Lisa Pippa Alexander, MD, Ophthalmologist – Burlington VT, UVM Medical Center

Hello, my name is Dr. Lisa Alexander and
I am an ophthalmologist. I started out as a fine artist and I truly value vision for what it gives us spiritually and as human beings and obviously vision is the
center of our field: preserving vision for people. So by going into ophthalmology,
I was able to work with things that interested me and help preserve the
thing I value the most I concentrate on wellness for my
patients. I concentrate on what they can do to hopefully prevent disease as much
as possible and what they can do to take care of their vision for as long as
possible so we look in terms of whether or not they might have a disease such as
glaucoma and when we should act on that and that’s teamwork because some people
want to act very quickly and other people are willing to wait and see what
develops and what direction it sends us in. For all patients I emphasize simple
things like diet and exercise and how it relates to the eye as well as the rest
of the body so I have a wellness practice you

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