Local eye doctor changing lives one surgery at a time

a local eye Center is changing the lives of patients one surgery at a time the Roanoke Valley Center for sight with the help of the vist our eye center and eye care and surgery is celebrating the annual gift of sight day 10 News reporter Allison wit line was in the operating room with a patient as his life was changed here at the Roanoke Valley Center for sight worn Cable is getting ready for a special surgery he is one of 14 patients without health insurance who will receive free eye cataract surgeries as part of the 11th annual gift of sight day five years ago my I started getting blurry in the last two years they just got tremendously worse Warren says he used to love drawing he had no issues crossing the street or holding down a steady job but his eye problems changed that today is his shot at a new way of life the operating room is quiet but hopeful as dr. Carly Griffith handles the life-changing procedure the medical professionals here at the Center for sight including dr. Griffith volunteered their time for this special day it’s just a fun day everyone’s here because they want to be here and because it’s so important to the patients with every push of the pedal and move of the tool Horan is one step closer to seeing again and then it happens [Music] yeah I can read all this supposed to be yelling yeah Aaron is seeing colors again after he’s wheeled out to the recovery room he sees his dad’s faced clearly for the first time in years victories moments many people take for granted I’m reading that thing from here I wouldn’t be able to see that thing if it was right here before I came in here or there so how does it feel to get the gift of sight back for a second there I didn’t have anything old you may have a while a little bit of shock but mostly gratitude for the perfect Christmas gift say thank you all you’re about to get a job made maybe a scent of Christmas gifts next year’s in Salem Allison Wickline 10 News working for you

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