Mayor Marty Walsh declares public health emergency in Boston due to coronavirus


  1. Young people are not avere what kind the devil atack humanity! Very very vise devil- he prepere for long time for this! So forget clubs and cafes- only wepen against this devil is human brain- mind! In Italy few weeks ago made " coronavirus party" joking and now is all Italy in Quarantine and every 24 hours die 200 or more people SAME in Spain- " new Italy" ! Angela Merkel say 70% Germany people could be infected! One Europian writer wrote long time ago " Hope in disaster time is worse killer than anything,hope whisper on your ear what you want to hear, hope make you comfortable, make you sleep bring you under knife" ! So, action than hope!

  2. Everything he said that they are doing to help prevent Corona is everything these crooks should have put the money towards BEFORE ….ALL ALONG.

  3. He’s doing just fine, these people are suffering because he wants to cause panic. They are pissed at him over this. He doesn’t care about the workers, he cares about spreading panic. I’ve always hated Marty Walsh. If he cared so much, why did he let the Biocon go on which brought the virus to Boston in the first place without testing them? It’s almost like he wanted this to happen. There are millions of people in the city and not ONE construction worker is infected!

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