Leslie Darknell | Cataract Surgery & Multifocal IOL – Testimonial NeoVision Eye Center

Hi, my name is Les Darknell
and this is my wife Helen. We’ve been coming to Dr. Tandon
for well over 20 years. I’ll refer Dr. Tandon on a minute’s notice. Especially having seen the effect that
she’s made on my life and my ability to see. One of the things I worried about was would I be able
to pass my next driver’s test because of the eye chart? And that’s not a problem at all now,
so I’m very comfortable. And she has kept us in good shape all these years. – Well and you read more now, because you can do it.
– Oh yeah, yeah! Yeah, my book reading, yeah…
I think I’ve probably read more books in the last year then I read over the last 10 years. So it’s just been a wonderful experience. On behalf of NeoVision Eye Center’s staff
we welcome you to our center, and let’s help you see beyond your imagination!

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