KYLIE COSMETICS 2019 Valentine’s Day Collection REVIEW | Face Match

hello guys it’s me Nikki hi I am literally so excited for this video today you have no clue so today is episode number two of a little series on my channel that I call face match in face match is all about one face my face two artists and a challenge in face match I want to experiment the artistic choices an artist makes when coming up with their looks no I kind of want to see what’s going on in someone’s head before they have an idea before like they come up what they look like what is their game what are they coming up with and if face match I want to compare my mind with my guest and it shows you a different world as to what I would always do because you’re on my channel and you always see what I do it gives you options to a certain look or vibe so in today’s video I’ll be trying out this year’s Kylie cosmetics valentines collection this collection contains a one full eyeshadow palette three different lip kits a blush and a glitter eyes ooh the only thing I saw of course was the package and pictures online I haven’t dipped in I haven’t done anything with it and today is my first time trying all of this out and it’s not just my first time actually diving into this collection it is also the first time for Abbie Abbie Roberts and Abbie is today’s a special guest if you don’t know who Abby is she is legitimately I think the most skilled artist out there there’s makeup artists and there’s artists and Abby is like at the top at that very lonely top like whatever she creates it’s a banger whatever she comes up with is so perfectly executed so incredibly done and to tell you that I am so honored that she is here with me today is an understatement because this lady right here is going far and high watch my words she is the next supreme Abbie has that ability to take a look to take a concept and make it completely and truly her own Herbert box look was iconic her Bratz look iconic pretty much every look she does i Connick so of course we need a challenge so the challenge for today is to create a Valentine’s Day look artistically and creatively using the full Kylie collection we don’t have to use every single shade but we do have to use mainly this collection so that you guys at home see exactly what this collection is like and so without any further ado I am so so excited to show you what Abby has in store for you I am a 17 year old magpie from Leeds in England I saw a guy named Mecca when I was 11 years old I posted my first makeup tutorial on YouTube and I’ve been doing it as a career for the past two years Mela based on Instagram and it’s just been blowing up like crazy I’m known for my crazy creative looks and always drawing we have things on my face and using tons and tons of color today is the new Kylie Valentine’s palette which are gonna be using today from exelon I’m gonna be doing one of my really creative looks today we’re gonna have some pink in the crease and coming into the outer corner and then on the outer corner I’m gonna fit in to this peachy ready color on the cheeks I’m gonna be having some pink contour with this shirt coming down here and then over the top of that I’m gonna be having some white clouds and possibly a little Cupid to fit with the Valentines hello you are creating art right don’t even like with your try you’re gonna nail this so you’re going in with food this is really cool this is the ordinary foundation I am in the same color savvy we are twinsies over at one point one oh okay I see when you said serum I was like you said this is affordable yes only I think about six pounds of it herself is wearing like the most beautiful look right now and right as she came into my house it was like the blend in real life it’s like you see her on Instagram and you’re like but then when you see it in real life I’m like how today’s theme is gonna be how did she do that because I saw that your mom is basically share so how come you don’t believe in primer whenever I try it I feel like it doesn’t make a difference I mean really not even like the we’re we’re no sentence for anything it’s this foundation whenever I thought oh my god what you’re wearing oh my oh my god I love birthdays you said you loved it here right oh my god me and my boyfriend watch it like every day religiously and whenever it’s an episode where there’s like actual success and they like become a couple really love is real did you steal four states hotel did you see that episode where it Fred the the lake the guy the fringe guy where he is like taking his suit off and he goes swimming and he has like the most phenomenal body ever and we were watching it and basically we see Freddie like this you know just Fred and he like takes his shirt off and he has like totally ripped and we’re like what you kind of need to watch it she’s using the cult favorite I should prefer it to the top so if a lot of people are kind of stepping away from shave tape yeah I find that it comes off a little bit when I say it with powder my eyes me makeup never who inspires you I really love Mitchell mmm-hmm his blending is just unreal why doesn’t it say a lot of drug is as well like edge of aquaria is one of my favorites actually saw it I’m sure just this new friend actually and got into drugs who watching your videos as well I remember when you did your pearls transformation yeah uh-huh yeah and I was like what is this RuPaul’s Drag Race and I went and watched it and has been obsessing really yeah oh I love this but only the softest touch of life there she is P Louise baby white 100 okay Zoe back cream shadow brush this is the two to three oh you always apply this with a brush just put it down with the brush bus and then I go of it with if you get one there just too well even the base is like perfect to do everything really well blended in your legs like when I do my base I’m like I’ll just get it on there I should say oh yes alright so you’re going in with the Kylie Valentines I don’t know she said baby number two on Instagram and everyone was like hmm so we’re going in with a clip first day it’s gone first day oh my god and this is on a crown C 5 to 8 are you liking the color I’m loving it as the has it how’s it doing I’m excited to see what you think of the shimmers cuz I feel like they’re different I’m just feathering out the edges with no product on the bridge are you completely self-taught yeah I’m going with Conde heart which is the bright pink from the palette just how that edge are you kidding me you did that in like two seconds and when I do it I’m like oh my god I’m struggling mom mom why did you give me the gift of blending on my outer corner so I do want to mention to the peeps there’s there’s a lot of kick back in the pan now going in just barely touching my skin getting back into that read on a multi basic scene fresh oh we’re looking up and then I’m going in with Conde ha so we’re going in with romance which is this baby pink shimmer Oh Brett’s this song has been in my head ever since I filmed my breaths transformation it’s going on there but it’s not really right it kind of misses like that now I’m gonna go in with be mine on the outer portion of that is looking stunning like beautiful like this it enough itself is the look a look a look that I can now what is your vision I’m thinking I want like pink clouds coming across the face with an angel coming out of room I’m taking this is a look for the pros we’ll be right back and it’s Valentine’s dance why shouldn’t there holographic see I feel like in Holland we don’t have cute like that we really don’t we have craft shops see that’s people from America people from the UK they’re like oh we’re just go to like a craft shop and get like beautiful brushes there and like beautiful supplies and I’m like can’t relate what is your birthday in July the 27th which makes you uh alia olio that’s why I love you my mom’s a Leo I wish I had the gift of asking someone sign and I could be like oh you go like oh that explains everything they’re like why what does it explain crying for that with the Mavi such a mess oh did you move on to the Angela your wife yes I feel like drawing on with the white you can rub it out really easily I missed it and so it’s just great for all on some things our gal looks like Superman Dulce so our little friend now has a skin tone now we’re going in with Admira which is the dark brown from the palette and we’re gonna do some shading to the little angels what’s his name Fred Fred from first dates as an angel like on my face now we’re gonna go in with some details with the brown from the Maron card I spent poet if you have the big one no it’s dirty but it’s right sweetie trust me I’m not digging into this until Halloween which is basically a year from now so please I hope you don’t mind that it’s been used to take it do you have any favorite brands yeah like the shadows or yeah the shadows the pellets of my family yeah the pigmentation system swim I really small fee as well especially this tennis ball I really like you snap is our scene a be completed Fred and we put some lashes on oh I’m thinking a combination of these two kits mm-hmm we’re gonna do if you pink on the outsides of the lips and the red blended in the center I love it already taking some of the right on the back of my hand dip in in there with intense fluffy brush and we’re just gonna tap on the blend out on our supreme oh right and now it’s time for my side of the face and to be really honest I am NOT excited about doing this because when I look over to my left this is pure art and literally anything I’m gonna do to my face right now is gonna be so underwhelming I’m so sorry in advance I am just going to dip into foundation I’m not going in with primer I kind of want to pay homage to Abby because she doesn’t prime either and since she used this right here I’m also going in with the ordinary coverage foundation in high coverage formula I pick it up on my sponge and I just start tapping it into the skin now I have never heard of the ordinary I don’t really know what they’re all about this coverage is and saying for concealer of course I’m using my trusty is you a chiffon and to set that I’m going to be using the fenty Beauty Pro filter of setting powder in the color of butter even though Abby didn’t set my face which it still looks stunning but I need that powder baby all right so I quickly went off camera to finish off the base and do my brow for primer today of course I’m using the pee-wee’s base and just like a B I’m using the white okay now let’s pray that this from the pallet I’m first going in with the red and the red is called first date I’m literally just stamping that color onto the lid and with a tiny little brush I’m just gonna bust out and sort of tickle that edge to create a softer transition for the pink dipping into that hot neon pink and I’m buffing out the edge one thing I am noticing that as I am blending out my pink I feel like the red is really disappearing like do you see that how where I at the pink it becomes super intense and bright but see what happens on the lid it kind of like fades away popping back on to the lid see how it kind of stays that this looks a bit like transparent time for the grand reveal Oh God Oh sort of you know as I’m doing this and like didn’t Rocio do this look before she probably has all right like that I think now it’s time for the bottom for the bottom I’m kind of just repeating what I did on the top so the red the pink blend it out I will say that I’m slightly nervous for this look because I have hooded eyes so when I look straight forward my heart cuts in half so I’m scared that by the end of this video half of my heart is pink but we’ll see such an unusual formula that it starts off so pigmented but then if you mess with it too much like go in with it too often or just reapply too often it like completely loses all grip and it just doesn’t want to adhere to that to the skin anymore and then it just becomes this sort of like transparent see what’s happening on the lid it kind of becomes transparent and then you guessed it blending the pink right in and smoking that out on the inner corner I want to use this soft baby pink called of romance oh oh oh I love that okay romance as an inner corner highlight sort of diffused and blown into those pinks and reds all right now I’m quickly gonna apply some lashes off-camera and then I’m gonna spruce this up a bit more with more hearts time to you add in some warmth to the face I am using my shoe a losing a duo I am taking the blush of the collection which is called crush and a little bit of February this color right here I’m mixing the two and I’m really concentrating that on the high points of the face to add that explosion of love I’m also taking that color and kind of applying it towards the temples for my highlight I want to use this shade right here called heartthrob all right now I’m gonna scatter some reflective chrome red little hearts around here for the lips I’m just gonna repeat what Abby already did because that was my original plan – so first going in with this lip pencil in the color you are a gem alright then going in with this matte liquid lipstick in the colour wish you were here applying call me on the center and of course finishing these are so incredibly glittery holy crap and there we have it my side completed next you a B side alright and that’s it guys that is my full face done using the Kylie cosmetics 2019 Valentine’s Day collection and this is what I would do with the collection this is what I had in mind and this side of course is unmatched is a B side normally I would ask you to leave a comment down below which side do you prefer I can still ask you that but I am more than prepared to see the name Abbey over over over and over and it’s so well deserved because honey fred is alive so I want to thank you so so so much for watching today is a brand new face match video if your doing anything in this video please go find Abby on Instagram I’ll put our link down below please go follow her she is an artist and she deserves all the love she can get if you enjoyed watching this video please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more and of course give this video a thumbs up so that I know that I should do more I think this has been a super super long day a super long video with that so I think it’s time to call it a day thank you so much for watching I love you and hopefully I will see guys on the next one


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  3. I'm in love with what Abby did!!! I also like the heart Nikkie added to the side of her eye! It reminds me of freckles.

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  5. It was such a smart idea to put a powder puff as a barrier between the skin so she didn't remove any makeup off of Nikkie, literally Abby is so smart and talented.

  6. Shane/ hey what’s up you guys, yes

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    Nikkie/ hellllo guys, it’s me nikkie, hi

    Joey/ ah good day everyone

  7. Yall r both really great artist in the make up community y'all both did a wonderful job on this look I live it TBH with my I love both of the together like the whole face look side by side looks perfect on u Nikki now that's a look lol

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  10. Not on this video particularly because I haven't read the comments, but in the past I have seen so many comments saying "lipless nikki" or comments along those lines… but you have such beautiful lips… I can't understand how anyone could think you have no lips! They're big and juicy and most definitely the perfect size! Lol

  11. Nikki is a inspirational person who is kind caring,and selfless she actually made me get into my makeup. You also help smaller artists bigger keep it up Nikki 😚

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