Joseph Prince – Vision Sunday—Possessing Our Possessions

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from I was reading Numbers and it was amazing that at the end of forty
years, Moses came back to Barnea. Kadesh Barnea. And he said something to the king of Sodom.
Very interesting. 20 verse 16. “When we cried out to the Lord”, he was talking to the king
of Sodom. “He heard our voice and sent the Angel. Cried out where? Cried out in Egypt.
That is. He was telling the king the story. God heard our voice and sent The Angel. Who
is that? Jesus. Now He is not an angel angel. Angel means messenger. The Angel is always
Jesus. And brought us up out of Egypt; now here we are in Kadesh, a city on the edge
of your border. They came one full circle. Many of those above twenty have died. Now
when I saw this, it was as if he never even mentioned, “we failed, we wandered” you know,
he said that, “God sent The Angel, He brought us right here. And I look at the reference,
by the way chapters and verses are not inspired. But I thought it’s interesting to look at
this whole event and it’s 20 16. I just thought that. Now don’t get superstitious. I didn’t
plan for that. I didn’t plan for that. But right at the end, of the journey, they came
back to Barnea after thirty eight years, and this is what Moses said. It was The Angel.
This Angel that followed them from Egypt, the Lord Jesus later on came as a Baby Boy
on Christmas, to die for our sins. You see, God told them this. By no means. Go back to
Numbers, look at what God said. “You shall by no means except for Caleb and Joshua, you shall
by no means enter the land. When God says by no means, that’s it. You shall by no means.
Wow. This is chapter 14. Look at chapter 15 how it opens. The Lord spoke to Moses, saying,
“Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: “When you have come into the land.”
Wait a minute. Chapter 13 says you shall by no means enter the land. Chapter 15 says when
you come into the land. Pastor what’s going on? When means it’s a matter of time. God
will never leave His original purpose. Listen. Chapter 14 has got to do with man. When it
comes to man and his resources, man and his disobedience, his unbelief and his limitations
and all that, God says you shall by no means. You shall by no means. Everything given to
the hands of man fails. Are you listening? The first Adam in paradise failed. The first
man after a new world, after the flood, Noah, failed. He got drunk. And then, everyone that
was a judge failed. Most of them. The final judge was Samson, he failed big time. Kings
failed. The King of kings came in the midst of them. Israel failed big time. They missed
it. Everything put in the hands of man is broken in pieces. Then God says, “I’m going
to send a Man.” The Angel that followed them will become a Man. He is the last Adam. And
everything that man has failed, He made right. He made good. And not only that, He brought
with Him from Heaven things that the first Adam never had even before he fell. Amen?
And now when it comes to chapter 15, it’s about God. It’s about His goodness, His love,
His faithfulness. Not on man. If it’s on God, you will come into the land! If it’s man,
you will by no means enter the land. You will by no means occupy the throne. You will by
no means possess the land. You will by no means inherit the kingdom. You will by no
means enjoy the promises, if it depends on you. But if it depends on God, and His goodness,
God says, “When you come into the land.” What a God! I said what a God! What a God. Obadiah.
The prophet Obadiah has only one chapter. He says on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance,
and there shall be holiness; the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions! Amen
it’s time for 2016 for God’s people to enter the land and possess their possessions! It
is yours, it was bought for you by the precious blood of God’s only Son. He gave His life
for you, it has your name on it. There is a healing package with your name on it! Amen!
There is a family well-being package with your name on it. A protection box with your
name on it! All paid for by the blood of Jesus for 2016. But God is telling you to possess
your possessions but where will it happen? On Mount Zion there shall be deliverance.
And there shall be holiness. Let me tell you this. Without Mount Zion, if you are still
stuck in Mount Sinai, where the law was given, there cannot be deliverance, there will be
no holiness. All the messages, the testimonies I have shared down through the last year of
people who were addicted to pornography, addicted to drugs and all that. Getting delivered,
there was deliverance because they went to Mount Zion. The place of grace. Mount Zion
is the place where the Spirit came. Amen. Not the place of demand, but the place of
supply. Mount Sinai is the place of demand. Are you listening? I’ll tell you something
very touching. It touched my heart so much that I keep on looking at the whole story.
You know something? Israel refused to go into the land with Jehovah God. They refused to
go into the land with God. So right at the brink, they could have entered the land flowing
with milk and honey. They refused to enter with God. This is grace. If Israel refuse
to enter with God, God will turn back in patient grace and accompany them throughout the thirty
eight years of wandering in the wilderness as their travelling companion. That is grace.
Even Joshua and Caleb, they went around with them. Until they were all dead and gone, Joshua
and Caleb led the new generation into the land. And then when they entered the land
God entered with them. But until then He dwelt in the tent wherever Israel went as a traveller
He went as a traveller. Israel dwelt in tents, He dwelt in tents. When Israel entered the
land finally, He entered the land and Israel dwelt in stones, alright, He dwelt in stones.
Finally God says, “I want to get nearer.” And He became a Man, and lived amongst us.
What grace, that even God… God says, “If you refuse to enter the land with me in unbelief, I will
turn around in patient love, condescending grace and I will be with you in all your difficulties,
I will be with you.” So church this year, sit back. This is what I saw in the Spirit,
and this is what’s going to happen and God wants you to enjoy this. Remember that everything
comes through the cross. Praise God. Okay. Every place the sole of your foot will tread shall
be yours. Every place you touch with your foot. It’s yours. This is the year. No longer
your possession is there. What God promised you is there. You are over here. The peace
you long for is there and you are over here. Amen, the provision you want is over there,
you are over here. But you will possess your possessions. Own it, possess it. Don’t let
it go. Say, “This is mine.” So all the sermons we’re going to preach will direct you towards
possessing it. Amen? Are you listening people. Faith is not a formula. Faith is seeing the
Lord Jesus. Amen? And it’s not seeing from a distance but possessing. You see, Israel
saw the land, they see the land, but they didn’t seize the land. Joshua and Caleb seized
the land. Every place the sole of your foot shall tread and when I gave this to my artist,
and I told him what I saw, and the sequence and the ending, it’s a land flowing… I told
him that I wanted to start off with the two spies carrying… I believe they were Joshua
and Caleb, it’s my personal opinion. Amen? Because they always stick close to the blessing.
They want to own it, and it’s so beautiful because it starts with their feet. Because
the bible says every place… Even though God has given it to you God says, “Walk” And
in the years… I mean in the months to come excuse me, this coming year, we’re going to
share with you how to walk. How to walk with God. You know? It will be based on the new
testament way, not old testament style because many people are trying to walk with God old
testament style. New testament way, and as you walk you will find yourself possessing
your possession. This excerpt is brought to you by To get the full message
visit Jabez called on the God of Israel saying,
“Oh that Thou wouldest bless me indeed! And enlarge my coast and that Thine Hand might
be with me and that Thou wouldest keep me from evil that it may not grieve me. Alot
of ‘me’ did you hear that? And God granted him what he requested. You know what God says
of this prayer? They say when we pray for health and all these kinds of things, they
say that we are being selfish. God calls Jabez verse 9, Jabez was more honorable. He was
more honorable. The word honorable is the word ‘Glory’ – ‘Kavod’ in Hebrew. He had the weightiness
about him. He had the glory. Hey God says when you pray prayers like this, you are more
honorable than people who don’t. Believe right about God, can you trust a God
who gave up the best heaven has, the Son that He loves, how it must have pained God’s heart
to give up that Son and delivered Him to what? To What? To glory? To fame? No. Delivered
Him up to shame, and spitting. And finally, death. For us all. Can we trust this God?
Has He not with Him also freely given – past tense – doesn’t say given right? Even though
its true, God has given us everything when He gave us Jesus, but this is not what the
verse is saying. This verse is saying, “How shall” Say, “Shall” You know what is “Shall”?
Present tense and future tense. That means from now on, God gave us His Son, I’m telling
you from now on, how will He not present and in the future, the forever and ever, God will
always show and manifest Himself as the One Great Giver!


  1. Мне очень интересно и нравится проповеди, только еще новые проповеди на русском было бы.
    СПАСИБО Господу за таких людей.

  2. Dear pastor prince, I pray that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and your household.
    your messages have changed my life and brought me closer to God without fear and doubt.
    I am delivered from depression, addictions and hopelessness.
    nowhere have I ever heard a preacher uplift our Lord like you do, giving Him glory, honour and praise forever!!!!
    I live in Zambia and I am a 20 year old girl who has been watching you for 4 years now..
    indeed 2016 is the year we will possess our possessions..
    I have learnt soo much about God and His love and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God Himself is using you tremendously… because I feel free, blessed, loved and in love with the Saviour.
    God bless you.
    Bupe Chikumbi.

  3. Jesus, Daddy, Holy Spirit bless me with the highest wisdom, Your greatest of the greatest wisdom, endowed me with Your blessing, best of the best blessing so I can bless the world through philanthropy, largest world company, top Forbes billionaire to bless the world, build your church, preserve Holy Land Israel, museum Jerusalem, and give orphanage their needs, scholarships, food. health, Grace partnership, UN partner, legacy with God. always with me forever, never leave me, inside me, possess our possession for foundation philanthropy, for the best of the best land, buildings, headquarters corporation. Amen

  4. In the name of Jesus I praise and thank the LORD GOD for allowing me to receive the messages from Pastor Prince PRAISE GOPD FOR HE IS AT WORK HERE AMEN AND AMEN

  5. Thank you Pastor Prince for declaring such blessings over the year 2016, "possessing our possession".I believe with all my heart that this will be a year of miracles. In Jeremiah 33 vs.3 God promise to restore us " Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 32 vs. 27 "I am the Lord,the God of all mankind.Is any thing too hard for me? God is a good God and he wants to be good to his children, we just have to trust Him.

  6. Amen! powerful massage…powerful theme of the year -indeed I shall possess my possessions (Deuteronomy 6:11) – thank you Pastor Prince God bless you Sir!

  7. Amen to that profound teaching Numbers20:16;14:19-24;15:1-3;Obadiah17:17;1Chr 4:9,10.Amen Pastor Joseph Prince for teaching about grace.Romans6:14;John1:16;Romans5:2;2Cor.9:8;2Timothy2:1;2Peter3:18;Eph.4:29;1Peter3:7;From Shillong Scotland of the East.God bless in Jesus Christ name amen.In agreement to 1Thessalonnians4:11-18;& Matthew18:18,19;&John15:7.Amen.

  8. I've been listening to Joseph Prince for several months now, and I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit that He led me this way. I am overcoming so many false teachings that I have tried to live by and failed miserably! I cannot find words to thank you Pastor Prince for the TRUTH you teach. I praise God that He has brought us a man you, Pastor Prince, to teach us the love God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit has for us. I'm being set free day after day and am excited about what our Lord Jesus Christ is not only doing but what He's going to do. Pastor Prince thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and what He teaches you, you give to us, so we all may learn the Truth. God Bless you and your beautiful family and may he continually pour out His blessings upon you. I look forward to all the teachings come in this year 2016. I also want to bless your whole church and all the pastors and their families. All the people behind the scenes who work diligently to see that the whole church (all believers)and unbelievers see and hear your messages. I pray that every ministry you have will be blessed richly.

  9. Your message has changed my life also! Thank You for being used of God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! God has blessed your ministry and will continue to. I just love the grace message because it validated what was already in my heart and reinforced my faith! We have an awesome God! Praise Jesus! <3

  10. This is what I had been looking for my whole life! Oh how I wished that I knew about this wonderful Grace back in 1993 when I accepted Jesus Chris as my Lord and Savior, and was baptized. I was attending a very legalistic church, and was very bound and depressed because I couldn't keep the law and be holy. Thank God, that back in 2008, I saw Pastor Prince on TV, and the REAL Good News was being preached, and my spirit just leaped for joy! I knew this was what I had been looking for. Thank you Pastor Prince for preaching the true gospel!

    You wont come into the land if youre thinking its "YOUR works!"- JESUS ONLY FOO. Lmao LOVE MY JESUS MAN. MOUNT ZION!

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