Love Quinn Is Terrible To Her Deaf Husband | Rikki Poynter

Hello, and welcome back to the channel
and Film Fridays. Yes, we are bringing back
an episode of Film Fridays, temporarily for this week, because the second season of ‘You’
just came out. Last year,
I did do a video for the first season. So, if you have not seen that,
I will have a link up here, so you can go check that out and the rest of the playlist for Film Fridays. Now, I wasn’t really planning
on talking about season 2 of ‘You’ because it was just going to be
a little bit repetitive – until I found out that my pal, my fellow deaf pal, Daniel Durant, had a role in this series. That’s right folks,
we have deaf presentation in the second season of ‘You’,
and I just… Here we are. But before we get into all of that, if you have not yet subscribed,
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with a little handwritten letter from me. So, yeah, why not? I’ll have the link down below. So, let’s talk about why I feel like Love Quinn makes a terrible wife. And it’s not just
because of the fact that, well… If you’ve seen this season, then you know why Love
would just make a terrible wife. But there’s one thing in particular, she’s just an ableist piece of (BLEEP). (LAUGHS) Obviously, there are many
and worse things wrong with her. But to try to avoid
the really big spoilers we’re just going to stick with this. So, as it turns out,
before Love meets Joe, Love is a widow and she was actually married
to a man named James, who is played by Daniel Durant, and James is a deaf man. Her deaf husband,
who only signs. I don’t even think Daniel himself uses spoken English
as communication ever, from what I’ve seen
and experienced with him. So, in real life, Daniel only signs,
and James only signs. And the good news is,
you see James signing, you see ASL representation in the show, and you think, that maybe, just maybe, Love is going to sign back to him, because I remember seeing in some clips – because I saw the episode
just a little bit later than everybody else – you see that she’s signing. Actually, she’s SimComming, which, if you don’t know,
stands for simultaneous communication. Basically, you’re trying to use
two completely different languages at once and it never works out really well. And why? Why does Hollywood always do this? Anyway, Love Quinn makes a terrible wife, a very ableist, or audist,
if you want to be specific to deaf people, discrimination against deaf people, wife, because she just talks to the man. And James, somehow, has unicorn-speech-lip-reading-itis
magical powers that let him understand
everything that this woman says, and she also over enunciates. She talks like this and also screams at him
sometimes throughout the series, and, oh, my God… Also, to backtrack a little bit, ASL gets shown actually
in episode five before we even actually
get to meet James, because Love has Joe do this, the “I love you” sign, as some sort of, like, safe word for whatever it is that they’re doing. And some people got upset, thinking that this was
a cultural appropriation moment and that there wasn’t going to be
any deaf representation. But, there was actually a reason
that they did that before that we, sort of,
met James, I guess, it was kind of like foreshadowing. Is it foreshadowing if anything with James
is actually a flashback? I don’t really know. But, anyways, there was a whole point to that,
so don’t worry. There was actually going to be
deaf representation. But anyway,
so when you get these little flashbacks, there isn’t a whole lot of James
that you get to see. He’s signing, there are subtitles,
he’s not voicing at all, there’s no voiceover for him. But, every time Love
wants to communicate back to him, it’s actually just 99% speech. Did I mention that they were married and she wanted to
have a child with him? Now, if they were just
dating for the first time, I would understand
if she would just be talking or, you know, whatever, because if you’ve never
met a deaf person before, this is your first time communicating
or interacting and also dating one, you kind of, you have to
kind of learn the language a little bit. But they’ve been married, she was wanting to have a child with him,
have a family, and she’s still just talking to him and the very like 1%
that she signs back to him or signs to him at all, she’s SimComming, which…. Why? You end up ruining his own language and also, he’s not going to hear you. Like, what are you doing? And how is he understanding everything
with speech reading? Every single word all the time, especially with the weird way
that she’s trying to talk to him, it makes no sense to me. And it’s not that she doesn’t know ASL,
the character anyway. Maybe not necessarily
the actress herself, but it’s not that the character herself
doesn’t know ASL. Considering how much
she understands him, I would say that she is maybe,
probably, almost fluent in it. At least very, very, very conversational, has a very good amount
of knowledge with the language. So, it’s not about the fact that
she doesn’t know it, it’s that she doesn’t care to use it, which makes me even more irritated. I’m telling you right now,
if I was married to somebody and they wanted to have a child with me and they did not want to use the language that actually,
really helps me, especially if they know it and also if they didn’t want
to bother actually learning it – but, in this case,
she knows the language – there would be no more marriage. There would definitely not
be a child involved, because can you imagine
if the baby ends up deaf? Like, how are you gonna
communicate with this child? The same way that 95%
of hearing families to a deaf child communicate with them, probably. I’m answering my own question. It’s just…. I keep wanting
to have a little bit of hope for these types of shows, especially when a deaf actor is involved. And I know it’s not Daniel’s fault, like, he’s going to have very little say in how they do these types of things, but it’s still… You take my hope and you just… You break it, you ruin it, you crush it. But, let’s be real. Love Quinn has so many
damn things wrong with her that, am I really surprised? No, but this is also… When you think about it,
this is also during a part of the show where you think that
she’s not how she is, actually. But then again,
if she’s always been like this, I guess it makes sense. But these people really
have to learn from ‘A Quiet Place’, man. ‘A Quiet Place’ has given me
so many expectations for other pieces of Hollywood that… Really, I should stop
having these expectations and the hope for these things and just stick with ‘A Quiet Place’, really. Just… OK. Other than that,
I really enjoyed season two, actually. I’m glad that the way that it ended… Well, except last like, sixty seconds, just because I imagined something
completely different in my head. I’m glad that the end of the season and the last,
was it the last two episodes, were different than from the first season and the characters were
a little bit different because if it was going to be too repetitive, then it was just going to be like,
“Oh, come on.” And I’m really glad
that they brought Daniel and had their deaf character
be played by an actual deaf person. So, I give them major props for that. I still just wish that Hollywood
would do the language part right and make it make sense. Anyway, Love Quinn is a terrible person
and a terrible wife, and obviously, she’s met her match with Joe. And well, they both suck, the end! And we’ll see what happens
with season three. If you have seen the second season, let me know what you think of it down below. Who do you think the mysterious woman
in season three is? I know there’s two theories
going on currently. If you would like to help
translate this video, I’ll have a translation link down below,
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than when people share the video, especially. Thank you for taking the time
out of your day to watch this video, and I will see you later. Bye.


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  2. The video crashed after 1-2 minutes. ๐Ÿ™ i saw that series and just finished the season 2. You read my mind!! I thought the exactly same thing literally before your vlog. I was like what the fuck!? He signs and she talked (barely signs) and taught Joe (Will) ILY in asl? Thatโ€™s big fail. Thats cool you knows the actor, Daniel! I was actually wondering if he was really deaf. I looked for him on IMBd and he isnโ€™t there!? Something is really wrong with the whole picture. Hope the video get fix. Or you can try repost. Will keep my eyes out for Your video as I want to finish it! U made your point! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  3. Have you watched The Magicians? There is a deaf character named Harrietand there's an entire chunk of one episode that's completely silent and only uses sign language.

  4. That's why we need more Deaf screenwriters for Netflix, Amazon etc… Couple of movies that feature hearing characters interacting with Deaf characters that absolutely makes no sense. For example, Deaf characters uses sign language and hearing characters seems understand and reply back with voices, and Deaf characters would nodding acts like s/he understood what hearing characters are saying.

    That's remind me of Ghost in the Shell movie with Scarlett Jo, few characters speak Japanese and others speak English. They spoke their own native language to each others and it wasn't interpreted through something device or interpreter. No explanation if they all knows English and Japanese. That movie crapped out the box office.

  5. There wasn't any glitch when i translated on pc (i watch and translate at the same time) or watched it on my phone later.
    But now i see the 3 sec groovy colours. Sound is working perfectly, it is just the colours that flip for 3 seconds around 2 min mark
    And again after the 3.10 min to 3.30 min mark

  6. Can you do a video of more ASL signs. Like daily used signs like bring me the broom or something like that.

    I really liked both seasons of You

  7. i haven't watched the video fully yet, but rikki you HAVE to watch/react to the dragon prince on netflix! the animation of the asl in the first season is a little rough, but it gets SO much better the further you go on. and there are actually interpreters who sign back to the Deaf character haha

  8. Hi Rikki I love your Chanel, and I love learning about deaf people and problems so maybe later on in my life I can help with them

  9. Sadly don't have netflix right now. And not sure if the show itself is something I could bring myself to watch. I'd have to try the pilot first

  10. I literally took a break from watching the season because I was so annoyed with this issue!
    Daniel Durant was one of the reasons why I was so excited for this to come out and they really wasted an opportunity here

  11. Thank you for doing a video on this! I was watching the show and getting increasingly frustrated that she did some half-ass signing. Thanks to all your videos for the past few years, I know that lip reading is not an effective form of communication for deaf people. I think at one point I was yelling at my TV because she was barely doing ASL. I know people who learned ASL when they got a deaf coworker, so Love has no excuse for not appropriately doing ASL for her freaking husband!

  12. No glitches here for me (in UK)… I'm on the phone YouTube app. Just fyi. Anyway Rikki, my thoughts on this, she's boring. Season 2 is so boring. I got up to episode 3, I knew what's going to happen, it's too predictable. I then decided to skip to the last episode and watched the first 15 mins then I went nope, this is exactly what I predicted. I didn't see James cos I skipped… Your video just cemented my decision of not attempting to sit through and watch it all. I didn't want to watch it in first place. It's so boring! It's not even exciting. It's just constant stale. Kudos to you watching it all.

  13. I honestly kind of think Love killed her husband. She was constantly cooking his food and she was so upset that he wasn't able to give her kids

  14. I just watched Daybreak and I don't know sign language but at least they responded to the person using sign language with sign language lol the actress is deaf too by looks of it thank God. I can't stand when they hire a non disabled person to play disabled character lol

  15. Glad to know I wasn't the only one with these thoughts (for the record, I am hearing but I was an asl interpreter in the school system for several years.).

    Also, about simcom… PREACH!

  16. this entire time i thought james was hearing and nonverbal because she was speaking to him and he understood her, and i was like "cool!! this is great to show the different types of people use who use asl!!" but now that i know he's deaf i'm just ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ

    (also i think the woman is his mom ๐Ÿง)

  17. Haha that's funny. I was watching the second season last week and saw that part where Love would just talk and James would sign, and the way she over exaggerated her lip movements so that he could "understand" better. People actually do this to me sometimes. It's a bit annoying. I don't sign myself, since my parents didn't raise me in the deaf community( I depend on lip reading and H/As) , but how she would mouth the words was just too much lol. When I saw that I was like huh.. I wonder what Rikki would think/say about that. Lol. Saw this video pop up on my youtube and clicked on it right away. Good video!

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