How to inflate foil balloons by Blowing air through the mouth | How to put a foil balloon banner

Today i am going to show
you how you can inflate this foil Balloons Nowadays this kind of foil balloons are used in every types of party Here, you can see that there is a small straw is given to inflate this balloons and at right side a white plastic ribbon to hang this balloons You can hang this balloons on the wall or on the window curtains This ribbon is used to hang the balloon banner if you wish you can use another rope or thread …matching with your curtains or wall Now i am opening it To show you the size how it looks like now this days this foil balloons has been used in every party I bought this foil balloon set for my niece birthday party I bought it from birthday shop See the size of this balloon How big it is After inflation, i will show it to you again I didn’t bought it online . I bought it from shop Here you can see a Red or Pink colour sticker is given And there is a transparent tape .. just on the top of this Pink or red sticker you have to put the straw below this transparent tape Now i am showing you how to do it i am doing it with my one hand Bcoz i am holding my mobile with my another hand & recording it so, if i could do it with my one hand, you can do it more easily after putting straw you have to press it little hard That’s it !! now i am going to inflate it with my mouth air So many people use hand pump, its depend on you Its your choose what u like to use for inflate But here i am showing -how to do it with your mouth, without using any hand pump or any other pump Here i am inflating another Letter Balloon I am inflating “B” Letter Balloon make sure after inflate the Balloon is Tight you can hold the balloon & press softly to check it If balloon is tight then it will look good I will also going to show you that ” I “Letter after inflate it same way i also did that i will show it You can see the size of this balloon Ma-Sha-Allah its big annow It’s complete After complete inflation, i will remove the straw slowly After removing the straw you have to seal it immediately so that the air can”t get out same way i inflate the letter – I now i am showing how it looks … after inflation you can see how big is it and when i am holding it, its not sit inside Bcoz i inflate good amount of air into it If i inflate poor amount of air in to it, my hands finger could sit inside So, same way you have to inflate all the letters same way I inflate all this letters with my mouth Now i am going to hang this letters with this ribbon You can see..its a white colour plastic ribbon To use this ribbon there are small holes in this letters balloon see how i put the ribbon in to those holes you have to put this letter serial by serial what you wanna write I wrote Happy Birthday same you can write other things. like – Happy anniversary I hang this Balloon banner with that rope I just used rope only upwards similar holes are also available in the bottom If you like you can use ribbon both upwards and downwards and then hang it But i used it only upwards i use sticker hooks on wall to hang up the foil balloon banner you hang it the way… its easy for you My curtains are maroon but the ribbon is white in colour That’s why the ribbon is visible But if i used dark colour ribbon then it will be invisible It will be batter if you use ribbon mach with your curtains or wall I hangup this balloon banner for 3 days They remain absolutely OK for this 3 days No leakeg I deflate this balloons and store it So that if i wish i can use it next year I will also make a video on how to deflate air foil balloons It’s little bit difficult to deflate this foil balloons – coz the straw is small So, there is a Technic to deflate it If you want you can see that video too It will be up-lode on my channel next week So friends that’s all for now see you again with my another new video Till then all of you be well, be healthy

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