How the bra was invented | Moments of Vision 1 – Jessica Oreck

In a Moment of Vision… It’s the 1920s. Flapper fashion prevails. Woman conceal their figures
in straight-sided gowns and restrictive bandeaus. A dressmaker named Ida Rosenthal
is frustrated by the way falsely flat chests look
beneath her structured dresses so she, her husband William,
and business partner Enid Bissett develop a line of intimate apparel
that accentuates the curves. The design consists of two cups, shoulder straps, and a chest band that clasps in back. At first, the bras are included
with the sale of a dress, but the popularity of the undergarment
soon outstrips that of the garment itself. The three establish a business
selling exclusively bras and call it Maidenform. William, in a moment of vision, invents a graduated, standardized
cup-sizing system that accommodates women
of all ages and all shapes. During the female liberation
bra-burning era of the 1960s, Ida Rosenthal is asked to comment
on the downfall of the brassiere industry. She answers simply, “After age 35, a woman hasn’t got
the figure to wear no support. Time is on my side.”


  1. Hmm… All this time I believed my 8th grade English teacher… He told us all that a German named Otto Titslinger invented the bra. 🙂

  2. So I click on the link within the video that says:  "View full lesson on ed" and get this error message:  "We couldn't find your page (404), ".  Disappointing.

  3. before i watch this vid.., Fuck whoever created this and how the fuck did i get here

  4. I love how the hand does absolutely perfect lettering with a sharpie like a goddamn computer but needs a ruler to draw a draft of a bra

  5. i was thinking about random stuff while looking at the paper bra that i totally didnt know what she was talking

  6. There is a difference between inventing a standardised cup size system and inventing the bra. The person who invented the musical scale did not invent music.

  7. Oh. So the #patriarchal #oppression of #unrealistic #beauty #standards started with a woman who was offended that wearer's figures were not good enough for her flawless godlike dresses 😀

  8. Huh. I always thought bras were invented as a replacement for the corset that doesn't crush your organs.

  9. Question:Why does it clip in the back. Im a guy, but ive asked several girls and they have no fuckin idea and say its a pain in the ass.

  10. Well. Its not correct but Anglo-Saxon-Centric indeed.
    Look it up:

    "The German Christine Hardt patented the first modern brassiere in 1889."

    It was made at my home – the city of Dresden in Germany. 😉

  11. Short and informative, nice tidbit!

    Really curious about the clamping pincers that you use when gluing the paper. Working with small electronics and would love to know what they are called to be able to buy them. Thanks!

  12. HELP! Does anyone know how those Special… Pliers are called?!!!!!
    By the way, loved these new series 😀 SO PRETTY!! O

  13. I listened to the ending twice and she seemed to say that older women didn't need a bra. What little experience I have would indicate the opposite, generally.

  14. Yeah, sure. An invention with a french name… In the US. Makes sense. Like, everything according to this person Jessica Oreck was invented in the US, right? Maybe because the US is the only country in the american continent, as they call themselves the only Americans. Maybe it's the only country in the world too, why not?

  15. this is a very nice explanation of the invention of the modern bra and its popularity growing in the 20th century but bras but really bras have dated back all the way to 1st century AD egypt and there have been some very modern-looking bras being found from middle ages europe

  16. women don't need bras although I understand the wish for support when managing a bigger chest. I am a mid to small C and last summer I decided to reduce wearing those contraptions drastically. I haven't noticed any sagging, to the contrary. and I was so scared I'd have to now tie them around my belly. didn't happen 😊


  18. I always thought Mary Phelps Jacobs invented the bra. She even got a patent for her design in 1914.

  19. I resent the bastard who invented those itching iron clasps on my back. I'm sure it was a man. Same thing with high heels. It was a women hating bastard.

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