Is the Sony Vision-S a TRILLION Dollar Business Opportunity? (REACTION!!!)

And that is the, the new car, the
concept car that was unveiled at CES. And basically I’m going to talk
about how it was a genius business and marketing move, but before we
do, don’t forget to hit the bell button. Hit the subscribe button if you’re
coming from YouTube or whatever other challenge you’re coming from. And if you want to grow. Both personally and professionally. So let’s get into it. So we’re trying to quick new a
video style here today to, um, basically talk about some of the
trends that are going on right now. So, uh, CES 2020 happened recently,
and one of the things that stole the show was the Sony vision S and
that’s a concept car where, um, it was really well designed. But the funny thing is the car
wasn’t even the main thing. So. Before I even go into, uh, talking
about it in more detail, what it reminds me more of
is the cyber truck. So the Tesla cyber truck was
unveiled with a lot of fanfare. So you had Ilan mosque, you know,
it was well designed and it had a lot of different features to it. Um, and it looked like
it was from the future. And, um, it, it came up
with a lot of fanfare. It was a decent price. And, um, it looked like it was a
car from the future, and that’s why it got so much press
in the first place. So Elon Musk is a master of
PR and marketing because. The truck’s design
is very remarkable. The other thing too is
that, um, look, it has. Those, they’re supposed to be
break, break proof, um, sort of throwing steel balls at
it, but really quick. And then also it’s very
affordable too, right? So, and it has the whole Tesla kind
of brand behind it, so they know what they’re doing there. And that’s why, um, I’ve been
believed Tesla is the most valuable car company now in the United
States, and it’s been a long, hard slog for them. So talking about the
Sony vision S here, so. Why was it such a
smart market move? Well, first things first, it’s
actually not a car that you can go out there and buy. Sure. They designed it, but at the end of
the day, the really smart business and marketing move that Sony
is pulling right now is this. They are trying to sell the shovels
during the gold rush, so they know electric cars are going
to take over the world. So they want to be the first to
sell all these different tools to these electric automakers
to make their lives easier. Because. These electric automakers, they
don’t necessarily want to build all the stuff that’s in, um, you
know, the car of the future. So Sony, as an example, you know,
I’m looking at the vision S page over here, but there’s a lot in
here in terms of entertainment. They have TVs. So Sony builds really
good headphones. They build TVs, they build the
PlayStation, they have a lot of stuff in here. So in terms of safety, they have
the best cameras in the world. So we actually use Sony cameras
when we’re shooting videos. Uh, when we think about design, um,
well, look, they’ve been around for a while. When it comes to electronic design,
they’re pretty good at it too. They, when you think of valleys,
you’ve got to have entertainment in the back, right? And, and TVs are going to
get cheaper and cheaper. So they’re going to sell
all of those items in there. Um, and basically, you know. Say, Hey, you know, if I go to
Tesla or if I go to Toyota for example, look, you guys make the
car, we’re not experts necessarily at the car stuff, but all of the
electronics that you want inside, we’re going to tell you
all those components. And little by little, you add all
those pieces up and it ends up being a lot of money. If they become the supplier of
choice for a lot of these car companies, uh, during this gold
rush, well, what’s going to happen is they are going to be able
to increase their market cap. So. It’s a really smart business move
and it’s really good marketing move. Um, business move wise, you know,
obviously they’re, they’re thinking about the future here, but
marketing wise, the way they wanted to market this in the beginning
was, Hey, you know what? We’re going to go to the world’s
largest electronics show and we’re going to cause a buzz. We’re going to show them a car. Um, and it’s easier to explain all
these, all the things that they want to sell. In, in the context of a car, a
concept car, basically saying, Hey, look, we’re going to show you all
our products inside of the car. We’re not necessarily
going to sell you the car. So right now I’m looking at,
um, you know, all the different features in here, so
they have adaptability. So it’s connected to
the outside world. Um, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s
basically, when I think about it, it’s similar to like, uh,
you know, I drive a Tesla. And, um, you know, it’s
constantly adapting. It’s, it’s looking
at my surroundings. So when you think about cameras,
it’s, when I think about autopilot, it’s looking at the, the lines
on the side of me, right? To kind of, um, help with the
autopilots looking at the car ahead of me. And it’s kind of steering that way. Um, so it’s going
to help with that. And it’s updatable system too. So I think of my car
almost like an app. It’s constantly being updated with
new firmware all the time, and that’s how it got a
autopilot added to it. Um, I’m looking at the
entertainment section over here. Um, look, they’re good. So, so he’s really
good at audio as well. Uh, they’re really good at screen. So the, the business
lesson here is. Think about what you’re actually
good at and stay in your lane. That’s what Sony has done
historically over the years. They’ve always stayed around
electronics, but they haven’t tried to go into too many different,
uh, areas like electronics is what they’re like. Cameras. Again, they’re good
at audio equipment. They’re good at, they’re good
at audio equipment are good at computers as well. They are good at, uh, I’m just
looking at the screen over here again and just kind of doing it. Um. Okay. So these things I talked about
already to oval sensing, driving assistance, advanced camera
monitoring, system, driving, monitoring, um, there’s
a radar as well, right? So all of these things, it’s just,
when I think of the, the car of the future, and Sony is well
capitalized to take advantage of this. The crowd, the future is basically,
you’re, you’re just, you’re driving a full on, uh,
electronic system, right? So it’s, it’s like a. You have, again, I
think it’s an app. Like you have a central computer
controlling everything, and then you have all these electronics
around unit cars, battery powered, so electricity. Um, and then you have, you have
good speakers, you have good cameras, you have good
entertainment, and that’s everything that you need. Okay? So again, when I think about the,
when I think about the gold rush, okay, is another business. This listen to here is if
the gold rush is happening. You capitalize on that trend. This is like when crypto currency
was going crazy and everyone was talking about it. It was going crazy
all over the news. Um, you jump on that wave, right
it, you know, if it makes sense for you to jump on that wave. Now somebody is like, Oh, this is
going to be a wave, but we’re going to jump all the way, but we’re not
going to try to do electric cars like everyone else is doing. We’re just going to
build the shovels. And this is very similar
to the gold rush. And they do, you know, they, they
marketed it in the right scenario to the right people, consumer
electronics show in the right vehicle as well. Literally, no pun intended, but,
um, you know, they chose the right medium to market in. So, um, that is it for today. Let me know in the comments what
you think about the vision S and house Sony went about
marketing this because. At the end of the day, there’s like
a, you know, they like, they kind of, I wouldn’t say it’s a bait
and switch, but, um, it was a very positive way of marketing them. And I think it’s
very smart marketing. Let me know what you
think of the concept. Don’t forget to rate,
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  1. Sony is a great company, but common actions don't make revolution. That's why it's important to analyze future trends, find the gaps and cover them! It's not marketing – it's more related with the PR approach.

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