How To Stay Awake – Works Every Time!

hi welcome to asian beauty secrets happy Monday my mondays are usually made up of coffee and yawning because I haven’t slept enough the night before I’m not a Monday person so I have heard there are a lot ways to stay awake such as taking a jog in the morning going out in the sun for 15 minutes or doing star jumps at your desk but I have found a better solution there are some cool ancient Chinese tips I can give you on how to stay awake or wake up pressure point one there is a pressure point right on your temples that’s right, it’s the most easy and common one just where your glasses is that is exactly where you need to press for this one you need to press five times and each time three to five seconds you can also do a anti-clockwise or clockwise motion this one not only helps to wake you up it soothes headaches as well as back pain so this is a very common one now pressure point number two this one is similar to the one I’ve showed previously in my beauty sleep tips it is the one directly behind your neck this time, instead of using your finger you are going to use your thumb and then wrap the rest of your fingers over your head for this point you press five times and each time three to five seconds pressure point number three this one is on your hand and this time I’m holding up my left hand so if you want to use your thumb and press the hollowest part of your wrist and directly behind it press firmly five times and each time for three to five seconds this is usually where your watch is covering this point helps more than just waking you up it also helps with dizziness and heart aches now pressure point number four this one is on your hand it is the area between your thumb and your index finger this point here you can pinch it to help with any aches in your body I’m sure if you press any
of these points hard enough you’ll be wide awake if not by the pain I hope this was helpful remember to comment, subscribe, like, share let me know if you have any other suggestions just comment below like me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all the links are down below thank you for watching see you later to find this pressure point you can measure from two to three fingers length it is usually the softest part is exactly where the pressure point is if you line your thumb just on the corner here and that’s exactly where the pressure point is

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