Jeff Johnson for Governor: TV ad “Vision”

This election is all about vision. One
candidate sees in Minnesota where we all lose our health insurance, forced onto
one government plan. Where we become a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants
and where we all pay even higher taxes. He wants us to be California. I see a
much brighter future for Minnesota where we lower health care costs with
competition and choice where we actually enforce our laws and where you keep more
of what you earn. I’m Jeff Johnson and that’s my vision for Minnesota


  1. For some reason ignorant liberals don't understand that competition will bring the price down and the quality up on things like health care. They also don't understand that government doesn't create jobs, businesses create jobs. Who pays for government? The tax payers. Why should we increase taxes in this state when we have had a surplus? Why should we increase spending when we can make better use of the tax dollars we are spending now? Jeff Johnson is the only candidate willing to look at what we spend and make it more efficient rather than throw more money at it. I have seen Jeff Johnson volunteer countless hours at my old church and he is a true man of integrity!

  2. I'm voting for Johnson, but only because Walz is a weasel. I don't see this ad as being very effective though. HC is expensive now, i think a lot of people would be happy to have One Payer it couldn't be anymore than what they are paying now, and that's even if they have HI right now. I don't, I had to drop it. I was just diagnosed with diabetes and so far this year the medical bill s are about 5 grand and I anticipate they'll be around 7 to 8 before the years is done. That being said it was far cheaper than the 14 grand I would have had to pay for ins. and I still at the end of the year with my anticipated costs would not have met my deductible of $7800. And then guess what? I would get to start the whole payment process over again. Thanks Obama!!

    You can't tell me competition is going to bring costs down with any significance. But, like I said I will probably vote for him even though it's not in my best interest, because now I have a pre-existing condition which I'm sure Johnson and Republicans wants me to pay dearly for.

    Honestly I think he's got this issue all wrong, the tides are turning towards Universal Healthcare and it's because the costs are really out of control now and nothing any politician is going to do is going to reign them in. Like I said when they implemented the ACA the prices are now set and no one in the middle class will ever be able to afford HC again.

  3. Johnson is wrong on this issue and IMO, it's one he should avoid. Who believes he is going to do anything significant with HC costs? I hope your not that gullible. Also it's pretty common knowledge R's want to do away with the pre-existing conditions exemption. That was one of the ONLY good things about the ACA. And they want to axe it. Obama really screwed our HC system up. JMO.

  4. "He wants us to be California" Fifth largest economy in the world and #1 in public health for states? Yeah, I'm cool with that.

  5. I just had to watch your other stupid ad asking me whether I’m sick of negative attack ads about. Your hypocrisy is bottomless.

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