Meet Mark Slabaugh, MD | Ophthalmologist at OSU Wexner Medical Center

My name is Mark Slabaugh. I’m an ophthalmologist
at the OSU Havener Eye Institute. My subspecialty is glaucoma. I also have an interest in the
management of glaucoma with complex ocular conditions such as uveitis as well as traumatic
glaucoma. I specialize in the surgical management of both cataracts and glaucoma. Some of the
subspecialty procedures that I perform include glaucoma surgical procedures in patients with
concomitant medical conditions such as uveitis as well as ocular trauma and in cases where
artificial corneal transplantation has been performed. My main goal in taking care of
patients is to ensure that we adopt the team approach in which both patients and myself
have a good understanding of background, treatment options as well as prognosis. Particularly
in the management of glaucoma it’s important to me that patients understand the rationale
and treatment options that are available to manage this potentially blinding condition.
Because glaucoma is a chronic disease, I anticipate spending a significant amount of time in helping
a patient understand their condition as well as to be heavily invested in the management
decisions that we would eventually go on to make. Because these management decisions can
include chronic medical therapy, laser therapy or sometimes surgical therapy it’s important
to me that patients do have a complete understanding of the disease process and the options that
are available to them. As everyone is aware, vision is perhaps one of our most prized senses.
And when patients lose vision from any type of condition, the ability to recover that
or at least to maintain the current level of vision that they have can be very tantamount
to maintaining a high quality of life. And so it’s our privilege to work within this
field in which the main goal is to preserve something of such value.

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