Is Coronavirus Airborne

COVID-19 is spread via human to human contact
and from infected surfaces, but the new Coronavirus can be spread through respiratory droplets.
These droplets are liquids that can be emitted when we cough or sneeze. These droplets are
heavier than air and travel about one metre then rest on whatever surface they land on.
The droplets can infect another person when they enter the body through the mouth, nose
or eyes.  This is why it is very important to avoid close contact with anyone who has
fever, cough or any other respiratory symptoms that you suspect or know may have Coronavirus
COVID 19. This means any contact of less than 2 metres between you and a sick person or
someone you suspect of having the infection. Contact includes hugging, kissing, or shaking
hands. Always avoid touching your face even when you are using masks. If you are caring
for someone suspected of having COVID 19 or who actually has it, encourage them to use
tissues and dispose of these correctly to avoid indirect contamination. If you are caring
for someone, you should use the correct protection including a mask and always clean your hands
correctly – and often! Protective equipment should be used and disposed of correctly and
surfaces cleaned using suitable wipes or chemicals to kill the virus.

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