Kids Don’t Realize When They Have Vision Problems

She was so smart. And her numbers, her colors,
her letters, um, she was getting all of that. But she just didn’t want to sit down and do
the work. So, there’s the name. I would write it down
and I scribbled over everything. I didn’t know what to do. Hi, my name is Allison Jane Fournier.You know, what is the issue? Is it that we’re
just squirrelly, and we’re just not quite ready for what, you know, the teacher is asking?
Or is it that, you know, there’s something else? The instructions were just kind of, like,
a big blur. Sometimes, vision issues can, you know, show
themselves in just not wanting to be a part of what we’re doing. I bet that they thought that I just didn’t
really want to do my work. But Mrs. Castle, she saw beyond that and she knew that
I needed glasses. Well, I just said, “What do you think about
maybe having her eyes checked?” Maddy? Well, her teachers had commented that
she would sometimes just get up out of her desk and go look really closely at
the whiteboard at school. Hi, my name is Maddy. I’m 11 years old. I kind of thought everybody thought the board
was blurry. So I’m not sure if I saw much of anything. Maddy has always been very into books and
reading and language. And Allison never really enjoyed sitting still. She was more into,
let’s be outside, play. We just thought, that’s who they are. The thought didn’t occur to
me that it might be vision-related until they were in school. How long have you guys been sisters?Um, 9 years. As long as Ally’s been alive. Oh, it broke my heart. We come out of the
doctor’s office and she’s wearing her glasses and she goes, “Mommy, can you see those mountains
right there?” You can see Mt. Shasta. It’s pretty much right
outside the window. We’ve lived here for 5 years, and you couldn’t
see the mountain that was right outside. As it turns out, yeah, she can’t see, but she
didn’t know. I think that once the glasses were there and
she was able to see, put it all together in the package, then she had that sense of accomplishment. I have to read; she has to see far away. Well, Ally needs them for things close up, reading
and drawing. And I need them for things far away, which is why I wear mine a lot more
often. Madeline become a lot more adventurous, um,
once she could see that the world is not a scary, blurry, unknown place. Aaaaah! Hello, camera! I’m here! And Ally, once we got her glasses, yeah, it
changed how she did school. And that was amazing. ‘Cause I was confident that I would get
good grades. She went from first straight into third.Oh, I think the sky’s the limit for them.

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