Meet the Amazing Staff at Griffin & Reed Eye Care | Sacramento Ophthalmologists

We have amazing staff, and our folks from
our phone operators through our front office people, our technicians, administrative staff,
they’re amazing people, and most of them have been with us for a long time. Some of them have been here twenty five to
thirty years, and I think that what it says is that there’s a culture of practice around
here that actually attracts certain staff members to want to come and stay. As time goes by, they do stay, and they become
like family. So we’re blessed to have great staff, but
I think it’s a cultural thing that’s been perpetuated and generated through years of
careful cultivation of a certain attitude, and I think it comes from the fact the doctors
have a certain attitude towards patients and patient care, and what we think are our priorities
in seeing people, that hopefully translates a caring atmosphere and attitude to the staff,
and they reflect that. I think that one of the things our staff does
really well is they’re really truly empathetic caregivers. With rare exceptions, and occasionally you’ll
have somebody come and work with us that’s not, and they don’t last, they don’t stay
because they don’t fit the culture. So as time’s gone by we’ve actually been able
to build staff that really have that same cultural philosophy, and they take care of
people the way they want to be taken care of.

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