Meet Dr. Zegary Allen — Ophthalmologist at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Zegary Allen, and I am an Ophthalmologist
at St. Elizabeth. So, I actually trained in Cincinnati. All my graduate training was done at the University
of Cincinnati, and I actually left for a few years to go practice in North Carolina, and
then just realized once we got there how much we missed it back up here in the area, so
moved back and here we are. I actually had no intention of going into
medicine when I was in college, and it wasn’t until when I became ill and had to search
out for, you know, people I didn’t have a relationship with. It was… it was tough. You know, eventually I found someone who was
very caring, and found out, you know, why I was having these particular symptoms, and
it made me really want to be that individual, that person who was going to be there for
people. And then after that experience decided, hey,
wow I should probably look into medicine. I think it makes me appreciate, you know,
how people who come to me are feeling. I try not to downplay any symptoms or concerns
that they have because each person has their own unique disease, and that’s the only
one that matters when they’re in the room. I always have that in the back of my mind,
knowing that each individual is not just a disease or severity, but a person that needs
that attention.

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