Jinkyung might have a problem in her brain…? [Happy Together/2020.03.12]

Other things are fine, but these two are too arrogant. The caption says they are the upper-rank team. Yes. The upper-rank team. While driving there, let’s talk in English. – In English? / – We can have a basic conversation. Yes. It’s okay. Yes. I thought they were sleeping for a second. So, a conversation. Please take off the heater. – Please / – Please take off. – take off. / – Please. Do you understand me? – No, no. / – “Take off”? Oh, we used the wrong verb. – Airplanes take off. / – I see. – But we understood perfectly. / – “Turn off”. – “Turn off”. / – “Take off”. (Here comes Cho Saeho, the top student in his class.) Can I ask you a difficult question? Yes. Sure. What do you think about the recent Korean economy? – He is good. / – He is quite good. – He is ridiculous. / – Okay. It’s difficult, even in Korean. This season is… – Decrease. / – What is the problem? Decrease. This season. – Decrease? / – Yes. (It’s the personal opinion) (of the CEO of a kimchi company.) – Okay. I will ask you something. / – Okay. Please tell me. What’s your ideal girl? – What? / – What’s your ideal girl? – “Ideal girl”? / – Yes. “Ideal girl”? What does that mean? Don’t you know what that means? No, I don’t know. What does that mean in Korean? She is asking about his ideal type. Ideal… What? – I didn’t know either. / – Is that what it’s called? Yes. Okay. My ideal girl… (It should be “Ideal type”.) It is… Like Nana? That was a long time ago. Excuse me. It was a long time ago. Okay? Nana is good. – He gets so flustered. / – “Nana is nice, but…” He gets so flustered when I bring up Nana. It was a long time ago. I see that you can talk about her now. – Is it okay? / – It’s okay. It’s okay. Is it okay to talk about Nana? – It’s okay. / – Is it okay? It’s okay. (Studying English brings up Nana.) (Team Rabbit arrives at…) Let’s go inside. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – I think we are at a hospital. (It’s a hospital.) – That’s right. / – I see. Why are we at a hospital? We are here to take the concentration test. That’s right. We will get you tested. Please sit down and wait. We will get ready. Okay. Why would we take that test at a hospital? It’s our concept to cram for TOEIC. It wouldn’t be fair if we study behind everyone’s back and isn’t fitting for our team. We are curious about the state of our brains and our concentration level, so we will find out through tests. Ever since I was little, people called me a scatterbrain. I don’t have any concentration. I can’t sit still. – Hello. / – Hello. How are you feeling today? I am fine. – You will take an attention test. / – Okay. Although it isn’t a difficult test, it could be boring and make you drowsy. You will see shapes and hear sounds. Here is the important part. You must press this whenever the figure and sound get repeated. That’s so boring already. I had to press the spacebar. That must have been tough. (You have to pay attention to any forms of repetition.) You focus and press the spacebar whenever you hear the repeated sound. You press the spacebar. (What will be the results of) (Team Rabbit’s concentration tests?) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Please sit down. / – Shall we sit down? (Neuropsychiatrist, Jang Hyunchae) What brought you to a neuropsychiatrist? We will soon be taking a very important test. So we wanted to know the state of our brains. – The state of your brains. / – We also wanted to know about our concentration level through tests. Who wants to hear the results first? Saeho. The thing is, Saeho… (How is) (Saeho’s concentration?) The test measured your visual attention, auditory attention through a listening test, and the combined attention. Those were the different parts of the test. The results show that there aren’t any major problems with your concentration. – Thank goodness. / – It’s… Aren’t my results exceptional? No, they aren’t. (No, they aren’t.) I bet you got good grades in school. – Me? / – Yes. Well, my grades fluctuated a lot. Sometimes, I got good grades. Other times, not. If you got bad grades with this attention span, it means you simply didn’t study. – That’s the usual case. / – It’s a compliment. You should have heard those words when you were in school. That’s right. (Saeho said he can’t concentrate.) (When the test began,) (he showed incredible concentration.) That’s good. That’s good. From the video, he looks like a genius. You are doing well. (Do you see how I was the top student in my class?) Look at his face. That means I can’t tell my parents, “Mom, I am dumb in the first place.” You won’t have any problems with studying. So those were your results. As for Jinkyung’s results, I have a few words. Why? Your ability to retain memories is lower than that of other people. – So… / – I have a bad memory now. Was it better before? – Yes. / – In that case, it could reflect the weakened brain functions due to heavy drinking. It could also mean that you aren’t in your best condition. It could also be a matter of your intelligence. (It could also be a matter of her intelligence.) I don’t like that doctor. It’s only a matter of wording. Doctor, there are four cameras filming us. – Right. / – Please don’t say that. – Please… / – Your intelligence declined. (Jinkyung’s intelligence declined.) – It’s his job, Jinkyung. / – Please don’t say that. How could you say that to me? He wasn’t trying to be funny. There could be damage in your hippocampus. (There could be damage in your hippocampus.) It’s one possibility. I think… Doctor, we don’t get along. Don’t be ridiculous. He is only giving you the results. We don’t get along. I don’t think this is the right hospital for me. You aren’t trying to be mean, are you? Perhaps, you simply don’t remember. – You said you are preparing for a test. / – Yes. Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to cram if she has a bad memory? Cramming would be better. It would be better. Thank goodness. – It would be better. / – It would be better. Thank goodness. I am glad to hear that. It helped me understand myself better. Apparently, my hippocampus has shrunk. It made me understand and go, “My hippocampus is damaged.” “I see why I couldn’t remember much.” I am determined to love and cherish my hippocampus more. I feel bad for both my hippocampus and myself. It’s quite sad.


  1. Jin Kyung went through cancer chemo back then when she had breast cancer right? Could that be why her brain was affected?

  2. There is this assumption that you will lose your intelligence in some form or another after giving birth, I'm not sure if that is scientifically backed up, but it sounds probable.

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