“I had a really stressful life…” I Believe that you can recover! Episode 2

I was leading a very tough, stressful life that I would most probably pursue further had this not happened to me Believe that you can recover from cancer! –
The story of Erzsébet Linder, high diver Episode II. What can I do for myself? The turning point for me was that I did not only accept the disease, but I became grateful for it. I truly mean it. I was thankful for the disease because it forced me to change, to think differently and to communicate with people in a different way. I am a divorced, single mother who raised a child struggling, working very hard. I worked 16 hours a day, without having a rest, sometimes sleeping only 4 hours a day. I know very well that I would be leading this tough, stressful life today had this not happened to me. Learn to love yourself, have more me-time, try to do some sports. Obviously not everyone is supposed to be high diving – I took up diving as a child, so this has become my main refuge but if somebody starts running or biking, that’s also fine. So, everyone should spend some time with themselves, try to be happy and find the simple joys of life to remain in balance. I also practice meditation; however, this may not be helpful for everyone. People can also see a psychologist. It is, however, of utmost importance to talk about the disease with a family member or a professional. Nobody should ignore the issue and start feeling sorry for themselves. This may be the case in the first two weeks, but after that it’s not the right way for sure. I suggest actively looking for the possibilities to keep your life in balance and harmony that helps the healing process. Getting treatment is very important, but it can be supplemented by appropriate eating and doing sports. For me not only getting over the disease was very important, but also to get back to my normal life, which includes diving in my case. Believe in yourself! Once the most severe side-effect of chemotherapy, oedemic leg swelling was gone, I already asked if I could get back to training. If I feel like it and I’m doing fine, then yes – replied my physician. I attended the Hungarian masters national championship in February with the approval of my sports physician and I actually won this competition. This gave me the opportunity to travel to this year’s world championship that will be organized in South Korea, and there I will compete in synchronized diving with one of my teammates. I really hope that we will be successful, however, for me participating in this competition at all is already worth a gold medal. I already have two negative PET CT results; all the metastases are gone but I still receive further treatments as long as my physician thinks so. I have never been so happy and content in my life as now. Data published here are informative purposes only, they don”t substitute medical check-ups. If you need further information, please turn to your treating physician. This video was sponsored by Roche Hungary Ltd.

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