Mind’s Eye 心眼 EP1

(Episode 1 The Air of Hopelessness) Sir Sir, this is the suspect This is a misunderstanding I didn’t come here to commit suicide Let’s talk at the police station. Come on Another mass suicide case Five people arranged
to commit suicide together Last time they hung themselves
and this time they jumped off a building The preliminary conclusion is
they fell to their deaths I’ll give you a detailed report
once the autopsy is done Could it be like the last case, with all the victims unrelated… and unknown to each other? If so, we’d be at a dead end again This case is different Of the five who came here to commit suicide,
one woman didn’t die You weren’t planning on
committing suicide at all Stop denying that You’ve got it wrong I was just there by coincidence Why were you there? I’m a private investigator I was hired a week ago… to investigate the mass suicide
that happened half a year ago Fine, say that was true, why were you at the scene of this incident? I found a clue and headed there Then I came across the incident You came across it? That’s right Did you cause their deaths? No What’s this? Eerie Monique We found out this app was very likely… related to the last mass suicide case Are you Eerie Monique? If Eerie Monique could be
tracked down so easily, you wouldn’t have wasted
the better part of a year… trying to crack the case Are you mocking the police
for being incompetent? I just hope you won’t
waste any more time on me The real Eerie Monique
may still be walking free, planning the next mass suicide What did you find out? How did you know
people were jumping off that building? You wouldn’t believe me Try me I predicted they would commit suicide there, but I was too late I wasn’t in time to stop them Hold on Are you saying you have clairvoyant powers? Yes Listen to that What is this nonsense?
Are you toying with me? You probably set this all up You were there to ensure
you could kill them, weren’t you? No Fine Then we’ll keep interrogating you Let’s see how long you can hold out Who is this He Sijia? Why would the captain require us
to let her go? She once helped us solve cold cases Her background is clean You have no evidence to
tie her to Eerie Monique at all So we have to let her go We found the Eerie Monique app
on her phone How can you explain that? She’s investigating this case Of course she’d have downloaded this app There’s nothing suspicious about that What are you going to do? Leave her alone He Sijia You should stay away from me Don’t be so arrogant I will prove that you are Eerie Monique Don’t throw things so hard next time What do you mean? Mark my words That’s my ride. Bye I heard the woman you took away was released She denied she was committing suicide We had no evidence to press charges,
so we let her go You sound unhappy about that I suspect that she’s related to this case Even if she wasn’t the mastermind,
she might be an accomplice Why do you say that? She couldn’t explain why she was at the scene She clearly knew
someone was going to jump off This point alone was suspicious enough She doesn’t look like a criminal though Don’t judge a book by its cover Do you think she’s a good person… just because she looks pretty? Luo Jiahe, don’t be so shallow How did she explain her presence
at the scene then? She said she predicted people were
going to jump off the building… and headed over there She said she has clairvoyant powers? Yes. What an insult to my intelligence Did she prove that ability? Of course not She only said something strange… about not throwing things too hard next time -She might really have clairvoyant powers
-Hey Why did you scare me? -I didn’t Why do we have to meet
at such a frightful place? It’s scary What did you find? I went to the counselling group All the participants have suicidal tendencies I feel like I’m trapped in a cage… and can’t get out My heart aches so badly It feels like it’s being torn apart But… I’m too scared to kill myself None of them seems to know anything Fortunately, a girl named Huiqi… gave me some information Hi Hi. Are you Huiqi? -Yes Actually, I know about Eerie Monique That’s the video? Are there more details? We need the password to access it By the way, I called you just now Why didn’t you pick up? I was detained by the police Cai Xinran had a very close
connection with a man online… before she committed suicide His name was Jason Excuse me, is this Jason’s seat? Yes I went to Jason’s workplace to talk to him, but he didn’t come that day I had a premonition
of Jason committing suicide… from the rooftop of the skyscraper nearby But I didn’t see anyone when I arrived there I smelt a strong sense of hopelessness… and realized they were jumping
from the other side of the roof By the time I got there, it was too late What are you doing, miss? What did that sense of hopelessness… you mentioned smell like? It’s a rotten, mouldy smell Like the smell of a decaying body… or food gone bad? What is this smell? It’s so pungent This used to be a lumber factory One of the victims of
this mass suicide case… was the boss of this factory There’s a lot of scrap wood here Due to poor ventilation, there’s a damp, mouldy smell here This depressed feeling is
the sense of hopelessness I can’t take it What’s wrong? I think I’m under surveillance again The mystery person from half a year ago? He disappeared for a while. Is he back? Did he do something to you? Are you hurt? -No Ever since that mystery man appeared, you’ve kept running into strange accidents Those were obviously contrived He’s trying to kill you I know You do? But you don’t seem to care at all You might have escaped unscathed every time, but you still need to be careful At least file a police report I’m already very careful Are you? I can’t tell at all Don’t worry. I’ll find out
who that person is one day Morning Want one? -Thanks Did you stay up all night again? Keeping an eye on the suspect He Sijia Did you find out anything? I won’t give up though Rather than spend time on her, it may be better to decrypt
the Eerie Monique app We did, but right after that, an advanced virus deleted all information It seems that you met your match If we don’t catch Eerie Monique soon, we may have a third mass suicide case Are there any other suspects
apart from Miss He? There is someone What are you doing? I was going to log in to Eerie Monique, but when I entered my password,
it turned into this Huiqi told me the wrong password… would set off a virus attack
on the computer system… and crash the computer Is that so? Why didn’t you use your own laptop? I was afraid that this might happen That’s why I used yours Anyway, I bought that laptop I have faith in you I’m sure you can fix it Now I have to reconfigure my hard disk I have a lot of treasured music on it I spent years… -By the way How is the investigation going? Smiling depression is a form
of atypical depression The patients are happy in front of others… and may even have a great sense of humour, but behind their optimism and smiles, they are drowning in hopelessness This is Yang Zhenlie, a guest professor He has his own workshop… that offers suicidal patients
psychological treatment He has a unique perspective
on suicidal tendencies, especially on smiling depression Patients of smiling depression are
extremely depressed deep down, yet always have smiles on their faces, thus their suicides are often met
with great shock Do you think those mass suicide victims… were smiling depression patients? I’m not sure. Maybe we can ask Professor Yang He may have an answer Why did those people commit suicide? They’re probably running from
some kind of guilt How could they admit defeat so easily? Good morning. Professor Yang Can I help you? What’s this? It’s a mobile app called Eerie Monique I don’t know about it Professor Yang, there have been two cases
of mass suicide recently Have you heard about them? I’ve read about them in the news What is your opinion on them, Professor Yang? I don’t know under what circumstances
they committed suicide So I can’t help you on that. I’m sorry It’s all right We know you specialize
in helping patients with suicidal tendencies We’d like to know, based on your expertise, if such an app could trigger their suicides There was once an online game… that would challenge its players
to commit suicide, and someone actually did that Perhaps that’s how this works Professor Yang, why are you interested
in helping those with suicidal tendencies? Life is precious. We shouldn’t give up easily You slashed your wrists to commit suicide
when you were 20 Why did you do that? Back then, I was young and immature I was going through a tough period
and did something stupid Perhaps because of that, I decided to help those
with suicidal tendencies Thank you What do you think? He’s clearly hiding something.
Keep an eye on him I really want to join an Eerie Monique event I want to meet him
and ask him to take away my pain I really look forward to this event I’ve waited a long time for it too Really? Can you tell me just a little bit about it? Don’t leave me hanging You know I idolize Eerie Monique
just like you do I’m sorry. I want to tell you But you’re not one of us. I have to go Any news? -She’s so tight-lipped Eerie Monique will probably carry out
another mass suicide soon I think so too How can we find out… when their next event will be? There should be someone
on that online forum… we can find out something from Sijia Sijia. You spaced out again Zimo, don’t go near any swimming pool
in the near future Just don’t go anywhere with a pool or pond Understand? Yes (Sijia Detective Agency) How’s it going? I found a user on the forum
using the name Greenhouse Flower He kept praising one person
like some star-struck fan He hasn’t mentioned the person’s name, but I’m quite sure it’s Eerie Monique Is he still online? I just start chatting with him Let’s fish for information Type what I say Okay I know who you are talking about I idolize him too I’ve always wanted to meet him, but I won’t get the chance any more I’m leaving soon I know I can’t leave with you all, but as long as I can follow in his footsteps, I can leave this world and be free He replied “How do I know if you are sincere? “You may be faking it… “to find out his secrets” No one ever gave me the time of day I’ve told many people
I don’t want to live any more, but no one ever believed me I think I’m nothing in this world After I leave, maybe we’ll meet again in another world Hearing you say that… gave me goosebumps, as if you were going to kill yourself That’s something
suicidal people would usually say (Unread message from Greenhouse Flower) He sent a videoA baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid
before it is born,so we must return to our originsAshes to ashes, dust to dustLeave through the way you cameThat’s the only way to be rebornLet us enter our mother’s embrace togetherA baby in amniotic fluid Back to our origins The way out may involve water Remember the premonition I had earlier… of you drowning? I saw a swimming pool Perhaps the mass suicide is
at the swimming pool Then let’s check it out The swimming pool is
about half an hour’s drive from here Call the police first -Okay Stay here. Don’t go anywhere What? -Why are you yelling? May I ask what the matter is?I just got a lead that another mass suicide
case is going to happen He Sijia He Sijia Are you all right? Get up Thank you Were you at the scene this time… because you had a premonition
of a mass suicide again? That’s right I really hope you’ll tell me… how you knew they would commit suicide
by the swimming pool I told you, but you won’t believe me There’s nothing I can do about that Fine, you don’t need to tell me I’ll find out sooner or later I can prove it What can you prove? Sijia had a premonition… I’d be in danger at the indoor swimming pool That’s how we guessed
the location of the mass suicide If Sijia hadn’t stopped me from going there, I might have been in danger… and probably dead by now This ability is no fun at all That wasn’t her first time
in danger because of her ability This time, she almost drowned Have you told him? Told me what? Eerie Monique set this trap… so I would walk right in step by step The mass suicides were just bait I suspect he is targeting me Why would you say that? Do you know Eerie Monique? He knows I’m investigating
the mass suicides… and our every move I suspect he’s around us For example, someone watching us downstairs
all the time You have an overactive imagination Maybe you saw him killing others… and now he’s trying to kill you No matter what, thank you You were running out of air that day,
yet you still tried to save me, as if you had no regard for your own life Maybe I’m suicidal too He doesn’t look like a courageous manCongratulations on reaching the last phase
of the gameOne more step…and you can escape this world of suffering…and find true happinessHere is my ultimate challenge to youHi If looks could kill, I’d have died on the spot just now I’m sorry, I overreacted. You are…? Luo Jiahe, I’m a medical examiner We’ve met before I’m He Sijia This is my business card Sijia Detective Agency Did we meet even further back? I don’t think so If we had, we should have known
each other a long time ago I wouldn’t have waited until now
to come and greet you What I mean is, your looks would leave quite an impression Nice to meet you If you are here for Professor Yang’s seminar,
you missed him It just ended I actually came to talk to him I won’t bother you then Thank you, Professor Yang Thank you -Thank you Hello, Professor Yang. I’m He Sijia I’m a private investigator.
This is my business card Hello. How may I help you? I’ve been hired for a case lately, and I would like to ask for your expert help Go ahead Is there anyway to lead a person to suicide, such as through hypnosis? Hypnosis as a treatment is never used… to control the patient’s thoughts
or behaviour Rather, it leads the patient
to confront their psychological problems Despite that, it requires insinuation
on multiple psychological levels, and the patient must fully trust
the person carrying out the hypnosis… for it to be effective So it’s essentially impossible
to hypnotize a person into suicide Thank you, Professor Yang. I have to go Zimo, another mass suicide will happen soon, with people setting themselves on fire There may only be four hours until it happens My prediction is wrong This isn’t the site of the suicide It’s getting dark Those people may commit suicide any time What is this strange notice? Seven of the victims were your patients How do you explain that? Professor Yang succumbed
to the pressure… of being suspected to be Eerie Monique
and committed suicide He called me earlier Why would he suddenly kill himself? Help Help Why didn’t you save her? Help Don’t blame Sijia She almost drowned before Subtitles: IYUNO Media Group


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