MOD-Track® Vision Inspection Systems by Delta ModTech

At Delta ModTech we are Masters in
Motion. And with our customers demanding production goals and exacting
requirements, we are also masters in process control and product quality. Today, manufacturing complex, tight
tolerance parts requires exceptional registration. So it’s time to push the
limits and have confidence in your products with the MOD-Track Inspection
system. It’s designed built and programmed to ensure you have the right
inspection system, for the right application, with proven results. What are your critical parameters and
requirements? Product tolerance? Part placement? Material Defects? We understand that each product and process is unique. That’s why we designed MOD-Track. It’s
flexibility allows you to modify inspection locations and redefine
critical parameters. Our software provides the tools to make adjustments
to vision acceptance criteria without requiring an engineer to plug into the
system. Setup and real time results can be viewed and adjusted with an
easy-to-use touchscreen interface, and the on-screen measurement tools are a
proven time-saver for manufacturers with frequent product changes. Track product
quality and run closed-loop registration feedback to maintain the best CPK for
your processes. The MOD-Track Vision Inspection System uses artificial
intelligence to keep parts in registration automatically with
accuracy as low as 3 to 4 microns. Record inspection data on each part and
use the inspection records for product conformance to eliminate offline
inspection. Delta ModTech systems come with the most advanced automatic
registration control in the industry, standard.
and with MOD-Track, your machine is accurate and intelligent. The MOD-Track
machine vision inspection system is only available on Delta ModTech machines.

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