Local Ophthalmology Directories- Tips to Improve Your Practice’s Online Presence | Advice Media

In this video we are discussing local directory listings and as effectiveness as a strategy to market your ophthalmology practice. Local directory listings is a strategy that focuses on populating your business information across a variety of websites. Such as, Google, Bing, and Yelp. Not only can the strategy increase the chances of users finding you online this also makes a clear search engines exactly where your practice is located. As we mentioned before user proximity is a ranking factor for search engines. And ensuring accurate business name, address, and phone number, as well as the hours of operation this all increases the likelihood of your website showing up higher up in the rankings. Now as for generating new patients this is an effective strategy. Due to the sheer number of directories and the varying processes to update information makes this a very difficult and of course time-consuming strategy for your staff to consistently manage. Now the typical cost associated with local directories can range between 50 and 250 dollars per month. This is a great starting point for many ophthalmology practices as they begin to build their online presence. Advice Media offers a service called ‘Local Power’ that manages your profiles for over 200 directories. Allowing us to add photos, update hours across the most popular directories. Including Ophthalmology specific directories, all while helping patients find your practice online. Once you have accurate information across a variety of websites. You’ll need to then strategize how you’ll manage these profiles, your practices reviews, and your online reputation.

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