MNL48 Presents: 2020 Vision 【Full Movie】

4 Years it’s been 4 years since I met my bestfriend Miggy I’ve been in a one-sided relationship for almost 4 years now. Like your typical “Boy meets Girl” story and the rest is history Who in the right mind will join in a stage play with him? Where he plays Romeo to your Juliet Spoiler alert! Their undying love lead to their death It’s ironic Like what I feel for him an unrequited love that can be the end of me I’m Erika, a true believer in love You can’t spell “love” without “Erika” Actually, yes you can but that’s not the point Look who decided to show up! how nice of you to finally remember that I’m waiting This is my other best friend, Sandy “Love Expert Extraordinaire” Her motto is “K-Drama is life” How come time can move-on and I can’t? Wow, where’s this negativity coming from? It’s nothing. Let’s start Girl, I have this huge money problem again. I was looking for a costume for the show I may still have no luck there but I bought tons of other stuff Buy one take one, half price off. I even got a swimsuit! Earth to Erika, hellowie! Are you still with us? I just remembered some stuff Do you know what day it is? It’s February 14, what about it? It’s Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day! Woah! Singles unite, let’sgowie! So why frown on such a beautiful day? his fault? Girl, Valentine’s Day is a social construct A capitalist invention to make more money on Hearts Day Stuffed toys, flowers and chocolates will be half off tomorrow, trust me How did we become friends again? You have no other choice Like you have no choice but to go with me tomorrow because prices are half off! Shut up! Let’s just start this reading Erika, do you love flowers? not really why not? flowers are nice It’s a waste,they’d just wither and die that’s what’s beautiful about it The beauty of life is that it has an end so you have to make the most of the time you have with it Is this still about flowers? Oh wow, flowers! how nice! You silly bee! Who made it? I did. Girl, I love you but you don’t have drawing talents Miggy did that? you silly little doves! This is some next level stuff! You’re smiling to your ears Girl, remember you bestfriend now has a real girlfriend It’s fairly new And so? that makes it okay to steal the guy? No! it still hurts. Why do you have to be so real? Who’s the fool between the two of us? There’s been something between you two You chose to ignore it and now you complain “It still hurts” Priorities. Love ban is the golden rule. Studying comes first And who told you to go for the “Juliet” role again? He did. The guy who’s a shoo in for “Romeo” that guy told you to go for “Juliet” The same guy you tried to lock your feelings from? And now you want his attention? Sandy, I’m not asking for his attention I’m just trying to move on. I don’t want to risk our friendship Wow! Move on girl?! Like what?! You’ve come to the right place, oh my God! Like, of all the guys in the entire world, why did you have to fall for your best friend? You talk like you have a lot of moving on experiences You’ve never been in a relationship too! But that does not mean I’ve never been in love I’ve been in love with Cha Eun Woo, Park Bogum EXO’s Kai, like woah! scratch that, the whole EXO is my husband Yeah, that sure explains your love experience But I’ve been hurt a million times by one-sided relationships It’s time for me to teach you, young Padawan! take notes, it’s about to get wild! Step No.1 : Confess Your Feelings You just want closure, that’s all. What?! Then what ’bout our friendship? If you two have strong foundations, the friendship will remain. Let’s rehearse, I’ll be MIggy Just tell him “Miggy, the pain is too much” “but I’ll manage without you” Miggy the pain is too much repeat after me, girl the pain is too much BUT I’LL MOVE ON FROM IT the pain is too much, but – hey! back to reality girl! My God! You weakling. It’s just me, what if he’s really here? Why did he have to get a girlfriend? Is being happy illegal? FYI, it’s not! I told you to take notes! Where are your notes?! My Gosh! Yeah, that tissue would do just fine He drew this bee when he bought milktea for me Really? He got you milktea? do you keep movie tickets in your purse? If my hair gets messed up, you owe me. Oh look! receipts in your purse. How surprising! Stop! For your information. Wait, gimme that I keep the receipts of all the times we went out ENOUGH YOU FOOL! Step No.2 : BURN ALL THE MEMORIES! BURN THEM ALL! Really?! Do we really have to? Yes, do you know what these are? Memories! “and memories bring back you!” as that song goes Okay, but I keep the movie tickets at home Don’t you try me girl! What if he asks you out for a movie? What would you say? Uh, I’d ask Sandy’s permission? NO! do it right That’s very wrong. very,VERY WRONG Step No. 3 : Learn to say NO! STOP BEING A WEAKLING Let’s try this one more time Where’d you get that? Erika, please come watch a movie with me. Stella isn’t available Stella’s not there? Just the two of us? GIRL! STOP BEING WEAK! REMEMBER STEP NUMBER 3?! Look at that thing Anytime I can hit you with that graphics Why come to me? I’m not your girl, Stella is! GIRL I CAN FEEL THE BITTERNESS ALL OVER Oh, yeah. I’ve got some things to do, rain check? Good job, young one! Girl, enough of us being weak There are a lof of stuff out there for you You’re our Juliet, for love’s sake! You’re talented, you’re pretty, what else? A hopeless-romantic fool You’re messy, like most of the time but you’re sort of kind, that’s for sure are we describing you? Stop spilling my bad side, people might now So? Moving on, Step No. 4: Widen Your Horizons Like what they say, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea” How about that guy, Karl? Karl? I feel like he’s too weird for me We won’t click how about Justin? He’s nice, he look’s good and he’s super sweet he’s also taken. He’s got a girlfriend We don’t even know if it’s just one. Oh, what about Martin? That theater guy He looks clean, and he’s super fine! Martin? girl, I think I might be barking at the wrong tree Sandy, I’m not really looking for a boyfriend Okay then, WIDEN YOUR HORIZONS focus on more important stuff Career over love life Take all the careers! Give me the love life But girl, once you’ve done those 4 steps, The final step is Just cry everything out, then move on completely I’ve cried more than enough. I don’t think I have more Okay, let’s try this activity face here close your eyes focus find your center then look for the white spot then try to picture your dog is dying cry it all out Sandy, I just realized we don’t own a dog My gosh! You’re a great actress and you give me this crap? We’re friends because we’re both crazy Let’s just consider this what if while we are sitting here MIggy and Stella suddenly appear in front of us what would you do? you can do it girl! 2020 is our year, right? Miggy, I’m letting you go I wish it all happened that way But this is not a K-Drama you can do it girl! 2020 is our year, right? Miggy, I’m letting you go uh, she’s asking if you have a pen, no? okay we’ll just go and buy one GIRL I DIDN’T THINK YOU’D DO THAT My golly! That was so scary and embarassing! No girl, you did great! It’s your time, you got to shine! There are no actual steps to moving on All you need is time and tremendous willpower You also need to set your goals clear Like you have 20/20 vision Sorry Stella, I have to go Are you serious? You’re leaving me? Hey Miggy! You jerk! Oh she got dumped!! What are you laughing at? huh?! I got dumped? I’m still prettier than you all! You! What are you looking at?! Too short? There’s no sequel to this!


  1. Yung bawat angle na may shades sa ulo ni ecka tapos sa isang angle nman wala hahaha. Pero gandaaaaa 😍

  2. Natawa AQ sa last part na yun..good job girls, my future din Kay s pag u MNL 48..muaahhhh!..😘😘😘

  3. Congrats Sela and Ecka ang galing niyo mag acting natural na natural talaga. Parang sanay na sa actingan. The Best Eckla hart hart hart
    Ecka : EXO lahat ng EXO akin yunnnn hahaha I feel you Ecka.


  5. I loveeee seeing my girsl doing this kind of short film. Hope this continues 💕

    PS: at 7:17 – 7:20 look at Ecka' shade 😅

  6. For additional revenue how about auction some of the props used here like the school IDs, the Romeo and Juliet script, etc.

  7. Bakit may mahiwagang salamin si sandy? Bigla-bigla nalang nawawala at bigla-bigla nalang sumusulpot HAHAHAHA😂 ILOVEYOU ECKA AND SELA❤️😘

  8. mahirap tumitig na walang kurapan. tapos di ko sure kung sino yung titignan yung kami oshi mo o yung katabi nya. natawa ako sa mga cameo ng ibang members sa video.

  9. Kapangalan namin Ng best friend ko hahaha me:Erika
    Kaya Lang baliktad Ng personality hahahaha

  10. galing talaga ng production team nito. pati pagka pasok ng mga songs ng MNL48 galing,, pati ng mga actress Versatile

  11. I love everything about this short film. The acting is spot on and there is a good balance between comedy and seriousness in it.

  12. napansin ko na, na baka hindi marinig nung miggy yung sasabihin ni erika gawa naka airpods sya PERO PANO NYA NAINTINDIHAN SINASABI NI SHEKI TAS NAG-UUSAP PA SILA? PAG KAY SELA, DI MARINIG? jk lang po HAHAHA

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