Malignant Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension | Patient Testimonial

– Hi, my name is Carol Sheppard and I’m a patient at Ocala Eye and have been for approximately two years. I had been seeing doctors in Ohio for approximately six
months without success in finding the source of my
high pressures in the eye. So I came to Florida and
ended up in Dr. Morris’ office at Ocala Eye. Dr. Morris had discovered that
I had aqueous misdirection, otherwise known as malignant glaucoma and that it’s very rare,
only one in a million. He has seen about eight cases
over his period of practice. In three days, Dr. Morris had discovered what my problem was. The other doctors had been
looking for six months. I have been with Ocala Eye
for about a year and a half and they’ve always been very helpful and even when I have an emergency, they seem to take care of me right away. Thank you, Dr. Morris, for
all you have done for me and to your wonderful staff.

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