 94,
he had congestive heart failure, and he decided he needed to go in hospice. He was ready. I got a text one afternoon
from his daughter that the visions had started
and everything was okay. His daughter talked about
how Butch was often in the other room. And this is the language she used for him
being there, talking with the unseens, versus over here, talking to the daughter
and the other people who are in the room. And he was often in the other room. So one afternoon – I forgot to say: Butch was a pretty famous rugby player,
in South Africa in his day. So one afternoon, in the other room,
the rugby team came to visit Butch. Now his family had also come. His parents had come,
his brothers and sisters. But there was the rugby team. The rugby team had come in
on really long ladders. Came down, stayed with him,
and they had a really big party. And then the rugby team left.
They left shorter ladders. And Butch was ticked because
the ladders were too short and he couldn’t get up to where they were. Another day he was ticked off
because his suitcase was packed and he was ready to go,
and they left without him. Another day, he held out his hand,
and he said his daughter, “I’ve got these machine parts.
I don’t want to lose them.” This is a very common
metaphor for the dying. There is some bigger whole picture,
and their piece is missing, and they’ve got to make sure it’s whole. He’s got these parts in his hand. She went and got a Ziploc. Let me tell you why I love that –
because more often than not, people reach for medication
to quell something they don’t understand. And they miss an opportunity
to connect with the person. They miss an opportunity to meet
the dying person where they are. She didn’t miss it. Is any of this real? I say “Yes.” Yes, it’s real, because it’s real
to the people that it happens to. I don’t know how to measure those things that are beyond our ordinary
human capacity for understanding. I’m a researcher. I don’t know
how to measure wonder. I know what it feels like.
I do know what it feels like. And I know I feel great
comfort myself when I think, that my mom didn’t leave
this world by herself,– and the boy got to go on that train and Butch had his buddies
around before he left. When I meet people at parties
for the first time, think how much fun that is.
“What do you do for a living?” Me, and the sex girl, and the bacteria guy can all go together to the party. (Laughter) So we I meet them, and this happens. It is, “That’s really nice.
I’m going to go get a drink.” And I never see them again. (Laughter) Or something happens
like [what] happened at lunch today. “Let me tell you a story. I’ve been scared to tell anybody because I didn’t want anybody
to think I was crazy. And I say, “My goodness.
I want to hear your story. Please tell me your story.” It’s these stories, yours and mine,
that are going to bring comfort and hope and calm as we help
the ones we love leave this world, and as it is our own time to go. So if you have had
a deathbed vision experience, a witness experience
with somebody you love, would you raise your hand? Ok, I would like for you,
in the next 48 hours, to tell somebody about that. The more we tell our stories, the more
we’re going to eradicate this fear. And it’s really important. Steve Jobs said six words before he died. October 5th, 2011, he died. “I want to invite you to engage in
your own sense of wonder as I leave you today,
minds wide open,” were Steve Jobs’ last words, “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow!” Thank you. (Applause)


  1. As the brain is starved of oxygen shock sets in and makes people have delusions. Old memories are stored in our primitive brain stem. These parts of the brain get dirt priority of blood flow as the logical thinking brain dies from lack of oxygen.

    It is a natural calming experience that evolved as a last ditch effort to save the most basic life functions of the brain. It has nothing to do with religion. Devout atheists experience the same thing that is totally physical.

  2. You made a claim based on nothing.

    I make no claim. Prove there is life after death.

    It's just like big foot and space aliens. There are billions of people walking around the planet with camera phones and not one photo of either.

    It is up to YOU to provide proof. You proved you want it to be true and nothing else.

  3. And for those who experience non of these euphoric moments. my mum died of lung cancer, i laid with her all night, she sat bolt upright in the morning gasping for her last breath in a state of panic. WOW…. OH WOW!

  4. I remember as a young nursing student, we always knew that a patient was going to die, I remember a man who
    Kept telling me and a friend that he kept seeing people that he knew and wonders why they were all here, one night he starting speaking in tongues, and sure enough the next morning we found out that he passed. I have never been afraid to die since.

  5. No matter what it is that many people experience, I so wish that my mom had been able to experience something. She was in trauma due to Alzheimer's disease and negative intervention by the imaging team of the hospital that caused her pain and broke loose a blood clot in her leg by palpating to use the ultrasound probe.

  6. I think we should be all taught about dying and death… in the western world it’s hard for some people to except. And families barely talk about it ♥️

  7. So technically we're still back where we started at wondering. everybody sits around in the circle and supposes while the secret sits in the middle and knows it; by Robert Frost. This experiences are wonderful for the ones living through them against the malformation in the moment they need it but for those who are not having those experiences? At least I'm glad the speaker was honest and talks about how everybody has their own little cultural mini religious experience the Buddhist with the Buddha's the Christian with the Christian the child with a child excetera cuz that's what I've noticed along the years from sharing all this near-death experiences. Well as people are having their come-to-jesus moments everything is great I often wonder why they forget to ask the pertinent important questions is why did you create the universe the way you did where everything eats each other and what the f*** is the purpose to all this insanity. So to me this is just another person having their own personal experience of whatever in life no different than when they taste marmalade and they have a personal revelation it doesn't mean I'm going to have the same experience they do. an atheist who that's exactly what he had when he had his near-death experience in Atheist Experience nothing happened for him he came back to life with and even bigger atheist attitude unfortunately he contaminated a friend of mine who is the proud atheist. I've had a lot of phenomena experiences my whole life but that doesn't give me any solid conclusions for anything.

  8. I hope 2 of my best, most beloved dogs come for me or to comfort me. They were there for me when I had no one else. Unfortunately no family I would be happy to see.

  9. A life scientist, I do not believe in an afterlife and I am an atheist. Whatever the source of NDEs, however, if they are comforting to the dying and to their relatives that is, practically, what matters most to those involved.

  10. They might see buddha…or…or.. Give me a break.. OR JESUS. !!! Think youll choke if you say HIS name ???

  11. I'm surprised TED hasn't taken this lovely vid off their site, they're such materialist weenie cowards.

  12. This video just popped up in my feed, while I was watching a video on genealogy. And I'm a believer in "things happen for a reason", so I know that I was meant to see this video, at this moment, because I've just recently learned that my mum probably doesn't have very long to live. It looks very much like she has Pancreatic cancer, and it's at at least stage 2 or worse.
    And now there are a few more (naturally) that have come up which are related to death, so I will watch some of those too.
    But I just wanted to say thank you to Martha for this video/talk. I know what she says is true, because I witnessed it when my dad was dying, in hospital.
    I went to visit my dad, I think it was about 3 days before he passed away, and while I was standing next to his bed, he was looking towards the doorway, and started shaking his head, and said "no, no, not yet". I turned around but there was no one there.
    Then I went back the next day, as mum had called me and the rest of the family, to say it's getting close to the time. So my dad's brother and sister were there, mum, one of my sisters and her husband and children were there, but he didn't die that day. But I decided to stay at the hospital overnight, with my sister (she had stayed with dad the previous night as well). He was in a hospice room, on his own so there was plenty of space.
    My sister had a camper stretcher to sleep on, still made up from the night before, and there was an armchair next to dad's bed that I thought I'd curl up on. But as soon as I moved the chair away from the bed, dad sat upright in bed and got very angry, told me to leave the chair alone and threw a drink which got both me and my sister. I got very upset about that, but when I thought about it later, I thought, maybe his mother was probably sitting in that chair beside him, and when I moved it, maybe she disappeared and that's why he got so upset!!
    Dad died the next night, after I had gone home. My sister went home during that day to have a sleep and shower, but went back to stay with him again so he wasn't alone.

  13. To everyone reading this please turn to Jesus He loves you and wants to save you, He is the God of miracles, The bible tells us in Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, I seen God do amazing things in my life and in the lifes of people I know, There is nothing impossible to Him Its as simple as asking Him to show you He is there and if you really want to know He will answer you, I know this because it happened to me

  14. What if one has led a solitary life without people, or has had an abusive life. What if there are no wonderful dead souls to come to you? Not everyone wants to see their family again. This has always bothered me. A sad, alienated or abused person on their deathbed without lovely memories or past relationships… Who comes for them?

  15. Please read the Bible .the answers are there your looking for . JESUS Said it was GODS intention that not one sparrow be lost .

  16. My partner had just died of cancer and I was devastated, going for a walk along the beach to sooth my loneliness I suddenly felt this huge shape of human being walking along side of me(there was nothing there but awareness) my first thoughts were so calm and I said…"hello Keith😔" he put his non existent arm round my shoulder and walked along with me for
    quite some time. Keith was a huge man 6ft 5in I swear to god it was his energy with me.

  17. So goddamn amazing. I'm an aspiring palliative care nurse and currently a HCA who cares for some in palliative care. I love love love this talk. I feel it will make me a better carer and future nurse. Thankyou. ❤

  18. Unless Martha Atkins has died herself, I'm not listening all that carefully to her.

  19. – Having "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Fibromyalgia Is A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!!…. 🙁 – Search for people who have them here on youtube…. 🙂

  20. I think she's a little crazy too. Aren't speakers screaned before going before an audience and spewing the way this woman does? She didn't say if she has any credentials or not. I believe she's hoaky and likes to hear herself talk. Can't watch the whole thing. First for me with Ted.

  21. I've seen two different experiences happen when it comes to death, my dad talked of heaven and it was almost like he was happy when he passed away from lou Gehrig's disease in 2011, he told me he was going home. The other experience is when I happen to be in the room when my sister's father in law was dying…he was screaming to the doctor's "I have money!! Just do what you need to do to keep me alive and i'll pay the bill" Then he cursed a lot and said this is bull****!" Then he yelled at his wife and told her to go get his money because he didn't want anyone to get it when he died, after this he passed away probably 4 or 5 minutes later. So that was the 2 experiences I saw firsthand.

  22. The sense of awe and wonder connected with passing over does bring tremendous comfort. Death brings peace and calm.

  23. she's not a good researcher – doesn't ask questions that would challenge her "spiritual" bias – she's wrong – unlike religious explanations – science can eventually prove its claims – this is further proof of her meager credentials as a researcher – still the speech was interesting in describing what CERTAIN dying people undergo – but a good researcher would have at least gotten statistics on the number of people who undergo that – i was at my dad's deathbed – he never mentioned anything like what she described – no one i know who were with dying people have mentioned any such thing – but from a non-religious psychological standpoint – finding comfort in that way would be understandable – but not proof of anything other than hallucination (despite her CLAIM that such people can tell if it is a hallucination – she gives no indication of if this was scientifically proven – and no doubt she doesn't care)

  24. What dying people claim to see has absolutely no special significance. I believe the brain is not functioning normally at that time. The only truth about dying is found in God’s Word,….the Bible. The mortal body dies. The spirit is immortal. What each of us need to focus on is where we go when we are taken out of our mortal body. God tells us everything we need to know concerning where we will go upon the death of the mortal body. There are only two options. If you want to know where you will go, I encourage you to find a Bible. Look up the book of John in the New Testament (which begins approximately in the middle of the Bible). In the book of John you will find out your eventual destination. If you don’t like the facts of that destination, it’s explained to you how you can be 100% sure your destination is the much-preferred one. If you’re simply not interested in finding out where you’ll end up, or if you’re just assuming that everyone who always tries to be a “good” person goes to heaven…..then you will not be permitted to enter through heaven’s gates. If you don’t believe the entire Bible is entirely GOD’s words,… will not be entering heaven when your body dies. You will read in the book of John that the ONLY way to gain admittance into heaven is through Jesus Chris, our Lord & Saviour, by God’s grace. Anyone who does not believe that……will not gain admittance into heaven. So it’s NOT the act of your body having come to the end of it’s life that is important. It’s your eternal destination, depending on what you believe, preceding that final breath, which determines where you will spend eternity. This is something worth giving very serious consideration to. It is obvious, unfortunately, that the lady speaking in this video does not believe God’s Words in His Holy Living Word. I am going to pray for her. May God work in the heart & life of each person reading this… make them understand that they are a sinner who needs Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY GUARANTEED SOLUTION to EVERY concern known to mankind. If you believe that Jesus took ALL your sins upon His sinless self & paid the price for them when He surrendered His life on that cross, & FOREVER DESTROYED the power of sin & death over you when He rose on the third day,……then DEATH is no longer something to fear! ❤️

  25. hello Martha I was with my mum in the acute stroke ward g2 in the john hunter hospital mum had a achemic stroke I wanted to pass away with mum when I looked in her eyes it looked as though mum was been guided I saw no fear thank God I told mum that I will always love her and needed her but after I realized that mum had a spirit guide helping her with the transition I now wait for my turn to cross over thank you for your video Martha God bless you all 😇💖

  26. A few week's before his death, my father could see flowers from his hospital window. He told my mom they were such beautiful flowers. But it was February and we had almost two feet of snow on the ground. That was in 1985. He was only 31. I was 2. He had heart problems from the age of 23., Unfortunately back then we didnt have the medicine that we have today. Had he lived a few more years he could have possibly been saved.

  27. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I haven't heard about anyone seeing Allah or Muhammad, but I have seen/read about multitudes seeing Jesus, even from non-Religious people and people of other faiths besides Christianity, and they either become Religious, or convert to Christianity. Judea Christianity is the true Religion – Jews and Christians believe in the same God, and both Religions outdate Islam.

  28. The awesome part of this presentation is that no arguments are made either way about the authenticity of someone having visions before dying. As she states, they are real to the people dying and that`s all that matters. One of the best things I have seen on YouTube.

  29. 9:16 I know I made a lot of mistakes like this, having absolutely no clue what to expect when my wonderful mother was dying. I wish we would teach this, or at least discuss this more as a society.

  30. The longer I live the more I become to believe that life and death have a natural hardwiring within us all. Life has a purpose and death has a purpose but those are not the ending….

  31. A friend had a massive aneurysm as we stood talking in my driveway.His last words were,"Wow,wow,wow"………………

  32. I nursed my mum & sister, who passed away 6 mths the difference to each other, both from cancer. Among a fair few things my mum said in the last week of here time here on earth,1 she would look high in a corner & she said, No go away, im not ready for you yet. 2 she ask me, who was the little girl at my side, no one was there. The strangest thing of all, was she was talking sbout her childhood, & how her mum was there etc, but her whole voice changed to sound like a little girls, & she was saying, dont let that man have the chook he is hurting it. All so strange! I was sitting beside her bed holding her hand, she patted my hand, rolled over & pulled the doona up on herself she said about 10 mins later, Dawnie he told me to remember 26, so can you remember that for me, i said yes i would, she rolled onto her side & said ok im ready? 25mins later she took her last breath! It wasnt horrible it was peaceful. If everyone could leave this world like that no one would be scared of dying!

  33. The brain hallucinates before death…even after death… couple minutes… That hidden evidence is in the United kingdom X files….

  34. "It's funny how the science community can accept things that they themselves cannot see or sense, like the 4th and higher dimensions yet refuse to accept things that others can see, like spirit. It's an odd dichotomy for a group that think they are 'the smartest in the world'." (It also demonstrates a peculiar lack of intellectual honesty.)

  35. I'm glad your Mam had a wonderful experience as she died. Shortly after our 40th wedding anniversary the most beautiful woman I ever met, who agreed to share my life died after fighting terminal cancer. Her last hours were horrendous for me and that is because they were horrendous for her. There was little dignity to her death. She gasped for breath for hours before she eventually passed. Despite this I do not fear death. Without her my life is no longer complete. Death would stop my grief forever.

  36. It's common for people who are close to death to say so and so was here, and they are people who are physically deceased.

    Over 40 years ago, I had a NDE. I didn't see a light or go down a tunnel. But I came out of my body. I noticed right away that it was very calm and peaceful, and I had the sensation of floating on air. I felt completely free for the first time in my life. Then I saw my body, and I knew my body was dead. The first thing I thought of was I think I'm dead. But then I thought I sure don't feel.dead. I feel more alive now than I've ever felt. I wasn't even phased by seeing my dead body. It was like oh well, no big deal. Initially, I could see everything going on around me, but at this point, I could no longer see, and everything became extremely sensory. My senses were far beyond the human senses. Then I had the feeling of being loved, and this feeling became extremely intense. I knew I was accepted just as I am, and I was being treated with perfect unconditional love. This is a different kind of love than what we experience in our human lives. I had the sensation of floating in a sea of love, and it felt like I was being healed in some sort of way. The last thing I experienced was what I call the "Oneness". It's sort of like the oneness of the universe, or the oneness of everything. Somehow, someway everything is one. We are all one. I now realize that the acceptance and unconditional love I was sensing was coming from everyone who was at this place. It felt as if I was living in a perfect existence. I returned to my body right after this, and I'm here is relate my experience to you.

    Don't listen to the fear mongers who claim you are going to some hellish place. We are all imperfect human beings, and we aren't expected to be perfect. Just do the best you can in your lives and cease worrying. We are loved more than you can begin to imagine or understand.

  37. People find it hard to believe in ghosts and spirits.yet go to church to speak to the holy ghost and holy spirits.yheres more important people than ste jobs who see the other side

  38. Slowly but surely, Spirituality is getting into mainstream science, it's very irresistible.

  39. If you see something and you think it’s a vision would that be religious? I am human a sinner, I think If I saw a Spirit I would be frighted regardless. Maybe Seeing Jesus or someone who looked the part I think would frighten you at first, then humble.

  40. I had an OBE. Description: God's Presence, Intense Love, Peace, Bliss, Ecstasy, but was shot back here once I asked. I believe I nearly died from sleep apnea. I came back for my Mom.

  41. The night my great-aunt died I believe she came to me. I hardly knew her, and had only met her a couple of times, but driving home from work that evening I got the sense that I was going to die. It was just a fact. I did not feel scared or sad or worried about anything. I just wanted to call my loved ones and tell them everything was going to be ok. I did not call anyone figuring I was just being super imaginative. It was she that died instead and I believe she choice me to relay her message to others that her death was warm and welcome.

  42. My mother-in-law couldn't speak as a result of Alzheimer's before she died, but I saw a line of shadowy people on the room with us. One of them was only half visible and I was given to understand when they were fully there, it would be her time. In contrast, my Grandad talked in his hospital bed about going on a trip in a ship and he described the beautiful scenery, as if he'd been on holiday. His pleasure in later life had been in watching travel documentaries on television.

  43. I have felt like an angel of death a number of times over the years. My father-in-law, my father, my sister, aunt & year later her best friend. Then a friend's father-in-law. The most meaningful was my sister but most of what your research brought up never happened.

  44. John 11:25

    Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.

  45. When my heart stopped during kidney failure I was in a tunnel looking for the way out. These women (who I did not know) kept pulling me back. I said I can’t stay here for eternity! They said, no, it’s just for a few minutes. When I was resuscitated, they said “we’re clear. Send her back down!” Then I felt myself falling, from a great height, and then I emerged from my coma, regaining consciousness…

  46. I woke up on my 18th birthday and for some reason I felt my grandfather calling to me. I went to go see him, he was just put into a nursing home just a few days before, he was happy to see me, he was laughing and smiling, I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me, as he was smiling and laughing and I was crying, I felt him pass on to the next life. I was given a great gift on my 18th birthday to be able to say goodbye to someone I loved so very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. My mother had a lot of visitors on her last days. I couldn't see them but she certainly could. I kept looking behind me like she said it was as if my mom was looking through me and smiling at whoever was behind me. It was amazing, she was at peace.

  48. CHIEF TICKLESBALLSWITHFART can't sit on board without laughing, especially after drinking apple juice.

  49. My da saw and drank with John Wayne and Elvis Presley in the bar (his garage) he died 21 yrs ago and I never forgot that!

  50. Steve Jobs is misquoted.
    He said : "Ow! Ow! OWWWW!!!"

    The grim reaper was giving him a taste of where he was headed, and it tasted far worse than the bite of the forbidden fruit! 😶

  51. Hello. I just want to attest and confirm that everything Martha said is right and accurate in the case of my beloved mother. For at least a year before her death she was "seeing" her parents, she often said "I want to go home" and acted just like Martha describes in her video. Everything she did and said was so spiritual, as she would see her dead parents etc., and I still think about each and every unusual experience she had… I witnessed the most AMAZING things happened to my Mother, and I believe that souls are immortal and we'll all meet our beloved ones when out time comes. Martha is accurate 1000% in her video, and I'd like to thank her for advising me before my Mom died …

  52. The reason the universe keeps expanding… because as long as souls keep going to heaven it’s gonna keep expanding the galaxies and universe is full of billions of years of as long as humans remain to procreate and decease the universe will keep growing to make room for us … we all have a place in heaven.. each galaxy is a family generation or their tribe with whom they reunite

  53. Unfortunately no one is waiting for me . Ive been alone all my life . I have my kids and God knows i don't want them to go first . Anyway i'll be happy playing in heaven day 1 instead of a reunion so lets party .

  54. watched this several times… my best friend of over 40 years is going through these visions that death sometimes bring. I pray for her safe and gentle passing. My mother passed in November… she visited many people before she left. I never discouraged her – they did bring her joy. For my best friend, narcotics are preventing the process – but when she has "visitors" she is lucid and sometimes hysterically afraid. It is not what we had planned for our BFF retirement.

  55. They say that when you die you become full awake, and when you are born you just die.

    But you must live this life and experience it . So many people have so much health and money problems or mental issues like hatred. Our job should be to bring love here not hatred.

    Who is this seer in us, The seer that is unmodified in true state. The body got old, the mind got changed, but the seer stayed the same. Get in touch with the seer.

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