Is Butter Really Back? What the Science Says


  1. This reminds me of my recent series on cheese:
    • Is Cheese Really Bad for You? (
    • Is Cheese Healthy? Compared to What? (
    • How the Dairy Industry Designs Misleading Studies (

  2. That list also included coconut oil. 🤔 Im not anti fat but the idea of replacing copious amounts of butter with copious amounts of coconut oil is like swapping 6 glasses of wine for 6 glasses of whiskey, moderation is key.

  3. Coconut oil is on that list at 7.30. there are lots of health freaks pushing it as being good. And Dr burg is pushing butter for keto?

  4. (CAFO)confined animal feeding operations butter is full of pesticides. The best Butter to consume is (RAW GRASS FED BUTTER) I use full fat Kerry Gold butter. Cause I have not been going to the farm, or farmers market.Lord willing,Raw milk and butters will be sold in stores in the future.

  5. Believe it or not, my grand mother used to consume candies (Ginger and fruit pulp) everyday and also as means to avoid drinking water during travels. She lived till 94 with no serious health issues and death was due to emotional shock over some unpleasant event

  6. Excellent treatment. Maybe some of the people duped by those shady reports will see your video. I can only hope.

  7. 4:47 Did they actually get a Catholic school to use their students as guinea pigs? Thanks for giving my kid diabetes, Sister Margaret! This was illuminating; TFP!

  8. Prevention & Cure for Cancer. My Mom had cancer Cured.
    Look up the Hunza people, among the longest living people in the world they do not get cancer they consume apricot kernels on a daily basis. The Hunza people are considered living proof of the health benefits of apricot kernels, based in the remote Himalayan region near West Pakistan, they are traditional apricot farmers and are believed to consume 200 times more B17 than Westerners do "about 30 to 50 apricot seeds per day". Apricot kernels Cure and Prevent cancer, it is the amygdalin, vitamin B17 within that has this effect. Check out the documentary (G Edward Griffin a world without cancer the story of vitamin B17) I believe is the title, I have playlists on my channel. If interested let me know I will send you some links. The old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is True when you consume the whole Apple seeds included. Also check out the video titled (how to cure cancer with apricot kernels) muscular guy shaved head blue tank top in the thumbnail, Man in the video cured himself of bowel cancer, doctors gave him two months to live, Cured with bitter apricot kernels and bromelain which is a pineapple enzyme, digestive enzyme, he was taking 600 General, Digestive, Units, to Aid the absorption of the apricot kernels. He had No conventional treatment chemo, radiation, surgery or other treatment of any kind. He has been cancer-free for years now. Just a heads up guy makes a negative racial comment but video is worth watching.
    There are multiple! cures for cancer, Natural cures these are and have been suppressed. Google (The Australian blushwood tree). If eating seeds was harmful /deadly humankind Never Would Have Made It. Think about it, think cavemen – cavewoman threw away the core : ) We evolved along with fruit fertilizing their seeds with our excrement in exchange for their nutrients, Harmony. Humans are all brainwashed this is by Design, as a child I was always told Not! to eat the core of an apple because the seeds contain cyanide, this is true but it is a Minuscule amount and it is structured in such a way not unlike Water which is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, harmless when together as H2O. The cyanide contained within apricot kernels and bitter almonds which use to be sold/consumed on a regular basis is Harmless to the body yet Deadly! to cancer cells, only cancer cells can unlock the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules within the apricot kernels, Nature's Perfect Design, normal cells are 100% protected. B-17, amygdalin, Cyanide is also in Strawberries among thousands of other fruits and vegetables but in very low concentrations thanks to GMOs and Mass farming. In my opinion B-17, amygdalin is to cancer what vitamin C is to scurvy. B-17 Cyanide is also present in many grasses and wild edibles, livestock in the wintertime get what's known as winter cancers/tumors when their diets are no longer grasses but mainly corn and grain, when Spring and Summer come back around they again begin grazing the fields these tumors cancers Disappear due to the cyanide B-17 amygdalin within the grass and wild edibles they consume.
    My Mom had cancer cured with apricot kernels, alkaline water and Essiac tea and lots of fresh juice, beet, carrot, celery, Apple you name it. People cure themselves of cancer all the time by switching to a raw vegan diet cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment it cannot survive, apoptosis. Many fruits nuts and other foods contain vitamin B17, Cyanide it occurs naturally but B-17 is being bread out. Bitter apricot kernels have the highest natural concentration. The human body is amazing a tumor is the body's way of protecting itself containing the cancer, in my playlists there is a video of a young girl who cured herself of an inoperable brain tumor a very rare cancer with a raw vegan diet.
    Silica from the bioavailable natural source Horsetail when taken orally remove aluminum from the body Reversing and Preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia, the silica binds to the aluminum and is carried out through the kidneys and excreted. Boron/Borax Cures arthritis and also decalcifies the pineal gland, balances hormone levels while also significantly raising testosterone among many other health benefits, Google The Borax conspiracy. Chanca piedra tea eliminates/Cures and prevents kidney and gallstones, works by gelatinizing stones. The list goes on, it's all about treating the symptom and not the cause keeping people sick and taking their money driving the numbers of the population down is the goal, at this point it is 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women will get cancer, dogs and cats that live less than 20 years on average are getting cancer nowadays this never use to happen. Think about it what do they eat our food supply is contaminated, poisoned. Scary thing is they're making everything seedless, genetically modified
    without labels and most cannot afford to buy organic. Iodine also use to be used as a food preservative which was Beneficial for health and has Strong anticancer benefits, replaced with Bromine which causes thyroid disorders among many other negative health effects. I have Heard iodized table salt often contains 1/3 glass 1/3 sand and one third salt and is a Huge! contributor to heart attack and stroke, as the microscopic particles move through the arteries they cause micro abrasions which in turn causes plaque to form when cholesterol moves there to repair the damage done. Pink Himalayan salt is a much better choice, it also contains over 80 trace minerals that most people are deficient in. Prevention of cancer and the cure for most disease (dis-ease) is a vegan diet, raw organic is best, even if only Temporary the body must shift from acidic to alkaline, vitamin and mineral levels restored, once this takes place the body's natural defenses are restored and the body begins to work optimally eliminating most all disease. If the body remains slightly alkaline, cancer can't survive / grow in an alkaline environment. I have heard Vitamin B17 use to be in B complex vitamins, it was removed back in the 1970s when they realize what it can do/does/was doing, the 1970s is when the documentary above was released. I have also heard that when a Gorilla is given an apricot they will instinctively crack open the pit and consume the seed/apricot kernel within.
    Check out those two videos you'll understand where I'm coming from, if you do watch the videos Please spread the word. People are dying Horrible Deaths families Destroyed for No! reason.
    I'am sharing what I consider to be Extremely !mportant information.
    Google (can squirrels get cancer) also try Googling (do squirrels get cancer) and (foods rich in B-17)
    You Will Understand The Connection when you do.
    Also check out on YouTube (Third update)
    Woman Cures herself of cancer with vitamin B17 Laetrile, I did the math she was taking the equivalent to roughly 50 apricot kernels daily in the form of laetrile, she was monitored by the hospital who was previously treating the cancer within her unsuccessfully.
    And also check out the documentarys (What the Health) available on Netflix and possibly YouTube and (The food Matrix 101 reasons to go vegan) available on YouTube and also (Forks Over Knives). I am Not trying to push veganism if that's even a word, I just want you to be Aware of the amazing health benefits of a vegan diet, even if only temporary can completely reverse many different types of disease Dis-Ease type 2 diabetes for example.
    Again if you would like some links message me, I will send them to you, also anyone reading this who is interested.

    I have Playlist on my channel as well.

    I know this all sounds to Simple But please understand and know that I have no reason to lie to you. Billions upon Billions upon Billions… of Dollars are raised and donated to cancer research Yet cancer rates continue to increase at an Extremely rapid pace.

    I personally consume, on average 4 to 6 Apple's, seeds included and 10 to 15 dried bitter apricot kernels daily. I have consumed 25 apricot kernels all at once with no ill effect.

    Do not take my word for it, do some research.

    Please know that I am not trying to obtain subscribers that is Not at all what this is about. I have Nothing for sale.
    If you do subscribe to my channel and have trouble accessing my cancer playlist's please notify me, I have had trouble¿ with this lately.

    I myself have personally lost a close family Friend and an Aunt to cancer, when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer I started searching frantically and luckily came across the (How to cure cancer with apricot kernels) video. After you look into this if you believe as I do Please tell as Many! people as you can about this, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ECT, Printing information and links on Business cards, Bumper stickers, T-shirts, Printing information and links on computer Paper handing out to gas stations Ect for them to hand out, most will Gladly! do so. Once everyone understands that cancer is caused by a Vitamin Deficiency in my opinion, much the same as Scurvy we the Human race will have OUR! POWER Back and begin to fix the other things wrong with this world, for example fruit trees should be planted in Every climate that can sustain them, all parks along all Street mango trees, apple trees, peach, Apricot Etc. Food should be Free! For Everyone. As it stands now we have more than enough to go around More than once enough food for Everyone yet people are starving all over the world for No reason it's Wrong and Disgusting!.
    One last thing check out the video on YouTube (Water-fuel cell inventor murdered by government) believe it or not all engines can be easily converted to run on water, water is simply Hydrogen and Oxygen. Our world is being Horribly polluted for absolutely No reason.

    Wishing You and yours & you all Perfect Health Love Happiness and a Wonderful! Journey.
    : )Tyler
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  9. …I am continuously hearing more and more Good things about Bitter Apricot kernels the more research I do, I just recently learned
    Apricot kernels contain vitamin B15 "Vitamin B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It also plays a role in the oxidation of glucose in cellular respiration and like vitamin E – it acts as an antioxidant helping to strengthen the cell. This wonderful vitamin even helps the liver detoxify the body."
    They are non-toxic all regular cells are 100% Protected they convert the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules to a harmless substance called thiocyanate. Some days I consume up to 20 apples if they are small in a smoothie or two Seeds included, if what some say were true I should not be standing. I did not build up a tolerance, the second time I consumed apricot kernels I ate 25, all-in-one mouthful no ill effects Whatsoever. Since I started consuming B-17 my health has been improving.
    : )Tyler
    Something I forgot to mention cancer cells have what's called beta glucosidase which leaves them unprotected to the cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules within the bitter apricot kernels appleseeds excetera. This is how it is able to Eradicate cancer from the body leaving zero scar tissue. Also keeps you from getting cancer, B-17 much like vitamin C keeps you from getting scurvy, when consumed in moderate amounts on a regular basis. To me it is Extremely Clear that consuming apricot kernels or B-17 Amygdalin from any source in large quantities is the Cure for cancer and in daily doses, like the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, the Prevention.
    I am a Firm believer that when a person has cancer in order to Cure Correct the disease (Dis-ease) a person must consume a B-17 Amygdalin rich source such as Bitter Apricot kernels in their Whole form for maximum effectiveness, in quite large quantities along with bromelain pineapple enzyme to Aid the absorption. I do not believe the substance/derivative Laetrile is as effective Especially when administered intravenously/intramuscularly, in Most cases my opinion. Iodine also plays a Very Important Powerful role in my opinion.
    Understand cancer is a mutation of the cells-irregular cells, our bodies produce and destroy these Daily vitamin B-17 Amygdalin which we have Consumed for Millions upon Millions of years Destroys these mutations when consumed on a regular-daily basis, and in high doses has the ability to Wipeout even the Largest of tumors. It Really is that Simple, this information is Heavily! Suppressed.

    When someone has scurvy to correct the deficiency they throw tons of vitamin C at it, to prevent scurvy vitamin C needs to be consumed on a regular basis. Cancer is very much the same in my opinion, to prevent cancer you must consume vitamin B-17 on a regular basis we Evolved with the substance therefore we need. It really is that Simple, when cancer develops due to lack of consumption large quantities of vitamin B-17 Amygdalin must be consumed. This corrects the symptom the tumor/tumors, you must also optimize your nutrition and consume vitamin B-17 Amygdalin to prevent reoccurrence, it is Extremely important to optimize your health watch the documentary (What the Health) it is available Netflix YouTube, it is in my playlist as well titled IMPORTANT.

    Please help me get this information out, you are more Powerful than you could imagine, people Must Know.
    Be sure to check out my playlist titled (IMPORTANT!!!) all Capitals, you Will See where I'm coming from. Though that is just the tip of the iceberg many more videos I consider to be of Great importance within my multiple other playlists if interested.
    For those interested you can access my YouTube channel by clicking on my channel photo of the Wolf Eye to the left of Tyler Murphy, of any of my comments from there go to Playlists.

    All the Best my Friend, Know and Remember that you are more Powerful then you could even imagine Please help me get this information out to others.

  10. …Video title is, vitamin B17 kills cancer.
    Cancer IS a Vitamin Deficiency that vitamin being vitamin B-17 Amygdalin, this information is Heavily Suppressed!, without this vitamin we develop cancer. That is why we are told Not to consume it, they use the fact that it contains cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules to deter and Scare the public but we have been consuming this for Millions upon Millions of years until just recently which is the reason most everyone is ending up with cancer nowadays.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, that old saying is True! but you Must Consume the Seeds. As I mentioned before we Evolved consuming the substance for Millions upon Millions of years Harmony! that Harmony has been disrupted purposely for profit population control among other reasons¿.
    We EVOLVED Consuming B-17 Amygdalin it is Necessary! as is Vitamin C to prevent scurvy vitamin B-17 must be consumed to Prevent cancer and in high doses/large quantities Cures cancer as vitamin C in high doses cures scurvy.
    Iodine also plays a role in cancer prevention.
    Cancer has Many forms Many Names but it all comes down to a mutation of the cells. A tumor is Nothing more than Millions to billions of mutated cells that have grown unchecked until large enough to be detected, cancer cells are negatively charged white blood cells which are the Warriors of the body are also negatively charged so like two negative polarity magnets they push each other away that is where B-17 Amygdalin comes into play/Would Have come into play, as I have explained. We Evolved with it we Need it, that Simple.
    : )Tyler
    #2 ⬇Watch the first 15 minutes of this video AFTER watching the video above, you Will See the Forest for the Trees. ⬇ Video title is understanding supplements…
    If impatient or don't have much time start video from 8:45 and watch to 13:o5.

    Please share this information with as Many as possible ✋💋🌬
    People need to wake up, Realize what is being Done to them, cancer is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Mother Nature is the Answer for Healing and Regeneration there is no other way.
    I have a playlist with in my channel titled (IMPORTANT!!!!!) all capitals with more Proof, among many others, if interested.

  11. …Cancer is a Lie! more less a simple vitamin Deficiency as is Scurvy. This is a Massive! Cover-Up as is the fact that Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer. The reason this happens is the combination of the Radiation and the Violent movement of the machine which Damages the breast tissue that tissue is then irradiated causing cells Damaged by the Machine to Mutate which Equals Cancer. These machines are Designed to Give women breast cancer. All radiation promotes/causes cancer and radiation is Cumulative in the body meaning it builds up over time the more radiation you have, X-rays you have done Excetera, it weakens us at a cellular level Chemotherapy drugs are Known! Carcinogens and Poisons it is Written on the boxes they come in. Again treating cancer with what is known to Cause Cancer, Makes Sense Right¿.
    People need to Wake! Up, we are being Attacked on Multiple fronts from Multiple Angles Cancer is only the Tip of the iceberg but the most important information to get out to ALL Please help me share this information.

    If interested, a good place to start is to Check out my playlist titled (IMPORTANT!!!!!!!) all capitals.
    please read my other comments here in the comment section, you Will Understand.
    Wishing you a Great day💓
    : )Tyler

    The foods we are told to eat for good health, many have the Exact Opposite effect and many are class 1 Carcinogens same as Cigarettes and Plutonium, we are being lied to/not presented with the truth to make up our Own minds. Watch the documentary (What the Health) you will See. The food we consume affects Everything from diabetes to heart disease to arthritis the list goes on! With diet most all disease, dis-ease can be Fully and Completely Avoided/Reversed!.

    Cancer is a Multi-Billion-dollar industry disease, (Dis-Ease) is Man-made, that is if it is man/humanity Behind the Curtain, the more I uncover the more I wonder if we could/would do this to our own

  12. There is so much of a red herring presentation this time, I was very disappointed. There isn’t any comparison between sugar and butter. The cherry picking and misrepresentation of the facts about butter . What happened to all the studies, over and over again actually shows just the opposite, that an increase in saturated fat and even those with high ldl and high HDL actually decreased mortality. Putting it to the test and reading all of the studies and in context helps… I really like some of the information presented on this channel, but when I see things like this in a full on misrepresentation, the credibility gets lost. Please, let’s stick to the nutritional facts and not focus on a vegan agenda in cherry picked data. This only shows bias, not science.

  13. what does a doctor know about nutrition? meta analyses….lol. thats all he has. show us ACTUAL evidence ONCE. wake up people!

  14. And we're not seeing a massive trend of people on LCHF diets becoming diabetic and getting high blood pressure and atherosclerosis because..

  15. Please eat sugar its gooooood for sugar industry , doctors , hospitals , pills industry !!!! And no conflict of interest is here – I am a doctor 🙂

  16. Screw that butter nonsense! Let’s keep that blood glucose level high, guys!!! After all — a resting pancreas is a weak pancreas!!

  17. Butter has never been away. Between my grandparents, parents and myself, we have been eating butter (grass fed) for 200 years!
    My grandparents are 92 and eat butter with everything, even in their morning coffee. Oh yeah…

  18. To much talk of candy. Give me nuts and bolts of fats and metabolism mechanism of it's consumption. Besides old science.

  19. butter supporters claim that cattle fed grains produce butter high in omega 6 .Higher than omega 3 And that it is the omega 6 that cause inflammation and heart disease Thus butter that is made by grass fed cows is healthy !!! Im not a supporter just saying what keto supporters believe !!!

    Nutrition, the visceral immune system, and the evolutionary origins of pathogenic obesity
    Mary Jane West-Eberhard
    PNAS January 15, 2019 116 (3) 723-731; published ahead of print December 31, 2018
    ((Based on these two salient facts, I propose the following “VAT prioritization” hypothesis regarding the evolutionary and developmental nature of pathogenic (visceral) obesity: Investment in VAT is prioritized relative to subcutaneous tissue (SAT) and sometimes other tissues in poorly nourished and therefore infection-prone individuals because of the immune advantage of maintaining VAT. Augmented nutrition then leads to visceral obesity and associated chronic disease, whose inflammatory nature may reflect the inflammatory immune responses of VAT.

    This perspective differs from previous discussions of obesity in attempting a coherent view of the relationships between the immune functions of VAT, its connection with inflammatory chronic disease, population differences in disease incidence, the role played by modern mass-marketed foods, and the evolutionary setting that may have favored adaptive fetal effects on patterns of fat allocation.))

  21. Yeah butter was back for me since the 90s. The corn oil argument was hilarious to anyone with a knowledge of chemistry. Corn oil could not be corn oil after hydrogenating it. Even the corn oil turns out to be crap. Better to have saturated fat than too much PUFA Omega 6.

    And yeah, butter is bad if its involved in the SAD diet. The only reason is because its fattening in that context.

  22. Please, Dr. Greger, make a video on the effects of guaraná powder on the artheries, is it like coffee or is it more like green tea?

  23. Very interesting stuff! It's downright criminal how 'scientists' can skew studies to give the results they want at the expense of the public's health. Thanks for putting in the time to research and post!!

  24. The objective AHA……

    The trust worthy pharmaceutical corporate behemoths…..

  25. Only Olive oil seems to get a good press – and this is a mono-unsaturate.
    To compare the dairy industry to the confectionary industry is disingenuous – if you suspect there has been a conflict of interest say so – don't make spurious analagies in an attempt to belittle.

  26. Dr. Greger should talk about differences between provitamin A and vitamin A1. Also about 70% decrease in the amount of vitamin A that we get from beta-carotene.

  27. You need to study science basics. Waiting for your some day make a video about bad science and about all the scientifics who have committed fraud in their investigations. Also make a video about the corporation who are behind more of the studies you use to brainwash people into your vegan agenda.

  28. Ppl are grossed out by women breastfeeding but they themselves are consuming the secretions of a cow. From infected glands full of pus.

  29. Problem is both the studies (for) and the presumptions you argue (against) are neither addressing the underlying cause. Heart disease is a energy failure problem, and cutting out any one particular substance isn't really a game changer in the outcomes. If you had done your research, and if you were a real doctor, which I doubt both, you would have realized that an increase in serum fatty acids is the cause of obesity, diabetes, and artery disease. Key words, serum fatty acids. This does not directly correlate to the inherent consumption of saturated fat, in fact it bears no relation to saturated fat period, but rather the total percentage of your calories coming from fat. With further analysis we find that most of the so called "healthy fats" which are the polyunsaturated fats, actually stimulate the randle cycle to a greater extent (then saturated fat) and block thyroid hormone secretion (thyroid peroxidase), thyroid carries proteins (transthyretin), and they also block the the conversion of T4 into active T3 in the liver. This thyroid antagonism is something that's entirely independent of polyunsaturated fatty acids, making them uniquely toxic in comparison to the monounsaturated and the saturated fatty acids. As any good cellular physiologist worth their weight could tell you, the cause of heart disease is a lack of T3 production which has a cascade of negative effect. Ranging from lipid peroxidation, increased serum cholesterol from a lack of conversion into pregnenolone, decrease in cardiac output, and the inability to retain magnesium and CO2 (both of which relax the cells and vasodilate the blood vessels).

    Broda Barnes MD, PHD, also demonstrated this by supplementing his patients with thyroid and getting a 94% reduction in artery disease and a 100% reduction in diabetes without attempting to control diet, exercise, cholesterol, or smoking. Mark Starr MD, PHD, also continues to demonstrate this today with his patients achieving a 100% reduction in artery disease and a 100% reduction in diabetes. Barnes had a dosage complication, and 4 of his patients did suffer minor heart attacks, but they were under dosing thyroid. Clearly you're paid off by the statin industry or some other frivolous company pushing outdated, inferior, "science". So to summarize, I would recommend people avoid the seed oils, nuts, seeds, etc. they're toxic and there's clear proof warm blooded mammalian creatures do not need them. The fact they completely inhibit a seed's metabolism should be a clear sign they're toxic. Get anywhere between 8% and 15% of your calories from fat for best results (mostly saturated, less then 2% from PUFA is ideal), focus most of your calories from sugar and starch which will keep thyroid hormone elevated and CO2 production high. There's no way you could physiologically run low on fat, your body will convert glucose into saturated fatty acids stearic acid and palmitic acid which can further be desaturated into a series of omega 9 fatty acids. Which, ironically, is another mechanism that clearly disproves this guy's claims. A low fat high carb diet is quite literally the purist form of saturated fat (no PUFA from lipogensis).

  30. Healthy people and unhealthy people eat butter. Only the unhealthy people eat too much candy/sugar along with everything else. The common trend to being healthy is eating less in general but especially carbs and sugar

  31. The amount and combination is essential. The issue of saturated fats might be in the combination with sugars.

    When we mix butter with sugar, then it mixes into a sticky cream, which is very tasty on desserts 🙂
    That saturated cream is not good inside of the cells. It's like glue. Saturated fats are not good with sugar in that logic.

    Good luck everyone to stay healthy and happy !

  32. Can you please talk about your opinion on the study published last fall claiming that high ldl levels have no correlation with heart disease. I'm currently studying nutrition in school and that article frustrates me and I don't know what to make of it.

  33. There's nothing better in this world than grass-fed butter! Your average body contains about 70000 calories in saturated fat, why? Because it's our bodies energy source of choice!

  34. It's not about the butter, it all about when you do eat the butter and how often. People are addicted to food. You don't need to eat every day. I had my 1st meal in 11 days.

  35. I wish you would address butter & candy separately from one another. This back & forth is confusing. Please list the references cited.
    Thank you.

  36. Dr Greger, can you please do a video on Dr. Mozaffarian's study on dairy that states adults with higher levels of fatty acids overall were 42 percent less likely to die from stroke and high circulating levels of heptadecanoic fatty acid are associated with a lower risk of death from heart disease.

  37. I feel really bad for all of you people who actually think eating the way our ancestors have been eating for hundreds if not thousands of years (eating butter for example) is bad for you. Many of you are probably getting angry and thinking: "wtf, look at the science! You're an idiot" while ignoring the science that shows butter is good. Listening to your body is the way to health, not listening to this BS with confounds galore and ignoring the other side of the debate in a biased way.

    Ah damn, I can't keep writing this, I have to go tell my 94 year old grandmother who is sharp and in good health to stop eating eggs/butter that she has been eating every day since she was a child so that she doesn't die. I hope I can save her life and I'm not too late! Later!

  38. I came here for a scientific explanation of butter " how the body handles it" " how it is has nutrients " " is it good or bad fat" and all those .. all I found instead was what seemed like one sided vegan biased article .. I read pleanty of those ..

  39. I will eat butter every day. You are a QUACK doctor. You said on another video our bodies handle the sugar in fruits differently than it does the sugar in candy. WTF? Are you even a real doctor? You believe it’s safe for children (who can’t make their own cholesterol) to eat a vegan diet?!?!? I sincerely doubt you’re educated on nutrition. Bye 👋

  40. This is all bullshit. When a theory has no sort of scientific reality, it should not be accepted. Even when just one fact doesn't soddisfy a theory, it should be discussed. When there are many facts,…
    Superficial people often let themselves be dazzled by this appearance of logic. However the reality is another thing.

  41. With the crazy amount of flat-out fucking fat pigs walking around do we really need to debate studies about what's making them fat as fuck? Just look around at what fat people eat and don't eat that same shit. Go whole plant food based and you won't be fat and you'll be nutritionally fulfilled.

  42. Love your work! Your video's have been one of the motivators on my journey to a whole food and vegan based diet. Any comment though on the fact that vegan spreads like nuttelex that are processed but are still better than the whole food butter ?

  43. "We know what is butter". Yeah, that's the only fact in this video. Yet, You assume that saturated fats are unhealthy and we eat too much of it. How do You know that?
    You're throwing at us epidemiological studies (lowest evidence worth) which are showing some correlations but not causations. Neither total cholesterol nor LDL are independent cardiovascular diseases markers.

  44. Am doctor. Ketogenic. 43. Look to my face to how am near to death. With 5 spoon of grass feed butter every day. You know what i know. Stop twist the science as u want to show.

  45. Very strange. France has low cardiovascular disseases and they eat so much butter and saturated fat. hmmmm

  46. Dietary choices and the health effects from them are also heavily dependent on overall lifestyle choices, be responsible and active, if you want sugar eat some sugar, if you want butter eat some butter… Making a butter bashing video in which half the video was about candy and arguable studies puts you on the same level as time magazine.

  47. First of all, thank you so much for all your research on nutrition. I wanted to know if this is also true for 'Ghee' I have heard a lot of people recommending it and decided to use a spoon in cooking instead of oil, but now I am confused. I would love to know what you think.

  48. How do we know cholesterol contributes to cardio disease in the first place. I have seen many on keto have 0 cac score

  49. The French eat almost 3 times as much butter as people from Finland and have longer life expectancy. There are a long list of other countries also that eat more butter than Finland and have higher life expectancy. So I suspect the issue is not so simple. I think it's best to keep a distance from latest greatest science fad or ideas pushed by people who cite data selectively about a food item and come to dramatic conclusions that contradict other data. Obviously agenda driven!

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