Manage Your Students’ Windows Devices with Vision 365

Now that your classroom is equipped with Windows 10 devices, how do you monitor what your students are doing on their computers and keep them on track? With Vision 365, you are able to see what your students are doing on their windows computers from your windows device. Allowing you to keep track of all of your students’ devices at once. Vision makes it easy to see which students are off task. With Vision’s screen monitoring tool, you can choose how you view your students’ screens. One of teachers’ favorite parts about Vision 365 is that they can zoom in on any screen for a closeup view of students’ activity. Identify a student that needs help,
or redirection. Or showcase a student’s work with the rest of the class. When your students get off task, it is important to be able to regain their focus. With Vision 365’s attention feature you can do just that. By clicking the attention button, your students’ Windows 10 devices will be frozen and a predesigned image will pop up on
their screens. Your students will not be able to exit the frozen screen until you exit stop the attention feature. Having your students type in URLs can take
a lot of time. With Vision 365, you can push URL’s out to your students and save that time for instruction. Click “push the link” at the top of the screen, type in your URL, and share the URL
with the class. As a teacher, you want to show your students resources, examples, and lesson plans. Things being shown on the projector can
be hard for students in the back of the
room to see. With Vision 365’s demo feature, you can push your screen to your students’ laptops. It is rather simple, you just need to push the demo button at the top of the application. Select the monitor you wish to share. When you are sharing your screen with students, Vision will freeze their keyboard and trackpad so students cannot navigate away. As an added bonus, the demo feature allows you to demo a students’ screen out to your other students. Select the student whose screen you wish to share and click the demo button. Vision allows you to easily show examples of students’ work.

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