How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses

How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses. They’re not cheap, so you want to make them
last as long as you can. You will need Microfiber cleaning cloths And
a hard eyeglass case Small precision screwdriver Soap and water and pre-moistened cleaning
cloths. Step 1. Inspect your glasses often, making sure the
screws are tight and they align correctly on your face. Tighten loose screws with a small precision
screwdriver. Or take them to your local eyeglass store:
They’re usually willing to do it free as a courtesy. Step 2. Clean your glasses frequently with a microfiber
cloth made especially for lenses. If your glasses are very dirty, clean with
regular dishwashing soap and water, then rinse thoroughly and air dry. Or use the pre-moistened cloths sold at drugstores. Step 3. Always use both hands to remove your glasses. If you pull them off with just one hand, you’ll
likely do so off to the side, gradually bending the frame over time. Step 4. Buy an eyeglass chain and use it when you’re
doing something that may cause them to fly off. Step 5. When not wearing them, always store your eyeglasses
in a hard case. Did you know Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals
in 1784.


  1. I've wore glasses since I was 4, I'm 18 now. I think I used to take better care of them when I was younger. Glasses are annoying….

  2. why not use those moistened cloths?
    i mean like a kid didnt make this video so its alright listening to their tips

  3. 1:02 is retarded i mean come onnnnnnnnnnnnn……….!!!! " don't take your glasses with only one hand, it might be dangerous"

  4. Does anyone knows where can I get a small screedriver for my glasses
    The store i go to its about 20 minutes from my house, and I'd rather do myself

  5. Glasses are expensive out of pocket a polycab or trivex anti glare with designer frames can go well over $480

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