Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare – MINE

>>LV Prasad Eye Institute
was founded 29 years ago. The philosophy of reconciling
excellence with equity. We have touched
more than 20 million people. This job has become even easier
because of the many platforms, technology platforms
that Microsoft offers. We want to develop a system for improving eye health in our system in India and
in the developing world.>>Microsoft Intelligent
Network for eye care is a collaboration between Microsoft
and LV Prasad Eye Institute. And it’s a global consortium
and what we’re trying to do here is
to use the power of the public cloud and technologies like Artificial Intelligence
and Cortana Intelligence suite, and see what we can do to provide
better insights to the doctors, so that they can give
better patient care, and our hope is to at least
reduce avoidable blindness. We need reliable information
on the numbers, on the causes, on the geographic distribution,
gender distribution, et cetera, for all that the power
of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BI
can add significantly.>>The first guiding principle
of MINE is that we want to get everybody to share and
create a common pool of data. The second is to take that data and convert it into
a global pool of knowledge, and the third one is to create a collaborative platform
for everyone to use.>>The partners that are going
to be initially involved in MINE are some of the most
renowned organizations in the field of
eye care in the world. I’m very excited about
this collaboration. The potential is huge. I hope it will have
a huge impact globally, not just nationally or
locally, but globally.

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