Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow Bonded Over Autoimmune Issues

-I thought this was
a cool thing. You’re on the cover
of “Vogue Arabia”? -Yeah.
-And look at this. This is you right there
on the cover of “Vogue,” looking gorgeous. And — [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s my first “Vogue.” -And who is — Who is this? -Okay, so, that is
the beautiful Shahad. I really wanted to do
something powerful for my first cover
with “Vogue Arabia.” I’m really close with, you know, the people
behind the scenes there. And we were having discussions
for like a year about what would be really
powerful and a good message. And we found her on Instagram. And she was a fan of mine and posted side-by-side
pictures of us, like, “Oh, my gosh.
I look like Winnie.” -Yeah. -So we found her
somewhere in Saudi Arabia and flew her
to shoot this cover. And, yeah, so —
-I mean, it’s gorgeous. -This is what came of it. -But then we were
looking at this, and I go — It was stunning. And I go, “I also saw
a ‘Vogue Arabia’ cover of Kim.” -Whew.
-I haven’t even seen that yet, in person.
-Look at this. That’s gorgeous.
-Thank you. -You’re both on the cover
of “Vogue Arabia” like — Is that how you guys ended up
working together? How did you end up
collaborating? -No, I feel like we’ve seen
each other for a while. -Multiple times, yeah.
-And there was something that I really needed advice on
from Winnie about, like, autoimmune issues
that I was having. And I talk about that a lot
on my show this season. -Yeah.
-So, I didn’t even know Winnie. And I think I asked Kendall
or someone for her number. And I text you, and I was like,
“Hey, it’s Kim K. Like, this is super weird
that I’m reaching out to you. But I wonder if you would
be open talking to me about some of your
autoimmune issues, ’cause I’m suffering from them. And I have people
close to me that are.” And I really wanted
her opinion and advice. And she was like,
“Absolutely. Call me.” And we spoke.
And she gave me the best advice. And I feel like we just
bonded from there and started our relationship
from that. -Yeah, we spoke
for like an hour. -Really?
-Yeah. -Yeah, it was incredible.
-See, I just text people. -No, apparently
you leave voicemails. -Yeah, I was going to say,
voicemails. -Yeah, exactly. So then you came up with this. -I am going to melt! -I mean, how cool is this? -So, you guys, Winnie and I
have been doing this collab. I am big FaceTimer, because I need, like, you know,
to text, like — I need her to see, like,
textures and colors. And if I’m working on it,
like, I’m in a zone. I’ll be, like, FaceTiming her,
and she’ll be, like, in a restaurant
hiding in the bathroom, like, trying to look at all
the colors that I’m showing her. -Or, like, in bed
with my bonnet on. No wig. [ Laughter ]
-Really? -I’m, like, notorious
for calling people, like, middle of the night,
FaceTime, like, “Wait, wait, but I have
thought of this color.” -Yeah. How fun is that that you
get to do this type of stuff? I mean, for fashion week
for you — How’s fashion week been for you? Are you in shows? Are you — -Really hectic.
Yeah, I’ve done a few shows. This launch has been insane. I’m so happy that you decided to, like, have it
during fashion week, ’cause I get to see
all my friends during this time. -And we have pretty much
the same eye look and are wearing the same
lip color called Aura. And we didn’t even plan it. -See?
-And we showed up today, like — -Are we —
-You — -You’re like —
-Are we twins? -You’re like, “Hi, party,” yeah. But, I mean, how are you doing
both fashion week and also launching something? Is that — Is that a lot?
-Do you know what? I just think, like,
Kim does so much. I don’t have any kids.
You know what I mean? Like, Kim does so much,
and she’s a mother. She’s a hard worker.
She’s a businesswoman. -She’s a great mother.
-So if Kim can do it, so can I. [ Laughter ] -Have you got a — [ Cheers and applause ] That’s pretty cool. -Yeah, you guys
are going to love it. -So, did you get any advice
from Kim when you started this? -So much advice. I have no experience
in the beauty industry. And she’s been doing this
for quite some time. But I’m also obsessed
with makeup. I always have been. So being able to just go over to
Kim’s house and have her tell me about different textures
and, you know, packaging and all the
behind the scenes stuff that is more than
just the colors was really amazing for me,
because I — -Who better to work with than —
-But you came in, and you really knew
what you wanted. -Like, for me,
if do I a collab with someone, I really want it
to be, like, full Winnie. I want it to be the colors
that she likes, exactly everything
that she would wear. And she brought amazing things
that I wouldn’t have thought of. And so just seeing
what she really wanted, I just wanted that
to come to life for her and have this be
her everyday palette that she can use day, night,
like, all the time. And so it’s been fun for me to even wear everything today,
and I love it. -Yeah, because it’s
so different for you. -Yeah. I don’t wear
a whole lot of color. So it’s really fun for me to
have collaborated with Winnie. And, yeah, it launches
this Friday, Friday the 13th. So I’m so excited. -Wow.
-You guys are going to love it. -Friday the 13th.
That’s the date right there. Friday the 13th. Kim Kardashian West.
Winnie Harlow, everybody. KKW by Winnie is available
on this Friday!

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