Laser Vision Correction Patient Financing Laser Eye Center Los Angeles

asking for this new technologically
advanced procedure can cost more than conventional laser eye surgery we’ve made an investment in this
exciting new technology in order to make the best care available to you we will
review your procedure with you discuss corresponding costs and help you
determine the best way to proceed the cost of the surgery was
definitely a factor and one of the reasons why it came to the laser eye
center is because I-I-I knew that their cost was was competitive with other companies the thing for me was knowing that cost was a factor I wasn’t going to separate cost from from experience and results when i saw
the resumes of the doctors that performed the surgery at the laser eye center i was
incredibly impressed you know the technology is there the technology is is
very very simple but the the difference is the surgeons and the
surgeons at the laser eye center were top-notch so that was definitely a
factor for me the money obstacle was pretty easy deal mostly because i had
planned for it so a lot of companies have to health care reimbursement um in their benefits package that you
can use and of the laws allow you to use it for that purpose and that’s what i
said i had them take out i believe up to two thousand
dollars over the year and even though i had it in May still you can you can
take it out then and out of those types of plans really really are helpful i
love doing laser vision correction the best feeling I get is next day after surgery when patients come in after their post op care i gets hugs i get smiles you changed my life and it’s so rewarding to me when i see the smile on their face
and the freedoms they have and they do share it with me i will do this again and again even if I don’t need to earn any money off this i’m very happy and grateful that i can provide this to
my patients

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