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– What’s up everyone? Happy 2019, it is a brand
new year and a lot of us have made new year’s resolutions. Gonna be honest with you,
it’s not really my thing. I’m more of a vision
board kinda gal so today I’m gonna show you how to
execute the perfect vision board. Go for your goals,
people, go for your goals. (upbeat music) So last night, I had
some girlfriends over, it was super casual and
I did not look this cute. And we pretty much, it was
a rainy day here in L.A. and we decided to get together. First things first is have some snacks when your girls come over. We got ourselves a little
cheese plate right here, a little bit of wine going,
my little popcorn bowl, that’s Israel’s foot over
there doing strange things. (laughing) Are you gonna participate?
– No, I’m not. – Why not, you don’t have any vision? Okay, so a few of the things that you need for a vision
board are gonna be the boards. We got them in different sizes. Lana has less vision than the rest of us so she’s gonna have a smaller board. And me and Tassia, we’ve got
big hopes and dreams for 2019 so we got the big board. Oh my god, I can like do shadows in this. (girls laughing) – [Girl] Put one finger up and it’s a dog. – One?
– One, put your finger. – Oh that is a little dog!
– That’s so cool. – That is so cool.
– It’s a Chihuahua. – Okay, so you’re gonna
need your vision board, this right here is your vision board. Then you’re gonna have stickers, we’ve got all different kinds here. These are words, well they’re
not words, they’re letters. Lana got us some glitter pens, we’ve got all kinds of markers
here in little Mason jars. And last but certainly
not least, magazines. I say go for the rag mags low key because you don’t feel bad
when you’re cutting them up. So we’ve got scissors to cut them up, we’ve also got some glue,
more markers, more markers, like I said wine, popcorn, good times. Let’s do this, you guys ready? Here’s how we did it. I say the first thing you
should do is make a list. So you can provide like
a notepad and some pens. These are really cute, I
got these off of Amazon, they’re rose gold, fancy schmancy. Okay, and then you’re gonna get together and you’re gonna write a
list of what your goals are, your dreams, your desires
that you have for 2019. Some of them may appear unrealistic but see, I believe there’s
nothing God can’t do. No, but seriously, sky is the limit, you definitely wanna sometimes
think a little bigger than you think it’s
possible and you never know, you can actually reach that. And even if you don’t
get all the way there, getting halfway there is
still an accomplishment. So here’s my vision board
from last night, voila. So what I’ve got on here, it says hello A, find the best in you and I’ll kinda walk you through
what I’ve got going on here. So at the top it says, stop
juggling it all yourself. So that just means that Lana needs to have on her vision board that she’s gonna be
receiving a larger workload ’cause I can’t do it all by myself. I’m only one person, All Things Adrienne doesn’t mean Adrienne
has to do all things. I also really, really would
love to start a candle line. Tell me what you guys
would think about that in the comments below. But I love candles and I
just found a picture of one, I was like oh, let me add that. Let it go, I need to let go of 2018 or the things that I
didn’t accomplish in 2018. I think some of us the worse
thing we can do for ourselves is continue to look back at the past. Let go of 2018, what you
did or did not accomplish like the fact that I did
not get a six pack in 2018, it’s all good, you know why? ‘Cause I’m letting it go. Cue the Frozen song now. I know you’re singing it, I know. Can’t hold it back anymore, no. Alright, that’s enough
of that, we let it go. Now moving on to beauty and style. I love this photo because
clearly she’s working on her arms and it’s one of my fitness goals, is to get toned arms
that I feel are strong and although I may never be stick skinny ’cause I just don’t think
that’s how God created me, at least I could feel accomplished if I got strong toned arms
which I know it’s possible, it’s gonna take hard word, and again, back to self-discipline. But this will be a great
reminder, I love that, I even love her back in
this picture as well. Then I put skin, skin. I’m gonna take better care of my skin. So I always get compliments
that my skin is awesome, love you guys, we know that it was one of your main questions
was my skin routine. Gotta be honest, I actually need to stick
to my skin routine. If you haven’t seen
that video yet (laughs) shameless plug, go check it
out, my morning skin routine. But for night time, this
is gonna be the new thing. I will take off my makeup every
night in the name of Jesus. Another thing I added up
here was some career goals like I said, I’d love
to start a fashion line so this was some inspiration from simple everyday street style, kinda love this Cheetahlicious
moment happening here. Love me some polka dots,
so this was fashion. I would really, really love to create my own fashion line for the everyday girl, I always say that fashion doesn’t have to be super expensive. I would wanna create a super
affordable fashion line for real life with real
style for real girls. There’s a theme going on, real, get it? But I really do feel
that way about myself. And then if you can
come down here with me, it says to mommy and dad. I’d love to in 2019 become a mommy then I’d love Israel
to be my baby’s daddy. And these are pictures of Carrie Underwood just as a reminder that
it’s never hopeless. She went through a lot,
she shared her story, I really, really found that
as inspiration, love that. Carrie Underwood, you rock. Also found this young lady,
I’m not sure who she is, I know she’s in country music, I believe. If you know who she is, put me on people, I love country music. Who is she? Let me us know in the comments
below, she’s pregnant. And then you might be
wondering where in God’s name I’m going with my G-string
out in these cargo pants, wasn’t so much about the outfit, oh no. I just wanna go from this to
this, goals, goals people. And it says love and life, this would be my love and my life. 2019, I’m obsessed with
my long-term relationship which would be me and Israel. Secrets to his 45-year marriage and why he’s deliriously happy. And Israel always tells me,
“Babe, you’ve got at least “the next 50 years of my life.” So I love that I saw that,
45 is pretty close to 50 and I think every year
that you are married, you always have goals that you set. I actually, oh my gosh, I read this book called The love Dare, that’s a lie, I bought this book called The Love Dare and I would love to do it
because it actually tells you every single day just new
ways to spark your love, I actually don’t think we need it but I think I’d be a nice challenge to do. I’ve been married for two years now and it feels like I’m still a newlywed and I’m in total bliss but you even don’t wanna get comfortable. Like I never wanna get comfortable. So whatever I can do to rev it up people, rev it up so that you too
can have a 45-year marriage and be deliriously happy. Oh this says ♪ Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow ♪ I am on a mission ’cause
I need to grow my hair, you guys, this is my natural hair length. Key, a long healthy hair mission. Guys, if you are holding
on to hair that’s just long and it’s brittle and breaking off, now we’re going back to let it go. I would love by the end of 2019, maybe right below the
boobage, right below. Can I say boobage? Now you may be asking yourself, why is J.Lo naked again on this side? You know, she’s just
the hottest woman ever so she’s goals on top of
goals on top of goals. This body shape, that’s
what we’re going for. And another one I love on here that I had was the host chic parties, we’re just gonna keep doing that in 2019. Continue to host fun events, guess what? That benefits you ’cause you’ll be hearing all about them right here
on All Things Adrienne. How to host chic parties and
something I did intentionally that I really, really loved
was do you see how small this little thing is right here? You can’t even see what it says but I’m gonna tell you what it says. More big money makers. Now yes, I think everybody
always would like to be more fruitful, we
all work really hard, you wanna make more money
but I want you to recognize how small that is on my board because for me it’s not about the money, like that’s the smallest thing I want to come of all the hard work I do. Granted, making more money allows me to do really awesome
experiences with my family which is why I like the money part but again, it’s really small in comparison to my dreams and goals. Ie, music’s game changer. In 2019, big announcement people, I would love for Israel and
I to make an album together and maybe even like tour in the summer. If I’m pregnant on a bus, guitars playing. But ultimately guys, I’m gonna
tell you what it’s all about. It’s about the possibility
of dreams coming true. So these are the last two things that I’ma place on my board. Dreams come true, it is possible. I’ve got my little letters here that I wanna add for some other things. Maybe the name of my fashion line, I’ll put it out under here as an idea but this is pretty much
my 2019 vision board. And that’s how you execute it and again, there are really
no rules, just ideas. It’s your vision board so
it’s about what you wanna see, what motivates you, you can hang this wherever
it makes you happy. I personally wanna hang
this in my glam room where I do hair and makeup and it’s something you can look
at and really feel inspired and it also reminds you of
why you are where you are. Like why do I get up
at 4:30 in the morning at The Real everyday? Oh ’cause I’ve got goals. I’ve got things I wanna accomplish. I just hope that motivates
you and gets you excited for what’s to come in 2019. Big things people, big things. Let me know how you’re creating your vision board in the comments below. Hope I inspired you (lips
smacking) happy 2019! Love you guys, don’t forget to subscribe. (upbeat electronic music)


  1. Sending some good vibes towards achieving your hair growth:
    As a hula dancer for over 30 years, you know we have hair past our butts (I’m half Puerto Rican & half Hawaiian). We have similar hair texture. Now that I’m older and not regularly on a hula show (a couple years younger than you), I’ve cut and grown my hair on a whim so many times. One tip we learn from when we’re young is to basic braid our hair before sleeping and wear it to bed to help it grow. I like coconut oil, but although I live on an island, it isn’t my holy grail. I prefer shine sprays that don’t feel too oily and heavy. I spray it on when I style my hair (including the night braiding). Plus trim the ends at least once every 2-3 months at least a half inch off. I cut my hair shoulder length Dec 2017, it’s past my boobage December 2018. It’s pretty healthy too. Regularly use Maui Moisture and Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Also love Marc Anthony coconut oil and shea butter deep conditioner (at least once a week). Good luck!!

  2. Hi I just found your channel because I am actually doing my vision board right now and soon as I clicked on your video I saw baby all over you and I kept asking myself is she having a baby and then once I continue watching your video you said that you wanted to be coming Mommy it is coming very soon get ready #keepsupportingsmallchannel like mind God bless

  3. Hi Adrienne, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I must say I am seeing a lot of people completing Vision Boards. Lord willing, I am doing one this year! Thanks for sharing, and I definitely subscribed!
    – Vicky

  4. I commend you for streaming something more uplifting and life changing then the simple madness we usually get from celebrities and wanna be’s. I’ve done several vision boards and boxes and the joy is not only watching your dreams come true but looking back and seeing how God blessed you.

  5. I'm very inspired by this. I've always had the thought of doing a vision board but didn't know how to go about it. I'll use your idea to get my friends together so we all create ours. It's well into January already but better late than never! Thanks Adrienne. ♥️

  6. I wanna create my vision board on a notebook cover I'll be using to write in, I am really inspired by this and I am definitely in with the challenge!

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  11. Vision boards really work, for me, I make Christ the centre of my board, I know he has big plans for me. Anyone reading this your 2019 is going to be blessed beyond measure, watch and see. I made my vision board online, no paper or glue required… I'm terrible with that stuff, plus I use it as a phone wallpaper so I see my vision board so many times a day… I mean how often do you check your phone….check out how I did it, I have a video on my channel.

  12. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I relate so much to your ideals. Making loads of money should never be the TOP goal. That's just part of working hard. But it's doing what you LOVE and being surrounded by WHO you love that matters most!!!❤

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    It does give clarity! continue inspiring other young women like me girl! ( and older.. lets just say Alllllll women!)

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