How to treat dry eye in Baltimore, Maryland

what would you recommend as successful treatment options that are
available dr askmen to take care of the tryouts and well
today we have a lot of treatment options out there and introductions truly depend when the
type of dry now you have and it’s a very unique an example of
their finger to general categories of dry eyes one is called the vapid too dry and one is called equ s deficiency depending upon which trial you have will
determine how we treat the problem and then depending upon the severity of those problems that also helps determine how we treat
to try as far as options and treatment what’s the evaluations done and we cover
all the possible ways of treating it knows options will will range from
prescribing over-the-counter are drops and their many different types of voter
over-the-counter are dropped in the paper which dropped as best will
prescribe some patients will need prescription
diet drugs some patients need aural medication some patients need a a a procedure
called late hygiene which can range from a single lit expressions of just keeping
the lid margins very very clean some patients the lives for drinking
some patients need laser surgery so dependent on the evaluation which physically we can type of dry all you have and how severe
it is that’s what we can prescribe the options and look at the results would you feel are now available based on the many treatment options that
you have available to eliminate the dry ice and when we look at results will
result was the the patient has even while so it working towards a little mile
drive by the success rate is almost a hundred
percent lesbian time gets treated properly with the right medication and in the right sequence within the
next thing sequence is very important a lot of doctors that you just prescribe
certain medications for the guy drops or or old network or pop or crops but there’s one more factor of all the
sequencing of them for example if the patient has a developer div dry like and
that equ stiff fish insead right you always have to treat the adapted to dry lifers if you try to treat the opposite way he
will not be successful so getting back to success rate prognosis record more jobs from mild right really when
done properly in the proper sequence it’s almost like a percent when you get into a moderate dry like
the success rate is probably right eighty two nine percent severe dries between twenty to fifty
percent says you can see the standard rise in most of the board of trade and these are the individual to have
very very severe symptoms

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