Merkur Vision Safety Razor – How To Clean and Maintain It

Greetings, I’m Geofatboy for This is a Merkur Safety Razor This is a very futuristic high-tech looking razor and it’s a little bit complicated as far as cleaning and disassembling. They recommend that whenever you change the blade you should also disassemble and clean it. So I’m going to show you how to do that
right now. Lets get started, we won’t waste any time. The first thing you’ll do is open it up all away, spin it counter-clockwise, open it and then push on the rail, its the rail that goes in between your razor blade the razor blade slides over this. so push on that and that will extend this ring out far enough where you can move it, and remove it its got a little key-hole and a post that runs through the middle like so, so you just want to remove that, move it to the larger side
and pull it off that’s all you need to do. So we’ll set that down, and release this rail, and now grab this knob in the back and turn it to the right-clockwise, which is the opposite of what you would think but you need to turn to the right to
take it off. We’ll set that down OK, and then we push down our rail in the front, and grab the knob that says “VISION” has the letters “VISION” on it and turn that to the right also until it stops. Once it stops, you can release that and
then the butterfly doors or the silo and the post will come out So now that’s fully disassembled You have 4 parts, like this. So what you do at this point is grab your toothbrush and dip it in the water, a little soapy water I like to use an OXY based dishwashing soap, it’s very good. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, it doesn’t damage the razor at all. and so I’ll rinse that, I’ll put the brush in with the soap, and just go about cleaning all parts. Interior/exterior and clean all these parts and just whatever shows a little shaving residue or
shaving soap residue we want to remove all that and then you’ll rinse it under cold water and then take your blow dryer and just give it a good drying… (blow dryer whirring)… Dry all the parts off, and then we’ll go about reassembling it You want to make sure it’s thoroughly dry so it doesn’t rust on you. So now we’ll take this, Oh, there’s a spring on this post so you want to make sure you don’t lose this. There’s a spring that runs along here. It doesn’t come off, there’s a keeper ring on it but I would just keep in mind that it needs to be there. So we’ll take it, and insert that post down into the handle again, and then as you can see: there are ears on these silo door here, they need to lock under these 2 posts right here, so when you drop it in place. You need to keep that in mind. Push down at the same time, and then just fold it over like that. See it? Those ears go under the posts, and pull up on the 2 doors the barn doors,and that’s it. Then you’ll turn your “VISION” up to the left and that will lock it in now you can move it back and forth, and it won’t come out. Now you’re about done, but we’ll take this part here, this little knob and slide it over this time we’ll go counter-clockwise like that, until it stops and then we’ll push on this rail in the
front, and that will extend the post from the base, and like I showed you before, you’ll grab your keyhole, and insert the end knob over the round part of the keyhole over that rod and drop it in place, release it, and that’s it! You’re good to go! Now you can insert your blade and close it up and you’re “ready to get your shave on!” So I hope that helps you. So I hope that helps you. If you own this type of razor, it’s a great razor, it’s heavy, its got a great feeling in the hand, and it’s about the most high-tech razor you can buy today in my opinion. I haven’t seen anything that’s cooler
looking! Actually I have another video if you’re
interested, I shave with this razor, You can check it out. So I hope that helps you for today, and
if you have any questions I’ll be happy answer whatever I can I’ll be happy to help you out. Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day! We’ll see you next time. Take care. Please subscribe and visit


  1. I had an older style Vision. It would occasionally lose ability to adjust the blade gap and I would have to disassemble it further than shown here to clean it to get it working again. It was a royal pain to get back together right. I just ordered a Vision 2000, hoping it's more reliable.

  2. could not find the leaflet how to pull it apart,thanks to the video will do it tonight,yeah its a cool thing,one downfall,it needs good blades,tryed few el chipo brands,no good,very masochistic approche,still keep looking and changing them thou,
    thank you once more,
    joe bromberg

  3. I just bought one of these Merkur Vision razors, and the enclosed instructions on assembly are less than clear. This video has made what looked complicated very easy. Thank you for posting!
    BTW, this is the best DE razor I have used in 40+ years of wet shaving. Feather blades work best for me, but every face is different.

  4. Oh man, I can't wait to receive my V.I.S.I.O.N!

    Btw Geo, not queer or anything but you are one handsome mofo. I bet you're a real ladykiller huh? Haha!

    Thanks for the video buddy! ๐Ÿ˜€

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