How To: Apply Magnetic Lashes

hey guys we have a special guest today
my cousin Jen Shah Avenue it’s her blog and we have a screaming
child in the background no big deal MBD but he ways are very familiar with her
to talk about her all the time she actually is a hello gorgeous
employee member girl all of the above she is my assistant but you know she
also has a blog too but we’re gonna do some of them fun today
more of a challenge I guess because jen has never put on false lashes ever have
you know never in your life no the only time I’ve ever had them on is your
wedding ok that’s it ok so here’s the problem I have accents
for her I’m gonna teach you how I do them but these are different than mine
so we’re gonna hope that actually they’re really pretty they’re the
whispies I’m jealous those are pretty videos I’m gonna teach
her how to do it did I have no idea these are mine and they’re already very
loved because I wear them every single day these are the are Dells magnetic can
we show it real quick accents I wear this year 0 ones I bought the 0 0 threes
to try them out so you’re gonna be like my guinea pig yeah I have multiple pairs
of these I wear them all the time and this is actually too so I feel like a
lot of people look at these and they’re like oh there’s 2 pairs this is one pair
cuz one’s for upper ones lower because it’s magnets they and they cook on your
lashes so once you try to do it so this is how I do it I have a mascara on and I
have it dry and then I curl my lashes one more time just to make sure that
they look the way that I want them to look because I need to curl in order for
those two to like really get in there do I have enough mascara on oh yeah totally
okay totally and then like you can see I have mascara all along there I wear them
so much they’re very loved okay you can do this you can do this you can do it I
have an event coming up so I have to learn how to do this you can do it okay
so obviously the way that it works is the longer when you look at the lash
band the longer end goes on the outside okay so that’s how you figure out once
you take them off the thing what to do and you have to kind of it
watch them to make sure you’ve got the top and bottom once they’re off the
thing the container or whatever whatever you even call that thing tray try it
yeah please this is how I do I’m gonna show you how I do it first and then you
can kind of mimic what I’m doing but all I’m doing is I hold them on the outside
edge and I lay them down and I make sure I have them where I want them so you
want to make sure that your outside corner lines up a little bit inside of
where the outside corner of your eye is because if you don’t then it’s going to
kind of move out and you don’t want your magnet to stick out from your lashes
because it’s gonna look funky your that and people are gonna look at you and be
like let’s go although your eye what’s up a girlfriend sighs okay so just I
lightly lay them on there and you want to try your best to get the magnets as
close to your lash line as possible and then I take them and I hold them from
the inside and I have nails so if I can do this with my big ol long nails
anybody can do this because the nails get in your way I go underneath and I
first find the inside corner I see right there and then I line up the middle and
then I line them and do you see how it snaps down like that and then just push
it up and I take my fingernail and I push the bottom magnet closer to my lash
line okay and that’s it they’re on it’s so easy and like it took me a while to
get used to the fact that like I could I can I’m a perfectionist when it comes to
makeup so I can see where that is so sometimes I’ll take it off and do it
again and all that but you don’t really need to see how I mean like it’s a
little bit thinner so if you want to correct that all I do take my lash
paradise this is from L’Oreal it’s drugstore and it’s like a marker and I
just go right underneath the lash line right there this is called tight lining
and that’s it and it makes it look more flush so that’s it it’s done but look
how much more full those lashes are the other finger let’s I’ll wipe it off I do
it all the time but look how much more pull isn’t that crazy
it looks like yeah it’s totally different you can do it okay all right
let’s try it I think we have a baby at the door
is she at the door mom I see yeah she’s here okay I need your mirror
so there’s that do you need to curl your lashes already are you gonna go Paul I
need to I would okay let me wipe these off though so you don’t have any mascara
in that great line these are the best eyelash curlers in the history of our
known world okay it’s a certain one the top since this one’s bigger
so snap them together and see how they fall okay so up yours have a little bit
of glue on them still from the package okay look I don’t know if you guys can
see this or not when we go like this do you say that’s kind of funky right there
just just work it with your fingers to get it to where you want it to be also I
take mine all the time and hold up the two ends and I do like this little wavy
thing because you want them to curve to your eye if you put them on it’s gonna
be funky but like it’s okay if it’s not a perfect arch but like you want them
your eyes not a perfect arch but your eyes also not straight across so you
want to do it like that with the bottom go right here don’t mind McKinley she’s
got an agenda of her own okay so see how it picked it up so that’s how you know
which one’s the top what is the bottom of it so just take your top lot top one
hold it by the outside I’m really rough with these things cuz they’re really
durable like it doesn’t really matter I’m gonna while she’s doing this I’m
gonna keep bending this one her bottom lashes are much harder like the band the
zero-zero ones are much they’re not as hard so this one might be a little bit
more irritating to your eye oh you’ve got to curl your lashes curl your lashes
real quite contain my eye lashes are not like hers it’s because I use Grand lash
every single day of my life not every day I’m use it every other day also if
you take it you’re a lash band in between your fingers and kind of just
let the warmth of your fingers press it it just warms it up and it gives you
more of an arch okay so take the outside corner and just line it up a little bit
inside of her the zero zero ones are gonna be better for her too because
these are very long and she’s not gonna be able to get used to these as easy I
wish I had a clean pair of zero zero ones let me see okay open okay there you go so then take
these in the center okay now hers came with these guys which is pretty cool
I’ve never used him before I actually think using them doing it by hand be
easier look at that is you’re not used to it okay
so hers didn’t go attached all the way so what I would do
I’ll let you do it is you take them apart and you you take the top one and
get it closer to the lash line here you let me hold it up for you the more you
play with them the better you’ll get do you mean light my eyes are watering so I
can’t see okay oh I lost it okay let’s just try the Ian
okay wait off I do it here okay so if you want to hold this you can just hold
it like this okay sort of the thing good things are there okay so to start with
the top side on the outside lay it on yep
and get that inside corner down closer to your lash line – it’s not gonna look
perfect but it’s gonna be see why I kind of curl it so it fits around your lashes
better yeah keep yeah just keep turning them till they figure out cuz
everybody’s eye shape is different yeah okay and then take these I I like you
know I like it from the middle but whatever works better for you I also
have talons you know the chickens have large talons
anyone know that reference when movie is that from come on leave in the comments
something get it on my side see practice I can’t keep practicing but that’s
pretty good yeah for your first time and like
honestly like look at yourself far away like you can’t tell that it’s not all
the way on your lashes but like when you get up on you obviously you can’t see
you kind of you got to get in there and you got to just kind of keep moving
around with your fingers and get it closer to your lashline pay is there a
correct correct way to pull them off no I just I just pull it I do I mean maybe
if people will have a better way but it doesn’t hurt no it doesn’t take your
mascara off and the more you play with them and honestly the 0-0 ones are gonna
be so much easier for you because they’re a little shorter because um oh
man where’d my other lash go I’m sitting here talking about lashes and I lost my
other one this is part of the bloopers real no big deal
do you see it anywhere mm-hmm what I do with it
I’m gonna be going like shopping later and someone’s gonna stop me be like you
have a eyelash attached to your butt my gosh where did it go no I’m sure okay we
paused for a second and I had this I had to get hands-on and help a little bit
this is my this is my bread and butter though as makeup yeah I love doing other
people’s makeup and I just don’t get a chance to do it anymore
okay so we’re gonna do number two together yeah okay what do you think do
you like them you eat honestly I would say within probably 20 to 30 minutes you
get used to it yeah it’s so fast I do I still feel that
the 0-0 threes are better the zero zero I’m sorry to zero ones are better the
zero zero threes they’re really long they’re beautiful
yeah but for everyday wear I feel like they’re kind of well I was at the
unbelievable what so many people have lash extensions now that it does
really matter but yeah I think Jeff’s net stop on the way home and get her a
pair of yeah zero zero ones I have them all over
because I love them so much okay so curl the lashes you curl your
lashes Jen oh you did your once the pen okay so chrome eye lashes right on the
lash line isn’t that but like once you get the hang of it it’s so easy yeah you
just have to learn the shape of your eye really well and then and you also learn
how to get close to your lash line it’d be helpful if we had a table in front of
us to hold in the mirror up this one I I missed up on the inside can you come and again
the tight lining just really makes the lashes look like they are seamless with
yours I feel like tight lining makes you look
like you’re wearing lash extensions yeah so we’re gonna teach you to do that next
oh it’s no big deal honestly I mean aren’t they pretty
and if you have stupid sensitive eyes like I do that can’t wear lash
extensions because you’re allergic to the glue this is the perfect thing yeah
all right what does time turn you on three it’s okay it’s the first time it’s
okay four never ever wearing lashes in her life fake lashes this is not bad are
you not lining it up my front ones are very good your front end yeah so then
maybe move it a little bit more inside that’s what I was talking about if you
get that outside magnet too close to the edge it doesn’t attach because I think
that your lashes are naturally thinner at the outside corner of your eye and
there’s not anything to really hang on to it with your husband’s not gonna
recognize you I don’t know if I already said this or not I’m one of my videos
but the other day I had my makeup fully done but I didn’t have my magnetic
lashes on I said I’m out I was like I just like don’t even recognize myself
without my eyelash of it I don’t look the same he’s like yeah what do you
think I did it do you love him yeah okay now look this is what you’re gonna do
yeah get used to seeing them but it will happen really fast okay this is so
simple so all I do is I take one hand pull it up pull it up use your knees to
hold this because I don’t have to pull it up anymore in my underwear are they
no it’s up here okay so take take like your pinky and just lightly pull up and
then just go right along that lash line and just go like do a very thin line and
if you get a little liner in your eye it’s no but
deal that it like burns for a second but then it’s gone your eye naturally
cleanses itself so this is tight lining so tight lining is the upper lash line
inside corner water lining is the lower lash line
inside line so that that’s the Tuda for this again my you’re a little bit your
outside corners a little bit yeah but again nobody would see that unless
they’re like right up in your face yeah from a distance you cannot tell I don’t
know lashes are like a tan to me you feel better when you have a tan and you
feel better when you have lashes what do you think I love them so the tight
landing it’s not that hard right no not at all
but it just really cements the lashes to your lashes and makes it look like okay
cool yeah yeah so your outside corners need attached a little bit better yeah
it’s just gonna take some practice yeah but is it anywhere near as hard as you
thought it was gonna be and do some homework
is it anywhere near as hard not OB not at all no because your first attempt by
yourself there’s a picture on my not pretty at Shaw Avenue but when you when
you already know how to do fake lashes like I do I mean like honestly yeah at
home I would I like glue or on the rushes a few times a week yeah I I have
not worn glued on lashes since I found these yeah here’s the thing guys the
full lash band you’re not gonna get this look can you see you can not tell why
right because it would be detached here and we detach there but it would be
attached in the center and it would look but it looks funky it does not look good
but the accents they look so good you feel like a new woman right yeah where’s
my husband alright guys let us know what you think I’m not sure about this when I
put this on my youtube channel or on Instagram err I don’t know you never
know yeah it’s just fun thanks for watching
and follow her at Shaw Avenue Jonathan meet at Angela Lanter and we’ll see you
next time bye guys bye okay okay


  1. omg thank you for this video! I bought them after your last video of you using them and I could not figure it out for the life of me!!

  2. Omg thank you so much for this! I've never been able to put them on, I'll try tomorrow when I'll get ready to go to work, lol I think the ones with the glue are more difficult to put on. Great video! Thumps up and new subscriber! Xo.

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  6. Cool video, very informative and helpful. I don’t wear false lashes, but I might try the magnetic ones someday. The only problem is I hate tedious stuff, so I hope I wouldn’t get fed up trying to put them on, lol. Definitely thinking of getting some though, they’re very cool. Great video! 🙂

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  11. On the package it says to NOT just pull them off to remove. You’re supposed to take your thumb and pointer finger and slide the magnets apart. Just FYI. Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. Magnetic lashes – 1
    Me – 0
    Daughter – no help whatsoever, just laughed at my attempts 😂🤣

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