KYLIE COSMETICS 2019 Valentine’s Day Collection REVIEW | Face Match


  1. You should get Christine, simplynailogical, to do your makeup for one of these episodes. It’d be so fun!!

  2. Im THAT kid that asks everyone what their sign is, then tells them how everything suddenly makes sense and how much it fits. And then i force ppl to make a test about their moon sign and ascendant and tell them how everything just cleared up even more lol

  3. I'm in love with what Abby did!!! I also like the heart Nikkie added to the side of her eye! It reminds me of freckles.

  4. I just can't, Valentine's day is long over and I still can't. My wig is snatched all the way to the heavens.

  5. It was such a smart idea to put a powder puff as a barrier between the skin so she didn't remove any makeup off of Nikkie, literally Abby is so smart and talented.

  6. Shane/ hey what’s up you guys, yes

    James/ hi sisters

    Jeffree/ welcome back to my channel, hi how are ya

    Nikkie/ hellllo guys, it’s me nikkie, hi

    Joey/ ah good day everyone

  7. Yall r both really great artist in the make up community y'all both did a wonderful job on this look I live it TBH with my I love both of the together like the whole face look side by side looks perfect on u Nikki now that's a look lol

  8. I saw in a video of James Charles en Zhavia that she watched your channel! So cool! You should do her make-up

  9. I watched this video so long ago. Then I found Abby in tik tok. Then in nikkie’s video transforming into a mii I put two and two together and I realised I knew of Abby months before. 😂

  10. Not on this video particularly because I haven't read the comments, but in the past I have seen so many comments saying "lipless nikki" or comments along those lines… but you have such beautiful lips… I can't understand how anyone could think you have no lips! They're big and juicy and most definitely the perfect size! Lol

  11. Nikki is a inspirational person who is kind caring,and selfless she actually made me get into my makeup. You also help smaller artists bigger keep it up Nikki 😚

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