How To Dim Your Monitor Very Easily | How To Take Care Of Your Eyes From A Bright Screen

Hey guys, what’s going on? This is Chogyal
and my nickname is Sir Chogyal. Are you fed up with your bright screen? Are
you looking for a good screen dimmer? This software could be probably the best one. I
like this software very much. High Brightness and a lot of Blue light can cause strain on
your eyes. So let’s download an eye protection software.
Open up your browser and type You’ll find here some of the details about
this eye protection software. To download this software, click on download now but not
on Microsoft store. Here my google chrome browser is giving me warning. It says, “This
type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep CareUEyes_setup.exe anyway?”
Definitely, you can click on keep because it’s totally safe and I have been using this
software in various PCs. Now go to your download folder and install the software. That’s it! Another way of taking care of your eyes is
to take a break from your PC screen and give a rest to your eyes. If your eyes cause irritation,
please do not rub them. If you rub your eyes too hard or too often, your eyes can be damaged.
You can wash your face with a soap and take a break for a while. For more details, please
visit your doctor. This is an article written by vision eye institute.
You’ll find here some of the dangers of rubbing your eyes. If you have a problem with your blurred eyes
or eye floaters please check out my affiliate link given down in the description. To buy
this product, you can click here on add to cart and after that fill up all these boxes
and click on pay now. Thanks for watching! And bye bye! Until next time!

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