“I wanted to do everything for my recovery.” I Believe that you can recover! Episode 1

People still believe that whenever someone has to face the dreadful diagnosis of cancer, this means that they are going to die. Believe that you can recover from cancer! –
The story of Erzsébet Linder, high diver Episode 1 My name is Erzsébet Linder and I’m 61 years old. Two years ago, I have competed at the masters diving world championship that was organized in Hungary. At that time, I had already felt a small lump in my breast, however, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought that I would have it examined after the world championship. Two weeks later I went to see a doctor and I was told that I can get a mammography appointment only for next May. I had thought that I was not going to wait for more than half a year. I felt that this lump was different, it was much bigger, and I also saw discoloration on my skin. So, it was an entirely different lump compared to the previous ones I had and I felt this could mean trouble. As I got in my car I pulled out my phone to start searching for private practices online to get the examination done right away. I managed to get an appointment for the same day. Diagnosis & treatment So, I went to this private practice where only breast ultrasound examination was available. The examining physician told me that it’s not a simple cyst, but a malignant tumor. Next week I was already admitted to the university hospital (SOTE), where the preliminary diagnosis of a malignant tumor was confirmed by mammography and tissue biopsy. My whole world crashed down immediately. I was already aware I had a malignant tumor, but weeks passed till I received the result of the histological confirmation of the diagnosis. The annual walk across the Chain Bridge took place that time, which was preceded by a lecture held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that I attended because I wanted to know everything. At that time, I already knew I had HER2-positive breast cancer and I wanted to know everything about my disease. I thought that I’d receive lots of useful information at the talk and this was really the case. Then my treating physician has also informed me about a lot of things. The different types of breast cancer Take control of your life! After the first two weeks’ shock I got myself together and said ‘OK, so this is my battle now to tackle’. What do I have to do then? What do I need to systematically explore, what else can I do besides get medical treatment? I never thought about refusing the treatment, however, I thought that I could support its success with additional actions, like being more conscious in eating, and so on. I believe it’s very important to do self-examination regularly to recognize even the small changes in our body, It’s very important to do self-examination regularly! Pay special attention to: dimpling, puckering, or bulging of the skin; a nipple has changed position or the nipple is inverted; a mass or lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm. Seek for medical help in time. Breast cancer if discovered early is curable today. So, it’s essential not to be led by the fear of of ‘Oh, what will happen if I find something?’ On the contrary, it is an advantage finding any unwanted lump as soon as it appears. The disease can be diagnosed early. People still believe that whenever somebody is diagnosed with cancer, it means that they are going to die, I’m pretty sure if I had waited for the mammography appointment scheduled for 31 May, I wouldn’t be sitting and talking with you here today. Even though I immediately went to see a doctor, a biopsy had been already performed on 2 September with result received in 2 weeks still 2 months elapsed between the examinations and the start of the treatment. It was enough for the tumor to grow from 2 to 5 cm. Reduction of side-effects
(Be aware what of the treatments you receive) We should be aware of the treatments that we receive, we should talk about the drugs and their possible side-effects with our physician so that we know very well in advance what to expect. I paid special attention to what I was eating. I didn’t eat fatty meals that would have burdened my stomach causing nausea, vomiting and similar symptoms. I drank only non-carbonated, cold water or ginger green tea because these were very good for my stomach. So, I paid attention to these things to have some control over the side-effects. Believe that you can recover from cancer! When I’ve had my first chemo, I asked my daughter to accompany me. She held my hands because I was really scared. On the way to the clinic I had developed the belief that I would receive something that would cure my disease. It is very important to believe that we can in fact fight the disease. Data published here are for informative purposes only, they don’t substitute medical check-ups. If you need further information, please turn to your treating physician. This video was sponsored by Roche Hungary Ltd.

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