Light and sight

♪ We’re healthier here ♪ – I’m Rebecca Stewart
connecting you to healthier. One couple knew that cataract
surgery was inevitable to save their sight and their livelihoods. Now they wonder why they waited so long. The colors of autumn were
extra special this year. – It was like waking up in
the morning when I was a kid, and seeing just the beauty of nature. And it was that experience all over again. – [Rebecca] They are colors
that had faded over the years because both Henry and Shirley DePhillips had developed cataracts. That is, the lenses of their eyes had become progressively opaque. And the result? Blurred
vision, muted colors. – The cataracts develop because we leave our eyes exposed to light. – [Rebecca] Henry DePhillips is a chemist who works primarily in the art world, helping conservators repair
precious works of art. Color is everything. – They would say, “Take a
look at this beige color,” and it looked to me like it was brown. – [Rebecca] He chose to
have a newer procedure – laser cataract surgery. – [Henry] Being a scientist, I’ve been working with
lasers for 25 years. – [Rebecca] Instead of a handheld scalpel, his surgeon used the laser to create an even more precise
incision than the human hand. The laser then softens,
breaks up the hard cataract into tiny pieces before it’s removed. – [Henry] And I could
see as clear as a bell. – [Rebecca] One month later, his wife was planning her surgery. – Well, my husband
mentioned light and color. For me, it was detail. – [Rebecca] Now they both find themselves looking forward to the
colors of all the seasons. – So there’s not a day
that I don’t realize that, without my cataracts,
I would not be seeing this. – [Rebecca] There are upcoming, free community education events in Wethersfield and South Windsor – “Restoring Sight with a Beam of Light.” Register at ♪ We’re healthier here ♪

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