Jayakumar Muthalagu | Ophthalmology Patient Experience NeoVision Eye Center

Hi, my name is Jayakumar Muthalagu,
I want to read something to Dr. Tandon. This if from a great book from Tamil
– the language I speak –
called<____>. “quote in Tamil” The meaning for that<____>is:
“Kind looks are the ornaments of eyes.” “Without these, they will be considered
to be merely two souls.” Dr. Tandon is… her eyes looks like that.
She looks at persons very kindly. She take care… the very best what
we can get, and she helped me a lot. And I’m a software engineer spending
a lot of time at computers. And my eyesight looks really good.
I have no issues. I started with reading glasses, but… um I wish the very best for Dr. Tandon. Thank you so much, doctor! On behalf of NeoVision Eye Center’s staff
we welcome you to our center, and let’s help you see beyond your imagination!

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