Lil Wayne – Drop The World (Official Music Video) ft. Eminem


  1. Thank you so much,the world doesn't even know how lucky it is to have you guys. Sending so much love to you fuckn' weirdos

  2. I miss lil wayne i remember i use to listen to his song when i was in haiti 😪even i didn't understand anything that didn't stop me enjoy his song

  3. I know what they don't want to tell you just hope ur heaven sent and ur hell proof. Hop up in my space ship and leave earth I'm GONE.. were he going?

  4. I love how cryptic he is with his content. If you pay attention to some frames in the video there is a number that shows 621 and he says wisdom is bleak and that’s the word from the wise referring to Matthew 6:21 and he opens his palm and it’s written the world into his open palm with each finger open representing 5 pillars of his other faith which is more of a Muslim conception of the 5 pillars of faith.

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