Kylie Jenner Skin Care line Review In Depth 30 Days Later

Hi! Christy here from Go See Christy
Beauty Boutique, and we’re located in Southern California, and we have received
quite a few requests to review Kylie Skin on our YouTube channel. So it
arrived today. And so, for those of you who don’t know — I almost didn’t know! — Kylie Jenner. So she is, for those of you who don’t know, she’s part of the
Kardashian family. And so I wanted to go ahead and open it up so you could see
what it looked like. So it says “Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner”,
and so I have to tell you a funny story. I didn’t know that this was actually
Kylie Jenner. Actually my assistant told me that this is her. So, beautiful young
girl! Okay. And then it says, “Hope you guys love your Kylie Skin products! This is
just the beginning. Hugs and kisses, Kylie”. Okay. Now, so I, by the
time I went online to get the whole skin care set, it was actually sold out. So I
only chose certain ones. So I have mature skin. So, what I’m going to do is I’m
actually going to STOP using my clinical skin care and try this out for 30 days so
I can give you actually a fair assessment instead of just kind of
looking at it, telling you what it smells like, or you know, whatever, I’m actually
going do a little bit more in-depth review on this. And this one is the
Foaming Face Wash — it almost looks like a toner, actually —
so I’ll put that there. I got the Vitamin C Serum because you all know that I’m
into advanced in care, so we’ll evaluate this, okay. And Face Moisturizer! So this is
not the sunscreen, it’s just the moisturizer. So I’m going to be trying
this out for 30 days and then letting you know what my skin looks like, and how
it feels, and the texture of this. So, if this, this is going to come out later
than most people’s reviews because I am going to do a full review on this. And I
feel like I can be a pretty fair judge because I’m only going to judge on the
quality of the products. I’m not a Kylie Jenner fan, but I’m also not a Kylie
Jenner hater! She is in a completely generation from me, I’m, I’m, I’m,
I’m at the age where I could be her mother EASILY. So, so that’s why I’m, you
know, I don’t really know too much — I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV — so
I don’t really, I’m not too familiar with a family, but because of the requests of
this I’m going to do the evaluation and I will get back with you in 30 days! So what happens to my skin 30 days later.
So in this video we are going to go over the product review, product ingredients,
and what happened to my skin about 30 days of using this. So first I do want to
start out by saying that this video is NOT being sponsored by the skincare
company, this was actually in response to a
couple of my younger clients who asked me on social media what I thought about
the Kylie Jenner products. So, it would have been very easy for me just to look
at the ingredients and then just evaluate it by that, but I thought I would
actually try the products. So, what I purchased was, I purchased the the
cleanser, the face wash, I also purchased the moisturizer, and the
Vitamin C Serum. I did NOT purchase the Vanilla Milk Toner and the Walnut Scrub,
based on the ingredients on that, I didn’t even want to spend money on that,
so I, I don’t think it would be fair for me to review those products because I
didn’t try it. So we’re going to be reviewing these specific products — here
we go! I’m not really sure if I’m going to continue because as I’ve been using
this, I’ve had some little, tiny bumps all over my face and even on my neck, so it’s
not really that cleansing. So what I do like about it is the packaging, how it
comes it’s really solid! If you can see and you lift up so it, it’s not going to
crush the product. And what’s unique about this cleanser, it is in an aerator
bottle. So what I mean by that is when you lift up the lid, aerator thing, so
it’s kind of a liquid soap. So you just need just a little bit, like that, and
then you work it up and it really foams up. I don’t know if you guys can see that,
but it really foams up really nicely, and it does have a a light, kind of a soap,
fresh, clean smell to it. It’s kind of slippery,
although because I work with so many cleansers, if I, if you do this — which most
people are not going to do with cleansers — it is stripping the Acid
Mantle. So the first one is, as I said, the Kylie Skin care cleanser. Now although it
foams very, very well, like I had mentioned, it doesn’t really break down.
So when you are wearing sunscreen, sunscreens are made to stay on the skin.
So a lot of them will say “rub-proof” or “rub resistant”, “water resistant”, “smear
resistant”, so when you you are using sunscreen, you DO need to do a double-cleanse, and you do need to use a cleanser that can effectively break that
down. I did not find that this effectively broke it down, so that’s the
one downside to this. Also, I will add that different skin care products
respond differently to different skin types. Because it’s based on several
factors, such as your age, how much oil you produce, if you’re breakout-prone, what
kind of sensitivities that you have, what-, what kind of climate you’re living in, if
it’s an arid climate or a very humid climate. So, given that, this skin care
line I would say is, I would more recommend this for younger skin types. So,
and that is understandable because she herself is young. So, most of the people
that I noticed of reviewing this, this product line were younger. So it, they it may be a
better match for their skin. I actually know that I am older than almost ALL of
them that reviewed this. I have older, aging skin, so my skin is going to be
different and my skin has different needs. It’s better for younger skin
and/or if you have normal-to-combo-oily skin types. So this actually says that, it
says, “Our luxurious Foaming Face Wash is infused with ultra-nourishing Kiwi
Seed Oil, packed with Vitamin C and E to help maintain moisture and improve
elasticity.” Okay. So the first thing is, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are anti-oxidants.
Vitamin C is highly oxidative. It breaks down very quickly
when exposed to air, light, and heat. So given that it is in a see-through bottle,
the Vitamin C has probably already broken down. Okay.
So, here is a myth: When it is an “anti-aging cleanser” and it claims to
have Vitamin C and Vitamin E, or even Hyaluronic Acid, or these active
ingredients that typically, they price it a little bit higher because of these
ingredients, SAVE your money for those products in serums or creams, because
when it is in a cleanser, it doesn’t stay on the skin long enough for even to
penetrate the skin. So that’s the first thing. The other thing is when I looked
at the ingredients, so technically they, they’re not adding Vitamin C as an
ingredient in and of itself. They are saying that the, the anti-ingredients of
Vitamin C and E are in the Kiwi Seed Oil. Okay? So, technically that, that’s what
they are saying. It doesn’t break down, again, as nicely so I felt like my skin
still needed to be cleansed. Which is probably why my skin started to form
these tiny, little bumps. I did try to — in really good light — take a picture so you
could see, I zoomed in, but because of the two-dimensional, you couldn’t really tell,
because they were in fact tiny, little bumps. So I do reco-, if you have normal,
combo-oily skin, may be better for you when you’re younger. If you have
sensitive skin, if you’re prone to sensitivities, this may not be the
cleanser for you. And if you actually have active breakouts,
it doesn’t have any antibacterial properties in he-, in here
for Acne. So — and she doesn’t claim that! So, that, you know, it’s, we’re not
criticizing that, it’s just, she’s trying to come up with a cleanser that’s
probably better for more normal-ish skin types. So here comes the PRO TIP! The PRO TIP is, is that when you’re looking for a cleanser, look more for its pH balancing
of the skin as well as the cleansing properties of the skin. And depending on
your specific skin condition, whether it’s Acne or anti-aging, you want to look for the benefits of that. So for example: If
it’s Acne cleanser, you’re going to look for — depending on what type of breakouts —
Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and/or Benzoyl Peroxide. Those are just some of
the ones that you want to look for. So that’s just an example. So this cleanser
does have some hydrating ingredients in here. It does have Glycerin, which is the
fifth ingredient from the top, and it has Sodium Hyaluronate, which is Hyaluronic
Acid, and that’s actually fifth from the bottom. Now there are four possible
ingredients that could trigger a Eczema flare-up, or people who have sensitive
skin and may have a rash. So again, every skin type is different, so it just
depends, but here are some of the following that you may want to look out
for. So the first one is Coco-, Cocoamido- propyl Betaine, which is a derivative of
Coconut Oil, it is a surfactant. For most skin types they can tolerate this, but
again, for some skin types it can cause Dermatitis. The other one is Fragrance, so
that’s for obvious reasons. The other one is Citric Acid, the other
one is Sodium Benzoate, and so that’s typically used as a preservative for
skincare products, and skin conditioners, and beauty products. Now, for most skin
types they can tolerate it, but for those of you who have sensitive skin, or
sensitized skin because you’re using Retin-A, or Retinol, or any type of acid-based products, this can cause Dermatitis after you’re
using it for several uses. Especially when it’s combined with L-ascorbic Acid —
which is the better form of Vitamin C — or Retinol or Retin-A that could, with continued
use, it could cause inflammation or Dermatitis. So you do have to be careful
with that for those of you who have sensitive or sense-, sensi-TIZED skin care.
Which leads me to my next product, which is the Vitamin C Serum. Before we move on
to our Vitamin C Serum, if you are finding this information helpful, please
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when new videos come up. Okay! So the next one is the Vitamin C Serum. So, because
the L-Ascorbic Acid, or Citric Acid, or most acids, can cause, not that everybody
would get it, but can cause sensitivity in the skin, I understand why that with
their Vitamin C they actually did not use L-Ascorbic Acid. They actually used
a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. So impressingly enough, the second
ingredient is the Vitamin C derivative, and that’s the Tetrahexyldecyl
Ascorbate. So it is a milder form of Vitamin C. It also has some other
beneficial ingredients, such as: Tocopheryl Acetate, which is Vitamin E — and that’s
also oil-soluble — and that is actually the seventh ingredient. The other
ingredient that’s really beneficial is that they’ve included is Ferulic
Acid, and for those of you who haven’t heard, Ferulic Acid is actually like a BFF
to Vitamin C and E. It actually BOOSTS the efficacy of both those anti-oxidants,
and Ferulic Acid in and of itself is also an anti-oxidant. It also has
Camellia Sinensis Extract, which is Green Tea Extract, it has powerful Polyphenols
that are known to be an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory. It is listed as the
last ingredient in the ingredients list. It also has Sodium Hyaluronate, so it does
have some humectant properties in addition to Glycerin. It also has
Panthenol, which is another humectant. Okay, so with the added humectants you
also want a balance of emollients and occlusives, and in this case it has a nice
emollient, Safflower Seed Oil. And what that has is it actually has some
Triglycerides which contains some Polyunsaturated Fats to help supplement
the Fatty Acids in the Stratum Corneum, so nice job on that! So the PRO TIP on
this Vitamin C Serum is this would be actually ideal for someone who has oily
skin or breakout-prone skin as a MOISTURIZER because it’s very
light-weight, it has a good balance of so-, you know, emollients and humectants in
there. Or for those of you who are older and want an anti-aging serum and you
don’t want to spend a lot, although it doesn’t have the clinically proven L-
Ascorbic Acid, you still could use this as a Vitamin C derivative with the price
being at $28 for 0.7 ounces. So it’s fragrance free and it absorbs very well.
So that’s a PRO TIP for you if those of you that are considering this anti-aging
serum. I typically what I have seen from me, my skin, as well as my clients’ skin is
you start to see visible differences in the skin typically at the four-to-six
week mark when you are consistently using the products in the same order, and
you’re not veering off and using all these other products. So that’s why I
wanted to do a fair 30-day, approximately, assessment. So when you see clinical
studies or clinical trials on skincare products or topical anti-oxidants, you
will usually see these results at the four-week mark, eight-week mark, and the
12-week mark. So when I was using this consistently, I have hyperpigmentation
along the jawline and around my eyes, and I did see some darkening come back using
this Vitamin C, because again, I am using clinical skin care, so it’s not a fair
apples-to-apples comparison, but I did see some of my darker spots that are
usually kept at bay with my other products come back when I just simply
started to use this and discontinue the use of my clinical skin care. So, in
addition to, like I had mentioned before, in addition to the hyperpigmentation
slowly starting to come back, I did see around the three-, actually two-and-a-half,
almost three-week mark, is when I started to get all these little bumps. So I did
have to use my exfoliant to kind of clear all those little bumps, and then,
again, a couple weeks later, the bumps started forming again. So, and, and that’s
because none of the products have any exfoliating agents, so you DO have to use
in addition, if you decide you want to use this
skin care line, that you need to use something that’s exfoliating because
none of the products have any exfoliating agents in there — and that
might be better for some of you who have extremely sensitive skin! So the final
one is the Face Moisturizer, and this is 1.75 ounces for $24,. And so, the,
some of the ingredients, humectant ingredients that draws moisture to the
skin, Glycerin is the sixth ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate is sixth ingredient
from the bottom, and then also Aloe Vera Juice which is the fifth ingredient, so
all three are great for bringing humectants, or basically bringing
moisture to the skin. The fourth ingredient is Jojoba Esters, it’s a waxy
form of Jojoba Oil — so it’s a hydrogenated form of Jojoba Oil — and it’s
actually a very good occlusive, and it works, actually, both as an occlusive
AND an emollient, and it’s actually really, it works really well when paired
with Glycerin. So in this case it has both. The other one is Shea Butter, which
is the fifth ingredient, and it’s, it works both as an occlusive and an
emollient. It is also very beneficial for dry skin because Shea Butter has a high
level of Oleic Fatty Acids. Now, for those of you who have extremely breakout-prone
or bumpy-prone skin, this may not work for you. Some of you, it may be fine for
you! So I don’t know if this is the actual ingredient that actually made my
skin bumpy — I don’t think it is because there’s other products that I’ve used
the Shea Butter in and it was fine. So I’m not really sure what it is that was
causing the bumpy skin and overproduction of oil in my skin. However,
so it has, it, it’s it’s an excellent emollient and a occlusive. But for those
of you who are breakout-prone, just be aware of this. It also has Oat Bran
Extract, which there is Beta Glucan in there. Beta Glucan is a natural
anti-inflammatory. There also is Sweet Orange Peel Extract or oil, and this can
be sensitizing to some people, over use can get Dermatitis. Very small proportion
of people who do. I actually noticed this in a LOT of different skincare products.
So, again, for those of you who tend to be a little bit more sensitivity-prone, you
may not want to use this. But for most people it’s actually fine because they
use it in a lot of different skincare products, that it’s also used it as an
emulsifying agent, so it also is a stabilizer, and it can be used as an
antibacterial. So the unique thing about this moisturizer, which I thought was
kind of cool initially when I got it was, you know, here’s the tube, right, and then
when you open it up, it actually has a little pump on here! So you, you know, when
you’re, when you have it in your medicine cabinet, it’s like this, right? And then
when you take off the top, it has a little pump. So I thought it was the
greatest thing! The only thing is, sometimes it won’t, like, I-, I
pumped it up for like, , ,so it comes right out, but then after a certain
amount of time, it-, it won’t pump out, so you have to keep squeezing it so that it
goes up the little tube to get out here. So, initially I thought it was a great
idea, but because it’s kind of on the thicker side, it may not work well. It may
work better if it was more fluid. However, it feels really, really well, it absorbs
really well, it has a really good balance for moisturizer, it’s probably better for
normal skin, combo-oily skin. For those of you who have drier skin type, may not be
as hydrating unless you add it with a toner. So with all that being said, it is
nearly IMPOSSIBLE to come up with a skin care line that works with every single
type of skin condition and/or skin type. Every skin type responds differently, the
pH is slightly different, so you, so I understand why Kylie Jenner came up with
something that tried to be as generic as possible initially. It
leads me to believe, because she said stay tuned for more, kind of, you know, she
kind of said basically in her card in the delivery, she made it seem like this
is just the beginning. So she, maybe she’s developing a specific
skin care line that’s for anti-aging, another one for Acne, you know, so on and
so forth. So, you know, we have to wait and see what those are like. So it is NOT EASY to formulate a skin care line. Skin care is completely different than make-up.
So I actually highly commend Kylie Jenner, she is a young woman and she is
an entrepreneur, and I applaud her for that. So, you know, she’s still testing
things out. It is NOTHING like make-up, make-up hides the skin, it’s a completely
different criteria when you are formulating make-up like eyeshadows and
blushes, because, you know, it’s all about pigment, and color, and spreadability, but
when you’re talking about skin care, skin care is a SCIENCE, and so that
becomes a little bit more complicated. So I actually think she did a very well job
for having no background in skin care chemistry at all, and relying on some
other people, and getting collaborations with other people to help her formulate
the skin care, because remember, make-up is an ART, skin care is a SCIENCE. And if you
still are confused on the products to use on your skin care, I will be including
a link below so you can actually take a squin-, skin QUIZ to see what prod-,
narrow down what type of products that you want to focus on. So thanks for


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