How to Insert and Remove SCLERAL LENSES | Beginners Guide to Scleral Lenses

in this video I’m gonna walk you through
how to put in and take out scleral lenses let’s take a look hello and welcome this
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inserting sclera lenses can be a bit tricky so I’m gonna walk you through how
I feel it works the best for me but if at any point you have trouble with your
scleral lenses contact your local eye care provider now first thing when
dealing with contacts whether you putting them in or taking them out
you’re gonna be touching around your eye so make sure you wash your hands
thoroughly next we want to identify which contact lens you’re gonna be
putting in I typically always start with my right eye because I am right-handed
that way I don’t mix up which lens I’m putting in which eye it’s just easier to
build a habit out of it that way you don’t have to try to remember which is
which you do have a mix up your lenses some brands do have little laser
markings on them including little dots that will tell you which I belongs to
which usually there’s one dot for the right eye and sometimes you’ll see two
dots for the left eye but ultimately if you do mix them up and you’re not sure
contact your eye clinic for help now when you remove the lens you want to
inspect it to make sure there’s no defects no chips or any other problems
now there’s a few different ways to insert scleral lenses however I prefer to
use a little plunger called a DMV no pro tip is if you get a DMV and it does have
the bottom being rounded you can go ahead and use a scissors to snip that
off because afterward you will have a DMV that has a little hole in the bottom
and with this little hole you can see a light passing through it and it acts as
a guide for you when you’re putting in the lens
they put the lens on the DMV like so and then you want to fill the bowl
completely with non preserved saline solution otherwise if you’re using a
multi-purpose solution of some kind for other types of contact lenses that
solution will have preservatives and those preservatives will get trapped on
the eye and that can lead to a chemical burn you can often buy this special type
of saline solution from your eye clinic otherwise you can also find them online
I’ll include some resources in the description below now you’ll need to
the bowl of the lenss completely all the way to the top that way you can kind of
see a bubble of fluid forming on the top if you don’t fill the bowl completely
then you’re likely gonna get a bubble when you apply two lens and then you’re
not gonna see well and the lens is gonna move and it won’t be as comfortable now
inserting the scleral lens you want to have your face completely parallel to
the floor some people find using a mirror or
something as a fixation target on the counter can help you with inserting the
lens and getting it in the right spot but again you want to be facing down and
parallel to the floor that way you don’t spill the fluid out of the scleral lens
when you’re trying to put it in now most people find it easiest to hold the
scleral lens in one hand while using the other hand to hold both eyelids open as
you putting the lens onto the eye another pro tip is to keep both eyelids
open during this whole process because that’ll help keep the eyelids open as
the eyelids are open wide push the lens onto the eye while staring straight down
toward the floor the lens will gently suction onto the eye and into place
naturally some of the saline solution will be displaced and spill out of the
lens so expect it to be a little messy don’t be afraid this whole process can
take a few tries if you’re just starting out if you do find it challenging to
hold both eyelids open with just one hand look maybe your eyelids are just
too strong then perhaps considering using what’s called the s5 inserter this
is a special type of lens inserter that will hold your scleral lens for you that
suctions onto the counter and then you can just kind of hold both eyelids open
with both of your hands and then you can slowly dip your eye into the scleral
lens having it suction on for a lot of people when you initially get the lens
on things aren’t perfectly clear it takes a little time for that lens to
settle so if it’s not fully clear right away consider that to be pretty normal
now next we’re going to go over how to remove the lens but first if you’re
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part of this video you find most helpful now to remove a scleral contact lens
there again there are a couple of different methods you can use however I
still like to use a plunger this plunger is a little different than the first one
we used this one is a little smaller and is the exact same one you can use
to remove things like hard our GP lenses first I want to wet the plunger and then
aim the plunger at the lower 1/3 of the scleral lens then you will pull up and
out until the scleral lens breaks suction at the same time you can push on
the side of the eye and that will help break suction from the lens try not to
put the plunger directly on the center of the eye otherwise it’s gonna put too
much pressure of suction on the eye itself and this can be hard to get off
again try to aim for the lower 1/3 of the lens so it acts kind of like a
fulcrum and is able to come off much easier and there you did it
congratulations now to clean and store the lens make sure you use an approved
solution for hard are GP or sclera lenses or just follow the instructions
by your local eye care provider again this whole process is pretty difficult
so don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t get it on the first few tries but if you
continue to have difficulties make sure to ask your local eye care professional
for some more guided help so hope you found this video helpful if you want to
learn additional information about keratoconus or other eye diseases go
ahead and click or tap the screen over here to decide to check out my full
common eye disease series or if you want to learn more about contact lenses you
can click or tap the screen down over here for additional information about
contacts otherwise keep an eye on it and we’ll talk to you soon


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